My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 158

The vice-principal originally thought that, with Yvette Jordan’s appearance and figure, lookinor a man at least to find him like a Mercedes-Benz. For a long time, Yvette Jordan’s taste was sad. Looking for a Buick?
I knew her mother Yvette Jordan was so easy to handle, and anyone who opened Buick could dt. Her mother should have spent some money on Yvette Jordan a few times.
The vice principal was annoyed.
“Mr. Yvette, this is your husband? It seems not very good.” The vice-principal said yin-yang.
Yvette Jordan glanced at him and said nothing.
“Yvette Jordan, how I treated you at school, you know clearly, to be honest, it really surprisee to find such a man.”
“No, he is my husband,” Yvette Jordan said.
The vice principal frowned, “Where does your husband work? I’m afraid that if I drive this car, iill be seven or eight thousand a month? Is it enough?”
“Mr. Yvette, people are going to go high. The school director Chuck is almost retired. I havoticed that you have been for a long time. See you are just right.” The vice principal said.
In the position of a director, you should be grateful. Oh, he must be ecstatic in his heart, but he iust pretending.
In the position of a director, what can you call a man? No, I won’t be able to give you a lifetime.
The vice principal disdained.
“No, my qualifications are not enough.” Yvette Jordan shook his head.
“Haha, you forgot who I am? I said you are enough, I said one thing, now it is mainly whetheou are willing, huh, are you willing? Teacher Yvette…” The vice principal smiled slightly, hioice proud. .
Indeed, his vice-principal, normal personnel transfer, the director is not a word?
“no need.”
“Ms. Yvette, you can’t do this. You don’t go to high places, but you flow to low places.” The vicrincipal was really annoyed. This has always been the case. Yvette Jordan has always been likhis to him.
“Ms. Yvette, I haven’t heard that you have a man. I said this time. Are you embarrassed to say? I
think so. Most of the people who drive this kind of car are office workers. According to thurrent house price, he can’t buy it. When you get up, should you still rent a house? Am I right?”
The vice-principal is proud, but there are several houses under his name!
And they are all worth millions.
Can your man compare with me?
“Yes, rent a house, but what does this have to do with you?” Yvette Jordan looked at him.
“I just care about you. Your man has no ability to make you suffer with him.”
“I don’t feel bitter, but you talk too much.”
The vice principal frowned, “Mr. Yvette, what is your attitude? Is it a teacher’s attitude towardhe principal?”
“Vice, you are the vice principal.” Yvette Jordan shook his head.
“You! Yvette Jordan, I don’t think you want to get mixed up in school!” The vice principal’s facas gloomy.
“Do you think you’re amazing? I was hired by the principal personally. You fired me to try. Also,
what if my husband opened Buick? But he is younger than you, and the money will be madomeday, and will Much more than you, but you are done.” Yvette Jordan said and walked over.
Just when Chuck Cannon opened the car door, Yvette Jordan bit his lip and gently hugged,
This is the first time Yvette Jordan took the initiative to take action.
Chuck Cezheng enlisted, excited, but felt that she was not in the right mood, so she glanced ahe man in the distance. Is this the vice principal?
Chuck Cannon was a little impressed. The principal rarely came to the school.
Was Yvette Jordan wronged suddenly?
“Wife, has he bullied you?” Chuck Cannon asked.
“No, husband, let’s go.” Yvette Jordan let go of Chuck Ce.
“Well.” Chuck Cannon glanced at the vice-principal, who was particularly ugly.
Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan got into the car and drove away.
“Yvette Jordan, Yvette Jordan, I can’t fire you? Ha ha, I want you to cry and leave the school!”
The deputy principal snorted coldly, opened the car door and sat in.
He was about to leave by car, but there was someone who was about to drive, and the viceprincipal didn’t pay attention and nearly hit him.
“Grass and mud horses, will you drive! Nima’s old Mercedes-Benz is like this? Just hiomeone?” The man clenched his hands on the hood.
The vice-principal turned pale, shaking with the steering wheel in his hand. He opened thindow and said, “Isn’t it just not seen? Sorry!”
“Oh, there’s such an apology for the grass and mud horses?” The man walked up angrily anaised his hand and slapped it.
A crackling sound.
The vice principal’s face was flushed on one side, and he was very embarrassed. He was almbarrassed. This man beat himself? Dare to beat yourself?
“I slap you and say sorry to you, okay?” The man sneered.
“You!” Where the vice-principal could bear it, getting out of the car and wrestling with this man,
but where is he young enough to fight? Begging for mercy soon, “Oh, don’t fight, don’t fight…”

Chuck Cannon parked the car to the place where Yvette Jordan rented a house. Yvette Jordaaid, “Her husband, be careful on your way.”
She said to get off, but Chuck Cannon also followed. Yvette Jordan was stunned and whispered,
“Her husband, what are you doing? Queenie and they are upstairs. You drove back early, bood, and go back quickly.”
Chuck Cannon came over, “Queenie and her sister have moved out.”
“What?” Yvette Jordan was surprised. She quickly took out her mobile phone and wanted to call
I found out that my mobile phone had information, and it was Queenie’s, which roughly meanhat Chuck Cannon found a house for them, so he moved away.
Yvette Jordan was relieved, why did Queenie go so urgently? Are you afraid of affectinourself? Yvette Jordan was helpless.
“Wife, will I sleep here tonight?” Chuck Cannon said.
At this time, silence.
Because Yvette Jordan’s beautiful face was already red, just like the peach, this is the first time
Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan’s expression, with a little shyness, coy…
“Yes.” Yvette Jordan nodded, his voice very small.
She was here to help Chuck Cannon last time, this was her psychological defense line waroken, plus so many years, sleeping together for so many years, should be able to do something.
A little nervous, even uneasy, will it be uncomfortable? Yvette Jordan didn’t understand thiell.
Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised. He was going to sleep with Yvette Jordan tonight, as has when he was a child.
“Don’t you say you want to sleep here? What are you doing standing still?” Yvette Jordalushed, her husband, you are teasing me…
Chuck Cannon had recovered, and was busy going upstairs with Yvette Jordan. When he came the room again, it felt really different, as if he had arrived at his house, but he was nervous.
In this atmosphere, Chuck Cannon felt that he was busy suppressing this idea. It was not enough.
It must be exercised before it can be banned! !
Otherwise, Yvette Jordan will despise.
Yvette Jordan closed the door and whispered, “Her husband, go take a shower.”
“You first.”
“You are better…”
Chuck Cannon was helpless and could only go to the bathroom to take a shower. The cold wateas flushing on Chuck Ce. Chuck Cannon felt his thoughts pressed down. Chuck Cannon boweis head and sighed. Was he too nervous and wanted to perform in front of Yvette Jordan, so?
Chuck Cannon clenched his fists and worked hard.
When he came out of the bathroom, Yvette Jordan blushed and his heart accelerated. How can I
say that this is not the first time I saw Chuck Ceguang’s shirt, but this time he was particularlervous, and…his husband has abdominal muscles, so obvious abdominal muscles…
“Then I will wash.” Yvette Jordan hurried to the bathroom. She was particularly nervous. Aftehe took a shower, she came out of the bathroom shyly and took a few deep breaths. When shas about to enter the room, she froze.
Because there was no one in her bed, she was curious and went to the living room and found
Chuck Cannon lying on the sofa. Yvette Jordan blushed on the sofa?
“Husband…” Yvette Jordan whispered in a low voice, so nervous that the voice was shaking.
I slept together for so long before. Yvette Jordan feels that he is too useless. Why is he servous?
“Well, I sleep on the sofa today.” Chuck Cannon said.
“You,” Yvette Jordan was stunned, what? I’m ready in my heart, why…
Yvette Jordan was a little lost. She walked to the sofa and sat down, “Husband,”
Chuck Cannon couldn’t describe the sound, “Wife, go to bed early.”
“Well, go to bed early,” Yvette Jordan nodded, the tension in his heart was gone, and some juselax, “Her husband, let’s talk like a kid tonight.”

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