My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 163

Of course, Chuck Cannon could see what she meant. He thought about it. The eight characteradn’t been written off yet. The woman just kept trying to force her, so how could she do it?
What if I don’t sign?
Chuck Cannon said, “Well, if you sign the contract first, the deposit is good,”
Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan bring the contract over.
President Yan frowned, unhappy, why? I’m afraid I’ll eat the bad debts?
She said angrily, “Huh, what do you mean? Let you pay, you can just go and buy it. I’m afraid I
will eat and drink?”
Yvette Jordan sighed in his heart, “Don’t be angry, President Yan.”
“Why don’t I get angry? What did he say?” President Yan glared at Chuck Ce.
“Okay, okay, contract, I’ll sign it when I get it! Lest I say I’m eating and drinking.” Yan alwayeels uncomfortable.
Yvette Jordan hesitated and told the truth, she heard General Manager Yan say Chuck Ce, shuddenly didn’t want to sign, she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to be wronged with her.
“Wife, take out the contract,” Chuck Cannon said.
Yvette Jordan was silent, and Chuck Cannon smiled slightly at her.
Touched by her heart, she took out the contract, and President Yan signed it with a grunt, anmmediately transferred 30,000 to Yvette Jordan with WeChat.
“Is it all right now?” President Yan stared at Chuck Ce.
“OK, I’ll check out,” Chuck Cannon said and turned to the front desk.
Just talk to the front desk.
“Mr. Yvette, this is your husband? I advise you to switch to another one. You are too good talk now,” Mr. Yan said.
Yvette Jordan frowned.
After President Yan finished, he went in with satisfaction.
Chuck Cannon told the front desk and came back, Yvette Jordan whispered, “Her husband, ihere any grievance?”
Chuck Cannon smiled, what is wrong with him? Such a person like Mr. Yan, he can just call heompany to shut down. In Chuck Ce’s eyes, she is just a clown.
“It’s okay, go in for dinner.” Chuck Cannon said.
Yvette Jordan was particularly moved, he would not change her husband, unless Chuck Cannoid not want to.
The two entered the private room, and Yvette Jordan opened the red wine she bought, which waeally virtuous, but why did her mother doubt her?
Chuck Cannon didn’t understand.
I just felt that I was lucky to meet Yvette Jordan. My mother should immediately see that Yvette
Jordan is a good girl.
The dishes soon came up, all of which were full of color and flavor. Chuck Cannon certainlould not drink because of driving, but President Zheng always looked at Chuck Cannon and
Yvette Jordan with contempt.
Chuck Cannon whispered in his heart, and didn’t offend you. What do you think of me?
“Wow, the food here is really delicious. I’m full. I really want to drink another bowl of soup.”
Mr. Zheng pointed out.
There is a kind of seafood soup that is very delicious. Before she saw someone in the circle oriends sending photos, she felt like wanting to drink just looking at the photos. She forgot trder the food just now. It was hard to come by once, how can she let it go!
President Yan glanced at Yvette Jordan. Indeed, she also wanted to drink a bowl of soup, but shust looked at the menu. The soup started from more than 500 yuan.
Expensive, seven or eight thousand, tens of thousands.
Yvette Jordan was helpless and nodded slightly.
President Yan smiled, and immediately asked the waiter to come in for some soup. After all,
President Cao has not signed yet!
After the waiter came in, the three women chose soup, and finally chose the seafood soup. Onhousand and eight, Yvette Jordan felt a little distressed in his heart, but fortunately, it was nooo expensive.
After Tang came up, Mr. Zheng took a photo and sent it to the circle of friends
After drinking a lot of soup, this is not bad.
Then the three women scooped the soup. Chuck Cannon was about to give Yvette Jordan poon with the spoon, but President Zheng pouted, “This soup is not much.”
Means to drink less, two rubbing rice, still want to drink such expensive soup?
Chuck Cannon frowned, took the soup ladle, scooped up a bowl for Yvette Jordan, and therepared to taste it himself. The soup was indeed fresh.
“Enough is enough, all bottomed out,” President Zheng pouted, the soup was so delicious, shanted to seize it.
Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her, scooped a little, and drank it himself. President
Zheng took a spoon and scooped a big bowl. He didn’t want Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan trink anymore.
Yvette Jordan didn’t mind, but Chuck Cannon minded, did you come here to eat and drink?
“Old Yan, don’t bring anyone to dinner next time. If you want to get the soup fine, how can yoe boring? When drinking water? Waste.” Mr. Zheng said strangely.
President Yan certainly knew what this sentence meant, and she could only laugh.
After everyone had finished the soup, everyone came out from the private room. Yan Zongzuent to check out in a pretentious manner. Chuck Cannon murmured. When he had jusonsumed the soup, he had already come out to the front desk and said.
Chuck Cannon drove over to the parking lot.
“Old Yan, don’t leave today. We will come here again at night to eat the three of us,” said
Zheng. President Yan’s eyes jumped, came over at night to let himself pay? Of course she doesn’ant to!
“There’s something else to wait for.”
“Okay, then.” Mr. Zheng was disappointed in his heart. They were both of you. I ate so much, oou could come here to have a meal here at night. It was you!
Mr. Zheng is not happy!
“Oh, otherwise we still have to make a deal. I won’t take this car,” said Zheng.
President Yan hesitated, she had to go back to the company with Yvette Jordan, and President
Cao hadn’t signed a contract yet, so it wouldn’t work that way.
Yvette Jordan frowned. At this time, Chuck Cannon had already driven the car. President Zhenirectly said, “The two of you go back by yourself. Your car is uncomfortable.”
Chuck Cannon was speechless. He came out of the car. If Mr. Cao signed a contract, what did
Chuck Cannon do? Take Yvette Jordan directly back.
“Then what kind of car do you think is uncomfortable?” Chuck Cannon said.
“At least Mercedes-Benz BMW? Your car sits in the same way as a tractor. It’s noisy.” President
Zheng shook his head, really displeased, his own husband was Mercedes.
General Manager Yan and General Manager Cao think so.
Yvette Jordan was angry. Chuck Cannon drove the car clearly comfortable? How could there buch a person?
“Husband, let’s go back,” Yvette Jordan didn’t want to sign a contract with President Cao, anas particularly angry today.
“Why do you go back?” Chuck Cannon smiled, isn’t it Mercedes-Benz BMW? He just drove iight now, and there is no car in the parking lot of this mom’s hotel? Drive casually, just now haw several cars, it should be his mother’s.
“Forget it, sit down and feel wronged, isn’t it coming soon?” President Yan said, she was stilatisfied today, she and President Cao sat in.
President Zheng pouted, “Okay, I’m too lazy to call a car, but such a car, I’m sitting today, and I
will never do it again!”
She said she was going to sit in.
Yvette Jordan sighed. She thought Chuck Cexin must have been aggrieved. Her husband waeally kind to herself.
Chuck Cannon was too lazy to bother with her and sat in to prepare for a drive, but at this time,
the reception of the restaurant ran out with a box in his hand. Chuck Cannon naturally stoppefter seeing it.
The receptionist ran to the window of the car and said, “This is what the manager ordered. This the old soup, you take it.”
Chuck Cannon was surprised, but then, the three women sitting behind froze, what?
Old fire soup? They just looked at the menu just now, but this old fire soup is more than fivhousand, and it is boiled with many kinds of precious herbs.
Actually send now?
Yvette Jordan was also surprised. What happened? This hotel manager knows Chuck Ce?
This box does have a special scent that makes people salivate.
“Do you need a car? The manager asked me to take the car key. This is BMW, Mercedes-Benz,
and Rolls-Royce. Which one do you choose?” The reception continued to smile and said that shad received Betty’s phone number, especially in front of Yvette Jordan, can’t call Master Chuck
A few car keys in her hand, three women were dumbfounded, especially Mr. Zheng, what’oing on? He has so many cars driving? ?
Rolls Royce, she has never sat.
President Yan and President Cao were surprised, what’s going on? Know this manager, so comere for dinner? They regretted it and knew that they would order more dishes!
“No, the car is just enough.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, too lazy to drive other cars,
otherwise what to do with this Zelda’s Buick? You still have to come and drive by yourself.
“Hey, open Rolls-Royce, take me back, I haven’t sat yet!” Zheng said, can’t see it.

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