My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 150

“No, husband, I’ll take the bus.” Yvette shook his head quickly.
But I was moved. What he said about buying a car was definitely not a cheap car. It might cost him two or three hundred thousand to buy it for himself, but this money…
Is it Chuck’s own or another woman’s?
Yvette is too enLoganled at this point. If Zelda or the Rolls-Royce woman’s money is mentioned, Yvette would never ask for it.
What’s more, how expensive is it to buy a car now? It’s better to save a little bit. She thought about it just now and sold the car to save money. When her own company is started, then she can buy it again.
“Husband, don’t buy it. I’ll take the bus. I’m really saying it.” Yvette saw Chuck helplessly, and she seriously repeated what she said just now.
“My wife, I can afford any car you want, you say, I can afford it,” Chuck said. Is Yvette worried that he can’t afford it? Now give my mom a call, and it’s okay to buy a 4s shop. How can I not afford a car?
“Not really, husband.”
“Wife, you run a company, how can you do without a car? Your company is so far away from home.” Chuck said.
“It’s the same as taking a bus, you might as well buy yourself a car.” Yvette said.
Last time at the airport, Chuck said he had a car, but he didn’t see it when he went to the parking lot. She didn’t see it again. She was very strange.
“I have a car, I have a BMW, and…” Chuck is speechless. He has a BMW 7 series and a Porsche. Two cars are enough for the time being. When his movie makes money, the square makes money, then He will consider buying other cars, Rolls-Royce, Maybach, and Chuck will also consider buying them.
He is a super rich second-generation super rich, and he has no problem buying dozens or hundreds of them.
“Husband!” Yvette was serious.
“You don’t believe me, you go with me now…” Chuck said, Yvette came over, biting his lip, “Stop talking about my husband, are you going to sleep here today?”
She didn’t want to hear it anymore. She suddenly felt that she was too incompetent and Zelda could buy him a car, but she couldn’t afford it. Chuck was originally younger than her, so it was not right to buy him a car.
Are sisters in love, shouldn’t they?
Chuck considered that if Queenie was the only person, then Chuck would definitely have no problem sleeping, but Queenie’s twelve-year-old sister was there, and it was originally one bedroom and one living room. It would be inappropriate to sleep on her own.
“I’ll go back and sleep well.” Chuck thought for a while and said.
“Well, be careful on the road.”
“Wife, you go to my house and sleep well, I…” Chuck was excited.
“not good.”
Yvette shook his head. The house belongs to Zelda. How can I go to sleep by myself? What an embarrassment if Zelda comes back?
Yvette blushed even thinking so.
“Okay,” Chuck nodded, disappointed.
But today Yvette is too mighty, and Chuck wants to do something to her. After all, his wife is too beautiful and the figure is good, which increases Chuck’s desire to conquer.
But Yvette doesn’t go home with herself, nor does it work to go to her house, then go to open a house? She would definitely not agree.
The more he thought about it, Chuck was sceptical, “Wife, there is no one in that alley, can you…”
“You, what are you thinking?” Yvette blushed.
She just watched Chuck suddenly stopped talking, she looked at Chuck and found that Chuck was looking at her legs, chest, and…
The look in the eyes, gesticulating, horrifying
She was very nervous and cautious by this look. She was still thinking, wouldn’t Chuck just do anything to herself here? Sure enough, he thought so, did he make him hold back too hard?
“I’m thinking…” Chuck felt very powerful, he was shocked, shit, was he too nervous? Damn, my wife is so nervous, wouldn’t I really have that kind of problem? If my wife knows this, can I still lift my head? Shame.
Chuck didn’t dare to think too much.
“Old,…husband, there will be people in the alley. In case they are seen, it is not good, not good, the car, or not in the car.” Yvette mustered up the courage and whispered. If she feels ashamed, maybe she doesn’t want Zelda to help him, so…
She should take the initiative, but she said more than ten wonderful things, tense more than ten seconds, Chuck did not make a sound, she raised her head nervously, and found that Chuck was breathing deeply, as if restraining something.
Yvette was startled, wondering, “Husband, what are you doing?”
“It’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Chuck shook his head, “Wife, I’m home, you go to bed early, I’ll pick you up tomorrow, I really have a car.”
Yvette was silent, Chuck’s sincere eyes moved her, “Okay, husband, come and pick me up tomorrow, early, and the exam tomorrow.”
“it is good.”
Chuck nodded. Tomorrow Queenie will definitely have to ride too. Then it will definitely not work to drive a Porsche. It is not enough to ride. Then we can only drive a BMW 7 Series. A few days later, the car should be repaired.
I hope.
Chuck didn’t dare to look at Yvette’s wet lips. He threw his leg and ran out of the community. Yvette was astonished. “What was he doing just now? How do you think about it and don’t want to? It’s strange… Yeah, no Knowing what I just said, did my husband hear what I said like that? Shy, shy…”
Yvette blushed and went upstairs. After opening the door, she saw Queenie, she smiled, “Don’t worry about the others, live with me first.”
Before she saw herself from Queenie, she had no father and no mother, so this is the touch to let her do it.
“Thank you teacher.” Queenie was even more embarrassed to look at her.
“It’s okay, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so cautious? Don’t be polite with the teacher.” Yvette comforted.
“Teacher, you, and Chuck are really married…” Queenie asked in a low voice.
“Well, he and I are husband and wife, but there is no marriage certificate yet. When he is twenty-two, I will get a marriage certificate with him.” Yvette said seriously.
She decided that if Chuck was twenty-two years old and there was no conflict between the two and could still be with herself, then she would have a baby with him, or two.
“I…” Queenie was shocked and heard Yvette confess with her own ears that it was subversive to her. How did Chuck catch up with the most beautiful teacher in the school in such a short time?
This is really incredible.
“Surprised? Haha, don’t be surprised. First keep this secret for the teacher. The teacher still wants to continue teaching.” Yvette was serious.
“Okay, I will,” Queenie nodded, she won’t say anything. This school is too strict. If someone knows about it, then Teacher Yvette will definitely be dismissed.
“Thank you, take the exam tomorrow. Go to bed early. The three of us will sleep well together. Come in.” Yvette took Queenie back to the room. Queenie subconsciously looked at the corner of the room. There are memories here…
She still clearly remembered the situation in the room at that time, Queenie could not help but since Teacher Jordan said so, then she definitely couldn’t do that.

Chuck took the car home. He couldn’t help but went to the toilet. Damn, what’s the matter? He walked out frustrated, his body is okay, it can’t be so weak, can it be said that he is too nervous, is there any reason why he has really touched a woman?
It should be like this, run, run a few kilometers and then come back to sleep.
work out!
This kind of thing can’t be ashamed in front of Yvette. At least it must reach the average time of China. Chuck vowed to change his clothes and go out. Anyway, there is a basketball court in the community. It is better to run around for a few laps. Yes, that will definitely be good.
He opened the door and went out, but he happened to see Zelda walking out of the elevator. Zelda was startled. Didn’t she unexpectedly Chuck go out with Yvette? Why are you back? Why did Chuck change into his sports clothes and go out so late? Is this going to run?
“What are you doing?” Zelda walked over.
“I…” Chuck couldn’t say anything. Could it be that he went to exercise that aspect?
Damn, how could this be?
“You…” What did Zelda think of, exercise? Could it be that Zelda suddenly wanted to laugh, “You, the exercise is for Yvette, you, and her today, and then she laughed at you, so you…”
Chuck blushed.

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