My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 153

Chuck Celi put his mobile phone in his pocket, shouldn’t he? Yvette Jordan found himself a
“local tyrant”? So deliberately send a message to test?
Chuck Cannon was a little nervous. She still cheated Yvette Jordan on WeChat. She let her knohat she was a “local tyrant” and didn’t know what she would look like.
Yvette Jordan walked over, with anxiety on his face, and his eyes were turning to Chuck Ce,
turning left and right. Chuck Cannon subconsciously looked out, but it didn’t look good.
The principal of her mother was actually outside. What is this for? During the exam, the microservice private visit came to inspect?
And look at yourself.
Chuck Cannon complained, cheating was found? Yvette Jordan came over suddenly, not to finhat he was a “local tyrant”, but to remind himself that the headmaster was outside, don’t biscovered.
His wife was cooperating with her cheating. Chuck Cannon let out a sigh of relief and helightly the note that Queenie just threw.
Queenie also became nervous, and she also worried that Chuck Cannon was found.
Yvette Jordan was nervous. She saw the headmaster outside. Did she discover that Chuck
Cannon was cheating?
Cheating in this school is very strict, cancel the exam lightly, but remember it seriously, this wilave a great impact on graduation!
Alas, husband, how hard do you usually work!
However, at this time, the exam is over.
The headmaster came in and said directly, “Chuck Ce, come to my office!”
Then the principal went out.
Chuck Cannon was helpless, this was discovered, Yvette Jordan was anxious, Chuck Cannoas the freshman, if cheating was remembered, how can he continue in the future?
Chuck Cannon can only stand up and go out.
“Chuck Ce…” Yvette Jordan stopped him in front of the class.
Chuck Cannon turned back.
“Be calm,” Yvette Jordan said solemnly.
Chuck Cannon nodded, not calm or okay. Chuck Cannon went out to see what the principal said.
In case it is not possible, he can only call his mother, but…
Cheating is not so glorious. My mother knows that she will be very disappointed with her. Forget, it is better to bear the consequences.
Yvette Jordan worried.
“What did the principal call Chuck Cegan?”
“Did you notice? Chuck Cannon cheated just now.”
“I’m fucking, this kid is very brave, cheating!”
“With his grades, wouldn’t he cheat without paying cheat!”
“Also, but he was too unlucky. The cheating was actually caught by the principal himself. Surnough, the people were poor. Whatever he did would be unlucky, wait to remember it!”
“Haha, I think expulsion is better!”
The classmates laughed and laughed at Luo Shixia.
“You are endless? Is Chuck Cannon cheating funny? Yang Hui, Li Kai, and you, you, you, diou cheat when I didn’t see it?” Yvette Jordan’s face chilled.
These classmates named by Yvette Jordan blushed, and they were ashamed to find a hole in thround.
The other students shut up unwillingly, whispering in their hearts
Why did Yvette Jordan say good things to Chuck Cannon everywhere?
Huh, Chuck Ce, you deserve to be caught by the principal!
Lara pouting teacher, what do you like about Chuck Ce? rich? ?

Chuck Cannon followed the principal and was nervous.
“Chuck Ce, do you know what I asked you to do?” the principal said as he walked.
“Yes,” Chuck Cannon bowed his head.
“Yes? It seems to be looking for you!” The headmaster murmured to himself after beinurprised.
When he arrived at the principal’s office, Chuck Cannon froze when he entered, because oman with a mask and sunglasses was sitting on the sofa. Although she was sitting like this, thttractive legs and buttocks were still easily relaxed by a pair of tight jeans Outlined.
“Is he?” the principal asked.
“Yes.” The woman stood up.
Chuck Cannon accidentally, “You are…”
The woman took off her sunglasses, took off her mask, and showed a beautiful face. Chuck
Cannon was surprised when she saw her, “You, how did you find it here?”
The headmaster was surprised. She was also surprised just now. Why did the popular star Yemeome to their school? Is it necessary to make a movie in their school? How to say that the schoocenery is good, although no crew has been here, but this is an opportunity to advertise theichool.
Of course she was very happy, thinking, as long as Ye Meiti, she agreed.
However, when she heard Ye Mei said that she came to find someone, and still came to find tudent named Chuck Ce, she was dumbfounded.
What is a popular star doing for an ordinary student?
“I’m here to find you something, so that I can talk about it alone?” Yemi said, she was strugglino find here!
She really wanted to play that drama, so she found too many relationships before asking.
When Chuck Cannon didn’t come just now, she was a little worried, how to say, this is just ardinary extreme school, in his status, the five-star hotel must send the highest reception person,
should not be a noble school ? ?
But Chuck Cannon is here, he is so rich, actually here?
Chuck Cannon had no choice but to nod.
“Principal, I want to talk to him alone. Could you please avoid it? I’m preparing a new dramow. If I talk to investors, then I will consider framing in your school,” Yemei said.
“Okay, okay, you can talk casually.” The principal smirked, and immediately went out, but shas curious, Ye Zimei came to find Chuck Cannon what? Just now she thought it was wrong, iurned out to be a popular star with beautiful leaves.
When the principal went out, Chuck Cannon asked, “Do you really want to play that drama?”
“Think, think very much, I really want to work with Director Erica Yannic, please give me hance, I still have a little popularity, after the movie is released, the box office should be good,
and I don’t mind the pay, I don’t mind at all. , You can just give it away, 12,000 or 20.” Ye
Zimei said.
This is where she is confident. She is really red now. Looking for her to act as a heroine is alold at the box office, but she is a box office star! Investors want to make money, the first choics her!
This is her self-confidence and capital to come face to face and talk to Chuck Ce.
Chuck Cannon was silent for a few seconds and said, “Okay, you said to Director Erica Yannic, I
agree, you are the heroine in this drama!”
Chuck Cannon said to go outside, the leaves are so beautiful, so simple?
The principal saw Chuck Cannon came out so quickly. He was surprised, but it was alseasonable. It is estimated that Ye Mei had mistakenly recognized the wrong person, otherwise
Ye Mei would find Chuck Ce?
She hurried into the office, and she wanted to get Yemei to come to their school for framing!
Chuck Cannon walked to the classroom. In fact, he had long thought about it. The beauty of Ye
Zimei is really suitable for the positioning of the heroine of the movie. And she still has a certaiox office appeal to let her star. It is indeed the best choice, but the pay is How much should I
Chuck Cannon thought so, and has returned to the classroom.
“Chuck Cannon is back.”
“Looking at his disappointment, he must have been scolded by the principal.”
“I think it’s estimated to be fired.”
The students expressed their opinions, cheating was discovered by the principal, and there artill good fruits to eat? They regarded the cheating of Chuck Cannon as a joke.
Chuck Cannon sat down, and Queenie asked nervously, “Chuck Ce, what did the principal say?
Have you remembered… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have passed you a note…”
Chuck Cannon shook his head.
Yvette Jordan collected the test papers on the podium, she sighed, was she punished likhis? No, Chuck Cannon was a freshman and could not be dealt with like this. Yvette Jordaecided to see the principal and plead with Chuck Ce.
However, when the whole class mocked Chuck Cannon for being called by the headmaster to go the office to scold, a person appeared at the door of the classroom. The figure was particularlood. The person with sunglasses, Yvette Jordan froze, and the classmates were also surprised.
“Hey, who is this? I am fucking, beautiful leaves, beautiful leaves!”
“What, my god, it is so beautiful. What is she doing here at our school?”
The class immediately boiled. It was a surprise. Ye Mei was a popular star and came tchool? And at the door of their class, who is this for?
The whole class immediately went around and saw the star. They had to take pictures and sign!
But Ye Zimei stood on her feet and said, “Sorry… Hey, Chuck Ce, you promised me, don’t regret!”
The whole class was shocked, what? When the popular star Yemei came to find Chuck Ce? ?

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