My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 155

“Huh, why do you need me to tell you two to leave?”
The monitor sneered, “Poor, because the two of you are poor!”
“Yes, how could the two poor ratios be KTV gold card holders? Don’t hurry? Don’t delay ouime!” The other students were impatient.
Finally, there is a powerful classmate in the class, they can quickly find this classmate! After all,
the exam is over today. Should we relax and relax for free? They really want to go.
Find out the gold card holder, sing, drink and eat for free, and play all night!
Queenie’s face turned red all of a sudden. She was very angry. Should she be said like this if shad no money? She is still a student, and she has no money to choose from.
Waiting for work, let’s talk about these things.
“Don’t go too far,” Queenie was particularly angry.
“Excessive? Who doesn’t know that the two of you have the worst conditions in your class? Thother who went to the cafeteria to eat, who was not willing to beat the meat, would be the golard holder? Are you kidding?” The class leader disdain.
“You!” Queenie was flushed with rage!
“Nothing to say! Are you two going fast?” Guo Zifan snorted softly.
Other classmates are also very impatient. He will urge Chuck Cannon and Queenie out of youentence one by one, and say what not to waste their time.
The student’s mocking voice made Queenie, who was under great pressure these days, almosried. Her tears twirled in her eyes, and she felt too wronged. She and Chuck Cannon were boteady to go out.
“So who do you think the gold card will be?” Chuck Cannon asked lightly.
“Anyway, it’s impossible for you two to compare!” The squad leader mocked.
The other students mocked you more politely.
“Go away! What are you doing here?”
“People want to sing and drink too, of course it’s here.”
“Huh, KTV is considered a high-consumption place. Don’t go if you have no money. What if yoecome addicted?”
“Go addicted and go in as a waitress, then you can go every day?”
The ridicule of the classmates made Queenie’s eyes red, and felt too wronged. Everyone is lassmate, so how can they look down on people like that?
“Unfortunately, the gold card is mine.” Chuck Cannon said.
Queenie’s eyes widened, what? Is the gold card holder Chuck Ce?
Lara, who was still in the classroom, also froze.
“Your? Haha!” The squad leader laughed haha.
“It’s forced, her mother is forced to borrow a car, and it’s okay to let the counterfeit Ye Zimeome to you. Now you still say that you are a gold card holder? Why don’t you say you are thoss? How are you? Don’t say that the entire KTV is yours? Why don’t you say that the citquare is yours!” Guo Zifan sneered.
The other classmates were too lazy to speak, and became even more upset after mocking.
“Don’t you just want to go to KTV with us? You said that early! You really don’t need that.” Thquad leader came over and smiled slightly, with disdain.
“If it is mine?” Chuck Cannon calmly.
The squad leader frowned.
“Come on! Pretend to say that the gold card is yours, interesting? Someone has to believe it. Ihe gold card is yours, I will go to eat immediately!” said a classmate.
“This is what you said.” Chuck Cannon glanced at him.
“Yes, I said it! But yours? Pretend!” The classmate sneered, “But if it’s not yours, would yoare to eat Xiang?”
“Of course Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to agree, because it can’t be his, eat Xiang! Haha!”
The students laughed courageously, and one must look at Chuck Ce’s joke.
Queenie is nervous, is this too much? Eat Xiang, how do you eat this!
“Yes.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
The classmate sneered, “Then you go to eat Xiang now! Don’t waste time!”
“No hurry, no hurry!” Chuck Cannon shook his head and looked at the squad leader. “The squaeader, what about you!”
The squad leader’s face is hard to see, “If it’s your gold card holder, my squad leader wouldn’o it! I knelt down in front of everyone and kowtowed to dad! But if it’s not, then you wilisappear forever In my sight, get out of school!”
“Okay, no problem! Let’s go! Go to ktv now!” Chuck Cannon smiled and said to Queenie,
Queenie was already ignorant, she bit her lip and nodded, and went out with Chuck Ce.
The whole class looked at each other!
“So confident? Is Jin Jia really his?”
“Impossible! What do you think Chuck Cannon does? You are a fake and you never ordereeat when you eat. He will be a gold card holder? If he does, my mother will eat it!”
“Yeah, but with such self-confidence, it’s really acting too hard.”
“Go, go, let’s all go and see, Chuck Cannon how to act today! Don’t wait for him to slip, he musat today!”
“Yes, this kid walks so simply, you might want to flash people on purpose, everyone go!”
The students stood up and really wanted to see Chuck Ce’s joke, Chi Xiang, and then they woulave to make a video circle of friends!
The squad leader’s face was particularly ugly, “Lara, who is the gold card holder?!”
Lara shook his head, “I don’t know, you will know when you go,”
She spread her legs and walked outside.
The squad leader snorted and frowned with Chuck Ce’s classmates, and came over, “Squaeader, Chuck Cannon this guy wouldn’t really be…”
“Is he? Is it possible?” The monitor sneered.
“Yeah, hey, I want to see how he eats Cheung!” The classmate smiled and smiled happily.
The students all went outside, some went to make buses, and the class leader went to take Guo
Zifan’s car.
At the parking lot, the squad leader saw Chuck Cannon and Queenie sitting in the car. Is this catill driving? The monitor is more confident that such a person will be a gold card holder?
What a joke!
“Squad leader, this guy is just pretending! Don’t pay attention to him!” Guo Zifan sneered.
“Well, drive! I can’t wait to see him disappear in my sight.” The monitor said.
Guo Zifan nodded and drove to the city square.
Chuck Cannon called Yvette Jordan, but Yvette Jordan said that the school had a meeting anad to meet at night, so she couldn’t come. Chuck Cannon had no choice but to pick her up aight. Yvette Jordan agreed.
Can only take Queenie to the city square, but as soon as the car started, Chuck Cannon saw Larassing by, and Lara also saw Chuck Ce, she was curious, how Chuck Cannon would drive suc car!
Very strange.
Lara saw that Chuck Cannon drove Queenie away, she stomped her feet, didn’t she see me? Sngry.
“Chuck Ce, are you really the gold card holder?” Queenie asked quietly.
“Yes, it’s me.” Chuck Cannon nodded and Queenie froze. Why was he so powerful?
Soon to the city square, after Chuck Cannon parked his car, he and Queenie came out of tharking lot of the square. Because Chuck Cannon drove slowly, when he arrived at the ktv in thity square, many students who took the bus arrived one after another. Guo Zifan and the claseader It’s the first one, everyone is waiting for Chuck Cannon at the door.
“Haha, here, here, hello, everyone who has diarrhea today, will wait a little more, otherwise
Chuck Cannon will not eat enough!”
“Haha, I’m done!”
The classmates laughed a lot and wanted to see Chuck Cannon out of ugliness. Chuck Cannond Queenie walked over. Chen Queenie already knew that Chuck Cannon was the gold carolder, so she was a little nervous, but she was not restrained.
“I thought you took the opportunity to run, okay? Go in now, you prove that you are a gold carolder!” said the monitor.
Chuck Cannon glanced at him and walked directly inside. When he reached the front desk, alhe classmates also followed in, whispering, all mocking Chuck Ce.
When the front desk saw so many people coming in, it was also a show of joy, which was a biusiness, and when she saw Chuck Cannon walking in front, her eyes were all bright.
“Hey, beauty, this person is my classmate. He said he has your gold card here. Isn’t it! I suspece is sleepwalking, please trouble me to wake me up!” The squad leader sneered.
Other students can’t wait, certainly not, how could it be? Can there be a single free gold card,
can ordinary people do it? ?
I didn’t even look at the monitor at the front desk, and said directly to Chuck Cannon witespect, “Sir, you’re here, I’ll help you prepare a VIP private room! Today we have a new kind oed wine. It’s nice to open a bottle for you to taste. ?”
“Wine is not needed, you tell them, am I a gold member of you here?” Chuck Cannon said.
“Of course, you are the biggest VIP in our shop!” The front desk smiled!
Chuck Cannon nodded, then turned to look at the others, and said lightly, “Now believe me?”

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