My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 159

that I have no car.
Yvette Jordan was lying on her bed, and she was nervous again, because she had been chattinith Chuck Cannon for a long time just now, and she saw what Chuck Cannon was suppressing,
and she saw what she saw with her eyes.
However, I am mentally prepared. I was there when I was fifteen or sixteen. I can find myself if I
want to, but why not touch myself?
I said in my mouth that I can help myself. I already have psychological preparations. I told mlassmate Sun Shangxue that you can’t let your husband hold back too much, but…
Yvette Jordan blushed, thinking that she shouldn’t think about it. Isn’t the woman thinking that’s naughty?
Go to bed now!
Yvette Jordan closed his eyes.
When she woke up in the morning, she heard the movement and she went out in confusion. Shaw Chuck Cannon doing push-ups. This line of muscles is a real man.
Seeing this picture early in the morning, Yvette Jordan blushed, and she whispered, “Husband, I
didn’t see you doing this in the morning.”
“I just started doing it recently.” Chuck Cannon said, he can’t always say that he is exercising foxercise time, right?
“Well, good exercise, more exercise, the muscles will be strong.” Yvette Jordan couldn’t sanything.
She had to go to the kitchen nervously to make breakfast. She had to go to the company earlier.
The loan shark repays 100,000 a month. The pressure is still very great. You have to work hard.
Chuck Cannon has been exercising for more than half an hour. He is still breathless. He caontinue to do hundreds of push-ups. He is much better than ordinary people. Is he too nervous?
Confused, Chuck Cannon went to the bathroom and took a shower. He ate the breakfast made by
Yvette Jordan, and then drove Yvette Jordan to the square.
Then I am going to go to the boxing gym to learn practical boxing, so as not to encounter things,
so that I can not beat others.
At the square, Yvette Jordan went to the company himself, and Chuck Cannon met Lu Youweor a while, and was ready to go to the boxing gym that his mother had found.
This is also exercise!
However, how to say, Chuck Cannon still wants to buy a car for Yvette Jordan, how to say that
Yvette Jordan’s temperament is so good, at least driving Mercedes-Benz BMW?
However, when I came here, I told Yvette Jordan about it. Yvette Jordan shook his head and saihat it was unnecessary. Chuck Cannon was very helpless.
Or just bring a BMW over and give Yvette Jordan a surprise? Chuck Cannon had this idea, but ias still under consideration.
What if Yvette Jordan bought it doesn’t like it?
Chuck Cannon sighed, thinking so, the person had already reached the elevator, and the phonang.
Chuck Cannon took it out to see that it was Charlotte, and the car was repaired, but Chuck
Cannon was busy with the exam these days and didn’t go to the BMW shop. Chuck Cesi wanteo go, but it was better tomorrow.
In this simple way to Charlotte, he hung up the phone, but as soon as the elevator door opened,
Chuck Cannon froze, because Zelda walked out.
Today Zelda is very beautiful, with exquisite high heels, long white legs, a casual suit on thpper body, especially fashionable and beautiful, especially short skirts, especially attractive.
Chuck Cannon was surprised, this leg, this hip is really…
“Do you want to go out?” Zelda came out and asked, biting her lip, she came to find Chuck Ce.
She was so annoyed these days that she always received a call from her mother and said that shhould take Chuck Cannon back. Trip, but how to bring it! ?
She thought about confessing to her mother, but after confessing, she would be bombarded ber mother next. She couldn’t stand it, let alone, confessed, there was no reason, then there wao chance Policy alone.
“Well, when I last ran, didn’t I tell you? I want to learn boxing.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Well, are you free tomorrow? My mom’s side, I want to let you go to see our house. In thorning, I will definitely come back at night. Are you free? Trouble you.” Zelda was nervous,
and his voice was also small.
Chuck Cannon hesitated, he wanted to stay with Yvette Jordan every day, and didn’t want to gut, but Zelda was so good to himself, this busy must definitely help the end.
“Well, good tomorrow.”
“Thank you.” Zelda was pleasantly surprised, he agreed.
“It’s okay, then I went to the boxing gym.”
“Okay, I went to see Lu Youwen and signed the contract today.” Zelda is in a good mood. If shs not in trouble, she wants to go to the boxing gym with Chuck Ce. She also likes sports.
Regarding Zelda has negotiated with the owner of the store to be transferred, Lu Youwen haust said to Chuck Ce, the transfer price is not too expensive, 400,000, Chuck Cannon thought,
this point Zelda opened up, based on her previous If the shop is renovated, it may take abouhree million.
This is not much for Zelda’s investment.
Moreover, Chuck Cannon has already told Lu Youwen that Zelda does not need to give aneposit, and the shop rents at the lowest price, that is, halved to rent to Zelda.
“I wish you success.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
“Thank you.” Zelda went to Lu Youwen with a smile, but she found Chuck Cannon staring at heips, she smiled in her heart, and whispered, “During exercise, you can’t look around, you musan, desire, otherwise Be careful and give up your achievements.”
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, mainly because of Zelda’s legs and buttocks, which were toeautiful. He couldn’t hold back for a while, so he took a few more look.
“Sister Yi, you still wear so beautiful, don’t wear a short skirt next time.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Okay, listen to you.” Zelda went to Lu Youwen.
Chuck Cannon smiled, and Chuck Cannon took the elevator to the parking lot, but Chuck
Cannon just got into the car and was about to drive, and saw that Yvette Jordan actually camut of the elevator, too, on the first floor. This is the parking lot, and she came down…
Chuck Cannon was surprised, and soon saw Yvette Jordan feel a little ignorant, and may havome down habitually. Her eyes quickly dimmed, sighing, and whispered, “Forget that you don’ave a car, try to make money to buy a car. , Go to the bus, or it’s too late.”
She turned around and walked back. She had a client who wanted to meet, saying that there wermployees in the company who had to come over for training, but they had to be interviewed.
This was introduced by others.
“Wife, where are you going, I will send you over.” Chuck Ce’s voice sounded at this time, Yvette
Jordan turned his head to see and saw Chuck Cannon smiling at himself.
Yvette Jordan was embarrassed in his heart. Maybe Chuck Cannon just saw that she waabitually down, so she stopped herself, but she was moved quickly, bit her lip and nodded,
Sitting in the Buick car, Chuck Cannon asked her where to go? Yvette Jordan said that he waoing to meet the customer. This was introduced by Sun Shangxue, a Beijing classmate.
That is to go to the airport.
Chuck Cannon drove Yvette Jordan to the airport.
“Her husband, you will wait for me in the car for a while. I will pick up the customer, and then,
will you send me and the customer back?” Yvette Jordan whispered.
“Okay, you go.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
Yvette Jordan was relieved and opened the car door to pick up customers at the airport.
Chuck Cannon was waiting in the car.
Yvette Jordan walked into a few scenes, and soon she saw the person introduced by Sun
Shangxue, two middle-aged women, black stockings, high heels, exquisite professional suits,
these two women have their own shops, but the new opening , So I want to bring employees oveo train the company culture, but I have to come over to inspect myself.
“Hello, this is Yvette Jordan.” Yvette Jordan walked over.
The two middle-aged women took off their sunglasses and looked at Yvette Jordan for a feoments. They were very temperamental and they should have good company abilities. Aftell, Sun Shangxue introduced them and the training fees were very cheap. Of course they had tome over.
“Hello.” The two women said.
“Mr. Cao, Mr. Yan, I’m ready on the other side. Could you please go over to my company anee if you can,”
“no problem,”
The two women followed Yvette Jordan to the airport parking lot. They saw that the parking loas full of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. They looked at each other and whispered in their hearts.
It was pretty good. It is estimated that the company was also good. The price is cheap, this ireat value for money! !
“Mr. Cao, Mr. Yan, please get in the car.” Yvette Jordan said, Chuck Cannon also came down,
and his wife’s client must not be rude.
Such an old Buick? The two women frowned, and actually opened Buick. Is this a matter oaking themselves seriously, or is it a company that doesn’t even have a BMW Benz supportinhe facade?
The two women were immediately disappointed. They felt that they should not come here. Iasted time, and it was a penny and a penny. It turned out to be cheap and nothing good. A
training company that does not even have a BMW Mercedes-Benz, is it a company?
The two women shook their heads.

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