My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 156

All the students at the scene were dumbfounded and their jaws were shocked, what? ?
With such a respectful look at the front desk, the gold card holder is really Chuck Ce?
The squad leader’s eyes widened and his face was incredible!
The classmates who had just bet on Che Cheung with Chuck Cannon turned pale and evehivered.
Guo Zifan stunned, how could it be him? ?
His broken car was borrowed from others, how could it be him?
Queenie is different. She has heard Chuck Ceqin admit it just now. She has already thought thahis kind of expression will be at the front desk. She is now curious and wondering whaappened to Chuck Cannon recently. Not only did the school’s most beautiful teacher Yvette
Jordan catch up And became a gold member of this ktv…
“Impossible! Will the gold card holder be Chuck Ce?”
“No, why is this reception desk so polite to him?”
“She’s fucking, I know. Just now, Chuck Cannon asked the counterfeit Yezi Mei to come anook for him. Can’t he find the front desk to cooperate with him now?”
“I remembered that Chuck Cannon had been a waitress here before. He wasn’t allowed to knohe front desk at that time, so Chuck Cannon called the front desk just now and asked her to sao deliberately, it must be like this!”
The analysis of the students whispering, the class leader immediately recovered, he snorted,
“Chuck Ce, are you there? Actually find someone to act with you, you can make such a meand shameless method, I used to I really underestimate you!”
“Yeah, the acting skills of the person you are looking for are so bad! Really when we can’t see it?
Really when we don’t know that you used to be a waiter here?” The classmate who cheated on
Che Cheung came out with a big face ridicule.
Confused at the front desk, this gentleman has been a waiter here? What…what happened?
Chuck Cannon looked at them, these people really would find reasons.
“Call your ministers out!” The squad leader sneered. I was really annoyed. This policy was shameless that it made people cooperate with him.
Helpless at the front desk, is preparing to use the intercom to call the minister.
The squad leader snorted, and all the classmates couldn’t wait any longer, thinking of thinister coming over to uncover Chuck Ce’s lies!
“Chuck Ce! Really you!” A voice suddenly sounded from inside, and a young man walked out of
KTV with a few women.
Chuck Cannon looked over and froze, Wang Wei, Wang Wei, the son of the boss before thiquare, he was here.
“It’s me,” Chuck Cannon nodded.
“Are you coming to sing? Say it earlier…” Wang Wei leaned over, “My friend opened a neield over there, there are many beautiful women, there are many from the United States, ghere…”
Chuck Cannon shook his head. He didn’t want to go to such a place. Queenie on the side hearhat, of course, she knew what it meant. She was a little blushed. Will Chuck Cannon go to thaind of place?
The squad leader frowned, he didn’t know this person, but he was very high-end in terms oress, this is a rich second generation.
“Wang Wei…” Guo Zifan’s eyes widened and his tone was incredible.
“Wang Wei?” The squad leader frowned deeper.
“Don’t you know Wang Wei? The son of the owner of the square!” Guo Zifan was shocked. Has not shocked to see Wang Wei, but shocked Wang Wei to greet Chuck Ce, but he lookeery familiar.
This is the rich second generation with billions of dollars! !
“What?” The squad leader was scared. He really didn’t know, but he knew what it meant.
Anyone who knows the son of the owner of the square can say that Chuck Cannon really is thold card holder of this KTV? ?
How is this possible!
The other students were shocked again when they heard the conversation between the monitond Guo Zifan.
Chuck Cannon actually knew the rich second generation? ?
“No, you can play by yourself.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. If you let your mother knohat kind of place you go, then your mother will be very disappointed with herself.
“Okay, but are you free these days? I will tell you something.” Wang Wei hesitated.
Chuck Cannon nodded, “OK, you will call me when it’s time,”
“Well, thank you, then I’m leaving.” Wang Wei waved his hand, embracing the beautiful womaith special joy and went out.
“You…” The squad leader glared at Chuck Ce, his voice trembling. “You, are you really a golard holder?”
All the students looked at Chuck Cannon intently. At this moment, the bird was silent!
“Sir, you are here.” The minister came out from inside at this moment, and he was surprised. Han over with special respect. “Sir, I will open a VIP room for you now?”
The students present were stunned again!
If it is said that the front desk cooperates with Chuck Ce’s acting, then it is possible, but thquare owner Wang Wei just greeted Chuck Ce, and now even Minister KTV came ouersonally, this…
Is it true that Chuck Cannon is the gold card holder? ?
At this moment, all the students were dumbfounded! With an open mouth, you can put an appln it.
They were stupid and dumbfounded.
“No, I’ll come over and see, you’re busy with you first.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Okay, okay, you have orders to say at any time,” the minister nodded politely and turned teave.
Chuck Cannon turned to look at the monitor.
At this moment, the squad leader’s expression is complicated, what is he saying now? Needleso say, the gold card holder turned out to be Chuck Ce.
The classmates were also in a trance. At the last class meeting, they didn’t pay a penny. It waot Lara’s credit, but Chuck Ce…
No one speaks, the bird is silent!
Chuck Cannon looked at the monitor in this way, and the atmosphere was condensing!
The squad leader gritted his teeth and knelt down with a thump, the whole class waumbfounded.
The squad leader actually knelt down for Chuck Ce, and the students who gambling and cheatinith Chuck Cannon shivered.
The squad leader is ready to stand up.
“Slow!” Chuck Cannon came over.
“I have kneeled for you, what else do you want?” The squad leader was angry, and at this time,
the endless shame made him unable to lift his head.
“Did you forget something?” Chuck Cannon looked at him.
“You!!!” The squad leader gritted his teeth, he struggled for a few seconds, “Dad, Dad…”
The classmates were even more dumbfounded. The monitor called Dad Chuck Ce!
Chuck Cannon shook his head, “I don’t have a son like you!”
“Chuck Ce, I have nothing to do with you today!” The squad leader stood up and ran out.
The other students were silent and looked at each other.
“Liu Kai, don’t you eat Xiang? Go eat Xiang.” Chuck Cannon said.
All classmates looked at him.
The student came over in a panic and said, “We are all classmates, Chuck Ce, what are you doino seriously? I’m kidding with you, won’t you take it seriously? Haha, are you serious? Haha, I’laying with you.”
“But I didn’t play with you,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, his tone very soft.
“You! Chuck Ce, as for you, I’m kidding with you, don’t forget, we are all classmates! Don’t goo far!” This classmate is very angry and eats Xiang? Will he have dinner afterwards? ?
“You mean you don’t eat?” Chuck Cannon calmly.
“Me,” the classmate blushed.
“Don’t you say that Chuck Cannon is the gold card holder, so you go to eat Xiang? Why don’ou go!” A female student said lively.
“He Jingjing, what did your mother say?” The classmate was furious.
“You said it yourself, is your mother still a man!”
“Yeah, I promised Chuck Ce, I lost and didn’t admit it, you’re really not a man,”
Several female classmates in the class usually despised Chuck Ce’s sarcasm. Chuck Cannoctually had a gold card. This has to be a good relationship!
The classmate blushed and looked at Chuck Cannon begging, “Chuck Ce, I am really joking witou. You see me as your classmate, this time it is fine, okay?”
“I really did not joke with you.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
“You…” The classmate gritted his teeth, closed his eyes and pretended to die, lying on thround, the classmates despised, what, or are they not men?
Chuck Cannon glanced down at him, too lazy to ignore him, and said to Queenie that he waoing to leave, but the classmates came around and talked eloquently.
“Chuck Ce, Chuck Ce, you are the gold card holder. I really can’t see it. It turns out that you aro powerful, add me to WeChat.”
“Yeah, Chuck Ce, you see everyone is here. Let us use your gold card to let us in and relax.”
“Everyone is a classmate. Come on, you tell the front desk, open the kind of red wine that camast time, drink it well, I still want to drink it.”
They are all surrounded by Chuck Ce, all of them are classmates, there is a free gold card, theust definitely take them to play!

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