My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 154

At this time, the whole class was stunned, how is it possible!
Ye Mei, the popular star Ye Mei came to find Chuck Ce?
Is this an illusion?
At this moment in the class, the raven was silent!
Because they didn’t think of it at all. Before the school, Lu Youwen came to find Chuck Ce,
which was enough to make them envious and jealous, but how long did it take before the populatar Ye Mei came to him.
What is the charm of Chuck Ce? Isn’t it just a piece of wire?
Yvette Jordan was also stunned and couldn’t believe this scene at all. She looked at Chuck
Cannon with a dull look.
Husband, why is Ye Mei coming to find you? why?
Queenie was also shocked.
After only Lara was surprised in the class, she whispered that the money is amazing. Actualloaked in the entertainment circle, let Teacher Yvette find out, see what you do!
Chuck Cannon nodded helplessly. What did she do in the classroom?
Ye Mei was relieved and didn’t pay attention to Chuck Ce’s classmates, turned around and left.
At this time, after the silence, the classmates looked at each other.
“Ye Zimei came to find Chuck Ce? Am I right?”
“It’s easy to explain, I think, just now it’s not beautiful at all.”
“Ah, why do you say that,”
“There are so many imitating shows now, who knows if they are Yemei’s imitators? She wearuch big sunglasses that she can be seen as a ghost?”
“I also think it’s fake, the leaves are so red, what are you doing at our school? Come here to find
Chuck Si? It must be fake!”
“Huh, I actually found a counterfeit product to come and pretend, please come over expensive?
Chuck Cannon is not saved, it will be like this for a lifetime…” Guo Zifan said with a sneer, hid not believe that the people just now were really beautiful. The person who drove Buick’s car,
but also the one who borrowed it, how could the real Yemei come over to find him?
After analyzing the whole class, Chuck Cannon was even more disdainful.
Even if you borrow a car and pretend to force it, you can also spend money to rent a fake star tretend to be a force. This is really a king of pens!
Was it just fake?
Yvette Jordan didn’t chase the stars, she couldn’t be sure, but she frowned, “Don’t talk, preparor the next exam!”
The whole class is considered to be stopped, and the exam continues.
Yvette Jordan took the test paper to find the principal. When she went to the principal’s office,
she went in and saw the principal’s beauty. She was pleasantly surprised, and she could talk ter about cheating by Chuck Ce.
“Principal…” Yvette Jordan said.
“Well, what’s the matter?”
“That’s what Chuck Cannon did in my class just now…”
“He? Ye Zimei misread it, it’s all right…” The headmaster shook his head and came out in leshan half a minute. It must be wrong!
“What? Was the leaf beautiful just now?” Yvette Jordant was surprised, but didn’t the classmateay it was fake? If it is true, what Yezimei asked Chuck Cannon for!
“Of course it’s true. She also said that she wanted to be filmed in our school. Ha ha. Our school ioing to be red. There will definitely be many students coming here.” The principal saieautifully, “Yes, Teacher Yvette, you What’s the matter with me?”
After being surprised, Yvette Jordan said, “Chuck Cannon just…”
“What happened to him just now?”
“It’s okay, the principal, I’m out, and the next exam is about to begin…” Yvette Jordan said anent outside.
It seems that the principal had just been in a good mood and did not mean to punish Chuck
Cannon for cheating.
Yvette Jordan returned to the classroom and looked at her husband Chuck Cannon in the corner.
The beauty of the leaves is true. What did she come to see you for?
Husband, is your peach blossom good?
Yvette Jordan sighed helplessly and started the exam.

Over the past few days, Queenie has been secretly delivering notes to Chuck Ce. Chuck Cannoecretly followed, and Yvette Jordan just stared at him anyway, but he didn’t say that his eyeere telling Chuck Cannon not to be discovered.
Of course Chuck Cannon snickered. It’s so nice to have a wife who is a teacher! Any cheating iine.
Also, since the heroine of the play decided to have beautiful leaves, then the male lead Erica
Yannic has found it, and has sent a photo. After reading it, Chuck Cannon thought it was good, aeast the photo is always better than the previous surname Ann’s actor is much better, althougot famous.
Moreover, Director Erica Yannic said that Chuck Cannon wanted to let Chuck Cannon come tarticipate in the conference. Chuck Cannon shook his head and refused. He was not suitable fohis occasion. He didn’t know what to say when he arrived on stage.
Director Erica Yannic didn’t force him, saying that he might come to the square for the first fecenes and let Chuck Cannon prepare a little bit. Chuck Cannon was certainly surprised. This ihe best time to advertise his own square. Many, you must take your own square name aneautiful places!
Director Erica Yannic agreed, saying he would find a way.
Chuck Cannon also expects that a crew will come to the square to film, how many people havo attract traffic?
On this day, the exam is finally over.
Chuck Cesong said with a sigh of relief that Queenie’s results were very good. With her help,
there should be no problem in all passing.
“Wow, the exam is over. It’s summer vacation. Let’s go to KTV to celebrate!” said the monitor.
“Do you want each student to pay again?” Another student also said, really, the exams are toired these days, and it is going to be a holiday, it is to gather together!
“Isn’t there a classmate with a gold card in the KTV in City Square? Free, why don’t you go!”
said the monitor.
“Yes, anyway, there is a gold card, free, why not go! Hey, who is the KTV gold card holder,
stand up! Take the classmates out to relax!”
The whole class, you see me, I see you, no one stands up, but everyone is excited, to relax, not tention don’t have to pay, free, you can drink any good wine, who doesn’t want to what!
“This is wrong. Since there is a free gold card, you should take your classmates out to relax.
Everyone is in a class, so you should do it.” The monitor said.
“Yeah, don’t hide it, Wang Hao, Chen Weijie, Li Wenzhi… You are the gold card holders in thlass, you can speak!”
These people looked at each other, shaking their heads and saying no!
“Pretend, everyone is a classmate!”
“Yes, classmates, you should take everyone out to relax, anyway, no money.” Another classmataid.
But these students said helplessly, the classmates frowned, and immediately whispered, “Littltupid, free. What’s wrong with taking the class out to relax?”
“Yes! What a stingy!”
Lara secretly looked at Chuck Cannon and found that he had packed up and was ready to leave.
“Hey, who is the gold card holder, just to say a word! Everyone is waiting! Don’t let the studenteel chilly!” the class leader continued.
Chuck Cannon ignored it and went directly with Queenie. These days Queenie has been at
Yvette Jordan’s house. Chuck Cannon thought, anyway, when the holiday was off, Queenie aner sister moved to the house he bought before Yvette Jordan. Well inside, Yvette Jordan livelone, Chuck Cannon has the opportunity to go to sleep!
Of course, if Chuck Cannon did not meet the standard at that time, he would not do anything to
Yvette Jordan.
“Hey, how is this! Lara, you know who the KTV gold card holder is in the class, you say, yoell this person!” The squad leader came to Lara.
How dare Lara say? Having said that, I am afraid that after a minute, the whole class, even thhole school can see their own photos.
“I don’t know.” Lara shook his head.
“Don’t you know? That was what you said last time, would you not know? Say it!” the monitorged.
Lara shook his head, “I don’t know, I’m going to the square.”
Lara said to go outside, the class leader frowned, “Lara, you stop! I want to see today, who is thierson! Don’t leave the whole class! Find this person today!”
“Yes, find out, obviously the second generation of rich, still mixed among us, there is a free golard, do not take students to relax, this is what students should do? Must find out!” Othetudents also agreed.
Chuck Cannon frowned and stopped, as did Queenie, and Lara could only stand still. At thiime, the people in the class were staring at a few suspected objects just now. They shook theieads to explain whether they were really, but how could the people in the class be? What abouhe letter?
Absolutely pretend, definitely one of them!
“Chuck Ce, Queenie, the two of you can go. Without you two, it’s impossible for the gold carolder to be the two of you.” The squad leader waved his hand. He didn’t believe that the golard holder would be Chuck Cannon or For Queenie, others in the class also waved their hando let Chuck Cannon leave.
“Why should I leave?” Chuck Cannon said suddenly.

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