My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 162

Chuck Cannon drove in. The security guard at the security booth was still puzzled first, but afteeeing Chuck Ce, he immediately came out respectfully and led Chuck Cannon in.
“This hotel has good service.”
President Zheng said that she could see the luxury of this hotel when the car came in.
Unexpectedly, her friend Mr. Yan actually invited herself to such a high-end place. According the standard, this hotel is super five-star, saying yes Six stars and seven stars are also possible.
“It’s not bad,” President Yan had a light on his face.
Chuck Cannon parked the car, and a few people got out and entered the restaurant in the hotel.
President Yan and the three of them walked in front. How to say President Yan treats guests, shas to dress up in front and find a place to eat, she really feels that she has face.
Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan followed, and Yvette Jordan was a little worried. She camere for dinner last time. However, when she checked out, someone wanted to give her a waiver.
She was thinking at the time that she should be a “local tyrant.”
But she didn’t accept it, and she paid for it and left.
Now, five people may have to eat tens of thousands. Yvette Jordan sighed, but that’s okay. Hasn’t come here to eat with Chuck Ce. Although they are not alone, they are also very good.
Today it’s time for the two to relax.
“Her husband, I’m going to buy a bottle of red wine. The red wine here seems very expensive.”
Yvette Jordan said.
“No, just click inside.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, he said, what wine can’t drink?
“Yes, it’s very expensive to eat here, and the wine is expensive. Save a little. Husband, go ahead,
I’ll buy it when I go in,” Yvette Jordan said and walked to the tobacco hotel not far away.
Chuck Cannon had no choice but to walk in.
“Hello, how many are you?” the restaurant receptionist asked with a smile.
“Five.” President Yan said.
“Then please, do you have a reservation?” The receptionist walked in with Yan.
“No, you can open a private room for us!” There must be a private room in this place, otherwisow can you have face?
She called her friends just to repay the humanity, and she still had a face-saving humanity.
“Sorry, today’s private room has been booked.” The reception apologized, and recently it was fulvery day. There was no room for coming late.
“No private room? The five of us will spend a lot of money here, can’t we make a private roout?” Yan said.
She also sees that the business here is very good, there must be no private rooms, but if she iorced, she has to talk about it. What if she can make it? Doesn’t it seem that you have morace?
There were more apologies on the reception face, and I just wanted to say that there realleren’t, but when she saw Chuck Cannon walking behind, she was stunned. This was the person
Betty had to receive personally. She remembered clearly.
Chuck Cannon nodded to her.
The reception immediately understood and smiled, “Yes, there is exactly, you please.”
Mr. Yan smiled inside, really! I seem to have good luck.
“Lao Yan, do you know the people here?” President Zheng was surprised. The reception just saihat there was no more, why did it suddenly happen again?
“Possibly! After all, you know, I know a lot of people.” Mr. Yan smiled. What knows people,
just because he said that five people will spend a lot of money, so this reception is a fun room.
The reception took a few people into a private room.
All three women were surprised, so luxurious, as if entering the presidential suite, this hotel ieally upscale!
President Zheng couldn’t wait to take a few photos and sent it to the circle of friends. She was thoss of a small company, and she still cooperated with others. She hadn’t really been to such igh-end place to eat. Of course she had to take a photo.
A few people sat down, President Yan gave Chuck Cannon a glance, “What about President
This is a superficial concern, she worried that Yvette Jordan slipped away.
“Buy something and come back immediately.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Well, let’s order! Don’t mention it!” President Yan put the menu in front of President Zheng.
The three women ordered food, Mr. Yan said, “Or order a bottle of wine bar, what kind of reine do you have here?”
When the reception was about to speak, Chuck Cannon shook his head, “I don’t need red wine,
she went to buy it.”
Reception stunned, buy? Why do you want to buy it? Drink the wine in the wine store casually.
President Yan whispered in his heart, this should be saved?
“Okay, I don’t need red wine anymore. Let’s serve it faster.” Mr. Yan lowered the menu.
The receptionist said a moment, and immediately went out with the menu. Chuck Cannon saihat he went out to see and followed him out, to see if Yvette Jordan had returned.
“Today you will let Lao Yan spend your money.” President Zheng took a few more photos, anhe was really happy.
“It’s okay, it should be.” President Yan is proud, and his face is very good today!
“By the way, who was the man who went out just now, and the woman?” President Zheng wauzzled. President Cao knew her, but she had not seen Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan.
“Two ordinary friends, I came over to ask them something, and asked them to eat,” Yan said.
President Zheng nodded, it turned out to be rubbing rice! No wonder it’s a break Buick, hee hee,
wait for the dish to come up, you have to take a picture and send it to your circle of friends! Aftell, this place is so high-end!

“Master, today the cook came with a wild yellow lip fish, would you like to steam it for you?”
The receptionist saw Chuck Cannon coming out, so he whispered.
Chuck Cannon shook his head. This kind of fish was tens of thousands of pounds. If he and
Yvette Jordan ate it together, it would be okay to do it, but it would not be worth it if there werhree of them. After all, the character of these three people The fish came up, but he and Yvette
Jordan could not hold a few chopsticks.
“No, you just follow the menu.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Yes.” The reception immediately went to the kitchen.
Chuck Cannon stepped aside and took out his mobile phone to call his mother, thinking that afteating today, he would take Yvette Jordan directly to meet his mother. Anyway, it was hiaughter-in-law, and the two always had to meet.
But after connecting, my mother said she was not at the hotel at this time, Chuck Cannon waelpless.
“Cer, Betty and I are not there. We are investigating new acquisitions in the field, and we juseed to eat and go directly. Yes, the cook has a yellow lip fish today, I will call someone now.
Are you steamed, okay?” said the mother.
Chuck Cannon was a little disappointed, “Mom, no, I’m going to take my wife to see you.”
“No hurry, no hurry, is Yvette Jordan right? I know, no hurry, no hurry.”
Chuck Cannon was not very surprised. I am afraid that with his mother’s ability, Yvette Jordaould have been investigated for a long time, otherwise Yvette Jordan would not be left besidim.
“Okay, mom, you continue.” Chuck Cannon was ready to hang up.
“Wait, Ceer, I’ll tell you something. I want to see how Yvette Jordan’s character is, whether it is old girl, so don’t tell Yvette Jordan that I am back,” Mom said suddenly.
“Mother, Yvette Jordan is not a gold worshiper.” Chuck Cannon was anxious.
“Well, I think so too, but let me look at it first? When I see clearly, then you will bring her oveo see me, no hurry, no hurry.” Karen Lee here, looking at the monitoring screen Yvette Jordan the road.
“Are you the daughter of my enemies? It doesn’t look like it. After all, you can be arranged nexo Ce’er when you are several years old. How big is your parents’ heart? Ce’er is still simple, noareful.” Karen Lee murmured Mumbling.
“Mom, what are you talking about? The voice is too quiet,”
“It’s okay, when I see Yvette Jordan clearly, I’ll let you take her to see me, rest assured.”
Chuck Cannon was really helpless, “Well, goodbye mom.”
“Well, you can eat whatever you want. The wine in the wine store is free to drink, but if you arriving, you can’t drink.”
“it is good.”
When the phone hung up, Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan coming, why did her mother thinhat Yvette Jordan was a golden lady!
No, she is not. Chuck Cannon knows this. If it is, Yvette Jordan had already run away with thecond generation of Fu.
“Husband, who are you calling?” Yvette Jordan came over.
“It’s nothing.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He also planned to take Yvette Jordan to the toloor today, but his mother was not saying it anymore, and she said it again, waiting for heother to see Yvette Jordan.
“Well, let’s go in.” The two were ready to go in.
But the door opened, it was President Yan. She said, “Mr. Yvette, you have to settle the accounirst. Let’s eat it again. Anyway, Mr. Cao and I decided to cooperate with your company.”
If you let General Manager Zheng see Yvette Jordan pay, how much facelessness? This forceer to continue to pretend.

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