My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 151

Sister Zelda, don’t tell me, I didn’t do anything with her,”
Chuck Cannon couldn’t listen anymore, he felt his face burned badly.
“No?” Zelda was even more surprised, but Chuck Cannon went out to exercise so late, it must bor his body.
“Well, really not,” Chuck Cannon was serious.
Zelda looked at his blushing and serious look, she felt even more funny in her heart, why is he sute?
She refrained from laughing and said, “Chuck Cannon, I checked it online. Don’t put too mucressure on it. The more nervous you are, the more…or you will…”
Chuck Cannon nodded, but men all want to show their strongest face in front of women, not tention so beautiful, so good-looking wife, can you not be nervous? Can you be excited?
He didn’t want to see Yvette Jordan’s disappointed expression.
“I ask you, I help you, will you be nervous?” Zelda asked.
Chuck Cannon thought about it, shook his head and said, “I was nervous for the first time…”
Zelda smiled, “Come on, don’t worry.”
Chuck , how to say that at least you need to exercise, and only after reaching the average leveou can have something to do with Yvette Jordan.
I want to show the strongest side in front of Yvette Jordan.
“Sister Zelda, are you running? Or should we be together,” Chuck Cannon invited.
“I… okay, wait for me for a while, I’ll change my clothes,” Zelda thought and nodded. It’s been ew days since he didn’t exercise. He has been busy recently.
“Alas, Zelda,” Chuck Cannon stopped her.
“what happened?
“Sister Zelda, don’t wear too sexy, I want to ban it.” Chuck Cannon is serious. Zelda’s figure io worse than that of Yvette Jordan. If she comes out with tight-fitting yoga pants, it wilefinitely be bloody. Sexy, Chuck Cannon must go back to the bathroom at night.
Zelda was stunned and smiled, “Then I wear a cotton-padded jacket?”
“That’s not necessary.” Chuck Cannon was embarrassed.
“Well, wait.” Zelda came back to his house. Within five or six minutes, Zelda came out wearin sports suit. Chuck Cannon was relieved. Zelda considered himself and wore a looser, bulump The curve does not obscure much.
But this is better than wearing tight yoga pants.
“Sister Zelda, do you have yoga pants?” Chuck asked the gods.
“Yes, you want to see it? Then I’ll go back and change it,”
“Farewell, that’s it, go for a run,”
“Well.” Zelda smiled. She didn’t plan to change. She wanted to make Chuck Cannon moronfident and didn’t want to hurt him. She thought Chuck Cannon was very serious about thiatter, but could not let him think that way.
The two went down the elevator. Chuck Cannon thought about whether he could get the car earlomorrow, so he took out his mobile phone and called Charlotte, simply asked.
However, Charlotte’s answer made Chuck Cannon helpless, “Sorry, your car is originally thighest match, and the original tires are set, and they will arrive the day after tomorrow, somorrow…”
“Okay, rest early,” Chuck Cannon can only say so.
“Okay, good night.” Charlotte hung up the phone, curious, didn’t Chuck Cannon have a sportar? Why did you suddenly use the car?
She thought suspiciously, and then walked to the head of the bed. She picked up a small bottle,
which was a pink bottle, which was bought from an irregular channel, and had the word “fan” ot.
Charlotte grabbed the bottle in his hand and looked forward to it, when he had to use it on Chuck
, otherwise he wouldn’t touch himself…

“Do you want to use a car? Don’t you still have that Porsche?” Zelda was surprised. She knehat Chuck car was stolen and the wheels were unloaded.
“I’m going to pick Yvette Jordan tomorrow, there is another classmate, and her sister, Porsche iot enough to sit,” Chuck Cannon was helpless.
Pick her up? Zelda sighed in her heart and was also a little lost. She said, “Then you drive mar.”
“This one……”
“Relax, I still have a few cars, all parked in the community, whichever one you like to drive.”
Chuck Cannon hesitated and could only do this. After all, he said everything himself, so he hao drive to pick Yvette Jordan.
“Ok, thank you,” Chuck Cannon said.
“It’s okay, run, see how powerful you are.” Zelda said, Chuck Cannon blushed and the twmmediately ran around the basketball court.
After running for about half an hour, Chuck Cannon was okay, Zelda was actually good, hehysical strength was good, it was late, almost, sweating a lot, it was a lot more comfortable, buoday he was beaten It hurts too.
“Sister Zelda, let’s go up.”
Arriving upstairs, Zelda said, “I will take you down to see the car tomorrow morning.”
“Okay.” Chuck Cannon returned home. At this time, the cell phone in his pocket rang. Chuck
Cannon pulled out to see that it was his own mother. Chuck Cannon answered, “Mother.”
“Well, Chuck, are you okay?” Karen Lee felt really hurt. She saw Chuck Cannon through thatellite picture but was beaten a lot.
“it’s okay no problem,”
“Chuck, I decided to let you learn boxing. The position has been found for you. The address wile sent to you tomorrow. You have five classes a week! Do you know?”
Karen Lee originally thought that when Chuck Cannon was 21 years old, she directly taught
Chuck Cannon herself to fight, but she saw that her son was beaten, she decided to reconsider,
she wanted to teach now, but Chuck Cannon did not Any foundation, that’s not okay, you have tay the foundation. Boxing is the best foundation. After all, she teaches fighting, but killinkills!
That kind of killing technique banned by the army!
“Okay, mom, I have this idea myself.” Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised. It was toangerous for the rich and the second generation to fight a few people. Isn’t that too dangerous?
Continue to exercise, you must learn, at least to play seven or eight is no problem, after all, mother always has a time to look down.
“Well, go to bed early, yes, do you like Yvette Jordan very much?” Karen Lee asked tentatively.
“Yes, like it, mom, will I take her to see you one day?” Chuck Cannon must convince Yvette
Jordan that he is a rich second generation.
“This…” Karen Lee sighed. Yvette Jordan hadn’t figured out her identity. She didn’t worry abouhat Yvette Jordan would do to her, but what if her son got deeper and deeper? In case Yvette
Jordan is really the daughter of his family, then…
“By the way, I won’t say it first. I have something to do. I will send you the boxing addresomorrow.”
“Well, Mommy goes to bed earlier.”
“Okay.” Hanging up the phone, Karen Lee hesitated, took out her phone and found a number,
and she dialed it.
The phone is connected.
“Chuck loves that girl, you don’t want to hurt your son, as soon as possible to identify the girl’dentity,” Karen Lee said, if it is true, then Yvette Jordan she did not know how to deal with it.
killed? No, absolutely not. Karen Lee sighed. When Chuck Cannon brought Yvette Jordan, whahould I do?

Chuck Cannon got up early in the morning and went to knock on the door. Zelda came out.
Which three or four car keys were in his hand.
When the two went down, Zelda took Chuck Cannon to see her car, which had Mercedes and
BMW, but there was also a Buick. It seemed that Zelda had opened it when he first started hiusiness.
“Just Buick,” Chuck Cannon said, so Yvette Jordan would always believe a little, and would sit ease.
“Don’t drive a Mercedes-Benz? I bought it last year. I haven’t opened it a few times.” Zelda waurprised.
“I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay for it.” Chuck Cannon joked.
“Who made you lose money? Even if you hit me all, I won’t ask you to lose money.” Zelda waerious and couldn’t help but give him the key.
Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, took the key, opened the door and went in, full of oil.
“Then, Zelda, I will go first,” Chuck Cannon drove.
“En.” Zelda watched Chuck Cannon leave the community, she sighed, when can you come tick me up?
She had a headache, but her mother always wanted Chuck Cannon to go home. What should sho?

The car was well controlled and Chuck Cannon was comfortably parked. When he reached thownstairs of Yvette Jordan Community, Chuck Cannon called Yvette Jordan and Yvette Jordaaid to get down immediately.
Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and saw the message sent by his mother, the detailed address,
he really is going to practice, after the exam, try to learn.
Soon Yvette Jordan took Queenie down. Yvette Jordan watched Chuck Cannon sitting in a 15-
year-old Buick LaCrosse. She was startled and suddenly laughed. This is her husband’s car,
used? I really bought it myself, it looks really good.
Queenie was surprised that this car is quite atmospheric and should be expensive.
The two got in the car, and Yvette Jordan felt good, asking, “Old… Chuck, when did you buy thiar?”

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