My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 160

Yvette Jordan saw the thoughts of the two executives. Indeed, the company’s facade is vermportant. The car is the facade symbol of a company’s strength. Yvette Jordan knows thilearly.
But… this car is not bad, it is good, quiet and comfortable.
However, the two of them have been denied for the first time.
Yvette Jordan sighed in his heart, “Please two.”
“Forget it, all come, let’s go and have a look.”
“After all, Sun Shangxue’s introduction should not be too bad, we believe Sun Shangxiang, let’o and see.”
The two women said, and they sat in.
Yvette Jordan was relieved and said to Chuck Ce, “Her husband, drive.”
Chuck Cannon nodded, and of course he could see that the two women looked down on Yvette
Yvette Jordan, who worked very hard, was aggrieved just now, but he didn’t make it clear that
Chuck Cannon felt that he had to buy Yvette Jordan a good car.
Chuck Cannon got into the car and drove.
Yvette Jordan sat beside him.
After driving to the parking lot of the square, the two women got out of the car. Yvette Jordasked Chuck Cannon to busy himself. Chuck Cannon shook his head. He didn’t want to see
Yvette Jordan wronged.
Yvette Jordan was moved and took three people to the company.
“Mr. Yvette, how did you think of starting a company here?” Cao asked.
“I have…”
“No, I asked you, this square is quite remote, how did you find it here? It is estimated that thent is very cheap?”
“There are many reasons.” Yvette Jordan said, mainly because she was a teacher in a nearbchool. She thought of convenience, so she opened the company here.
“Oh, that’s because the rent is cheap,” Cao said.
Yvette Jordan is particularly helpless. Why do many executives think this square is noood? Lonely is lonely, but the business prospects are good, she thinks so.
Moreover, the Plaza has recently made a lot of new moves, and the facilities are all investeeavily. She sees this in her eyes, which shows that the Plaza boss wants to change this placgain.
So the prospect of this square is very good, and it is right to say that it is bright, but she has neveeen the owner of this square.
“The rent for this square will be very expensive,” Yvette Jordan said.
“I don’t see it. I think the rent of this square will become cheaper and cheaper,” Mr. Cao shoois head.
“I think so too, President Yvette, the prospect of this square is not good. I advise you to changhe company’s place,” Mr. Yan also said.
“The two are wrong, the prospect of this square is very good, and the rent will become more anore expensive.” Chuck Cannon said lightly.
Yvette Jordan had a sign, and her husband’s vision was really good.
The two women glanced at Chuck Ce.
Mr. Cao shook his head, “You are wrong. This square is too remote and there are no officuildings. Except for schools, real high-end goods cannot enter, indicating that the square canly be maintained at the low end. The prospect is worrying.”
“Yes, there is no high consumption, and there are not many people. There are very few, whichows that these shops will not make any money at all. I see that most of the shops on the firsloor are still struggling. Slowly, there is a vicious circle, and here it will become more and mormpty.” President Yan said.
They are good-looking, looking left and right, they don’t think how good this square is, the flof people is not big, the merchants are losing money, then the quality of goods and services wilave to be reduced, so a vicious circle is formed, repeat customers It’s gone, and the square’ltimate bracing is useless, and will only close down.
“Although the flow of people has not improved, but soon there will be more people here,” Chuck
Cannon said.
“Many? I really don’t see it.” The two women shook their heads disdainfully.
“Yes, after a while in this square, a crew will come to the scene to shoot.”
A crew came to shoot? Yvette Jordan was stunned. What happened? She didn’t hear about it!
“The crew filming?” The two women were surprised, but they laughed quickly.
“What’s the use of some junk crew coming to shoot? It won’t bring any traffic to the square all.” Mr. Cao shook his head and smiled.
“Well, the only thing to film in this square is that the crew is poor and the cost is reduced, so jusook for this square. The junk crew and the unknown actors are just like passers-by, which is noery different,” Yan also said. Laughed.
The one who can be filmed here must have invested a million or two million rubbish films. Therere no people to watch the filming. How can it drive traffic?
“I think you misunderstood, the director of this drama is the Yuebuying director who has woany awards, and the heroine is now the popular actor Ye Mei. The two of them come here,
don’t they drive traffic?” Chuck Cannon said .
He is now in the movie circle, and the investment movie is definitely not this one. Chuck Cannoill let the director come over here for the next movie. Even Chuck Cannon himself has a movioncept in mind, set up a movie similar to the secret room, The main scene was shot in his owquare.
The two women were surprised. Of course they had heard of Erica Yannic and Ye Zimei. Whould they come here to take pictures?
Yvette Jordan was even more stunned. Could it be said that the last time Ye Zimei went tchool to find Chuck Ce, was he talking about filming in this square? But shouldn’t you find
Plaza Manager Lu Youwen?
“And the filming of the film is more than this one, the crew will have more crew to come in anhoot.” Chuck Cannon continued.
“This… well, the two of us were mistaken, and the crew could be fancy. It is estimated that thioss is a bit skilled.” President Cao shook his head.
President Yan envyed that the resources of this square were so good, why didn’t there be a squaro go to her farmhouse for shooting!
Several people arrived at Yvette Jordan’s company, and Chuck Cannon was also inside. Seeinhat the two women had been saying that something was not good, they forced Yvette Jordan tontinue to drop prices, and finally reached Yvette Jordan’s bottom line. They The two still don’hink so.
Chuck Cannon was able to see that the two of them wanted to be cheap and well.
Yvette Jordan sighed, she was under great pressure, and she paid a lot of 100,000 a month, anhe had to take this order.
“I think we’ll go back and think about it.” The two of them stood up.
Yvette Jordan was lost, so he thought that he would not come.
But it’s not okay to let yourself pay for the money. The teachers she hired are all good teachers.
How much is the price for the last lesson? The prices that these two women said are almost thrice she paid to the teacher. Even if more than 20 people will come to the company for training,
it can be regarded as a sky-high if one person can earn five or six hundred.
After such a big step back, they still refused to agree, and Yvette Jordan had no choice.
“Don’t worry, the two of you, I see the meal is ready, go to dinner first,” Chuck Cannon said.
Two women look at me, I look at you, eat? Just find a low-end restaurant and want to agree tive money? ?
This is definitely impossible!
“No need.” President Cao shook his head, his hands were short, and his mouth was short. Shidn’t want to eat two or three hundred bucks, so she paid the money, which was not worth it.
“Yes, no, we’ll eat back at the airport,”
“How many meals did you eat in a five-star hotel? What did the two managers think?” Chuck
Cannon smiled.
“What, five-star hotel?” The two women were surprised. It was too unexpected. They thoughhey were eating at roadside restaurants at most, but they didn’t expect to be so generous to invithem to eat in five-star hotels!
Yvette Jordan was stunned, five-star hotel? Four people ate once, and at least thousands of theisappeared.
“Yes, I know the seafood in a five-star hotel is particularly delicious. Both of you have comere to try it,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Really a five-star hotel?” President Yan asked tentatively.
“Of course.” Chuck Cannon is confident that the two women are still friends. If they can win thwo of them, they will introduce Yvette Jordan to the business. The problem now is to give the chance. Yvette Jordan’s ability will make them both repeat customers.
The two women hesitated, but they were only close to each other. Now that they are so generous,
don’t go.
“Okay.” The two women nodded.
“Please!” Chuck Cannon said. The two women went outside. Yvette Jordan took out all the casn the bag and stuffed it to Chuck Ce. She understood what Chuck Cannon did. She was movey her heart. After thinking about it, Chuck Cannon reminded her.
“Husband, you have this money, five-star hotels are expensive to eat, you will use this money theckout,” Yvette Jordan said.
Chuck Cannon smiled and went to eat at his mother’s hotel. What money do you want? ?

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