My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 164

Mr. Zheng particularly expects that she has wanted to be a Rolls-Royce for a long time. In somf her circle of friends, there are friends who show off riding luxury cars like Maybach, Porsche,
etc. She is thinking about when she can Sit once?
Now is an opportunity!
She was very happy today, because President Yan invited her to dinner, and it is still a high-enotel, the food is really delicious, but… as if she made a mistake, this reception is so kind to
Chuck Cannon , And I sent soup to drive, so who asked for this meal?
Mr. Zheng suddenly felt panic-burning, which is needless to say, it turned out that it wayself…
At this moment, President Zheng felt particularly ashamed. Just now, he didn’t let people drinoup. This… President Zheng wanted to find a hole in the ground.
She gave Mr. Yan an angry look, and Mr. Yan felt embarrassed. Where would she want Chuck
Cannon to be so powerful!
“Hey, open Rolls-Royce.” Mr. Zheng is particularly looking forward to taking photos in thircle of friends today. He also has Rolls-Royce sitting.
The seafood soup she just posted in the circle of friends has already been particularly envious oomments. Her vanity has been met with great satisfaction. If you wait for Rolls-Royce, thethers should not envy death!
She suddenly felt that her husband’s Mercedes-Benz was not too good, more than 300,000
“Sorry, I will only drive the tractor you said.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
President Zheng was ashamed. “This car is not a tractor. Your car is very good. I just saw irong. I heard that the Buick car has special materials, good chassis, stable, and special sounnsulation. Well, I can’t hear the sound outside… it’s not a tractor, it’s not, the car sitomfortably,”
Yvette Jordan glanced at her.
Chuck Cannon was too lazy to ignore her and said to the receptionist, “No, you can go back.”
“Well,” the receptionist smiled and nodded, then said, “The next time you come over to eat, youst eat yellow-lip fish, especially delicious, this is what the manager said.”
This fish was mentioned by Betty last time, and his mother also mentioned it. Chuck Cannoeally wanted to eat it, but tens of thousands of dishes were really luxurious.
General Manager Yan and General Manager Cao were surprised, yellow-lip fish, of course thead heard of it, but they had never eaten it.
Yvette Jordan was also stunned. How many people did Chuck Cannon know? Can yellow lip fise eaten casually?
Curious, Yvette Jordan is really too curious at this time, Chuck Cannon is not the seconeneration of rich, she knows this clearly, but
“What? More than ten thousand pounds of yellow-lip fish?” Mr. Zheng’s chin is shocked. If this made in a circle of friends, other people don’t envy death?
“Hey, why didn’t you just order this? The yellow lip fish I heard is particularly delicious…I reallant to eat it.” President Zheng can’t wait to say that she wants to go in and eat now, more thaen thousand pounds , Hee hee, will it be beauty?
Chuck Cannon glanced at her, “I ordered, will you give me something?”
Just a moment ago, Chuck Cannon drank a bowl of seafood soup, and she whispered that she haottomed out. At this point, tens of thousands of pieces of yellow-lip fish came up, and a pair ohopsticks, it is estimated that President Zheng will occupy it. Order this dish for her alone?
Chuck Cannon can’t do it.
“I…” President Zheng blushed even more. Of course he knew what Chuck Ce’s words meant, ane was even more ashamed. “If you order it, everyone will eat it together. You can definitely eat.”
“Well, I will order this dish next time,” Chuck Cannon said, bringing Yvette Jordan over to eat.
It’s just a pity that my mother is still seeing Yvette Jordan and can’t take Yvette Jordan up to finer mother.
“Okay, you go slowly.”
Chuck Cannon drove out. When he was in the car, Mr. Cao could not wait to sign the contract,
and also transferred the money to Yvette Jordan on the spot. Yvette Jordan was at a loss. Ieemed that this time the credit was his husband Chuck Ce. …
When Mr. Zheng was sent downstairs to her company, both Mr. Yan and Mr. Cao got out of thar. It seems that the three women have something to say and may stay here for a few days.
Chuck Cannon didn’t want to send them. , Naturally too lazy to take Yvette Jordan back.
The three women looked at the Buick car away at the same time.
“I really can’t see it. This person is so low-key. He opened a Buick and went to a five-star hotel.
He can eat yellow-lip fish. I heard that this kind of fish is to be booked. It is impossible to eanytime. And Rolls-Royce can be opened casually, which is not what the average person cao…” Mr. Zheng suddenly envied Yvette Jordan, how to find a husband who drove more than
300,000 Mercedes-Benz by himself, and it was still in installments …
How good would it be to find such a husband? I go to a five-star hotel every day, but…
He is from another family, and at this age, although he thinks he can do with a good figure and ig buttocks, he will not like himself if he is young and young.
Mr. Zheng is somewhat depressed.
“Yeah, this person is not simple, I guess it is a rich second generation.” General Manager Yanalyzed.
President Cao also nodded, “I think so, I heard that the real rich second generation has a verood self-cultivation, just now this guy is good, low-key.”
“Ah, I should have ordered the yellow-lip fish just now. It’s a pity. I haven’t eaten it. It’s ediblnd I can sit on the Rolls-Royce, but,” President Zheng regretted it and felt regretful. Chuck
Cannon is more polite, then Chuck Cannon is happy, will he add a dish? For example, yellow-liish?
She thought that, she was annoyed, “I said Lao Yan, are you the one? Who was the guest jusow? I thought people were ridiculous, and I was the one who did it for a long time. Just nohey looked at you, and they were just like watching stupid clowns. ”
President Yan is embarrassed, President Cao is certainly not easy to speak.
“Xiao Zheng, don’t be angry. I invite you to dinner at night,” Yan always said in pain.
“What else do you eat? The fire is dead,” President Zheng was exasperated.
“What are you worried about? People will not have a bad impression on you. Just now, I alsaw Chuck Cannon lazy your hips…” Mr. Yan said.
After all, she knows clearly that President Zheng is super confident about her hips, and shnows that President Zheng likes small fresh meat. The last few secretly went to the nightclub.
President Zheng ordered the small fresh meat, and went to the bathroom on the spot. Now…
Cao Zongzheng did it, did he? No, she was speechless and talking nonsense. She didn’t see
Chuck Ce’s eyes looking like this. Mr. Yan, she was talking nonsense.
“Really? But I’m more than thirty, and people may not even be in their early twenties. Will hook at me? Why didn’t I find out?” Mr. Zheng wondered.
“Now young people like young women, okay? We understand much more than young girls. Lasime, our company also had a twenty-four university student who secretly said that I like me.”
Yan said, with a proud tone What’s wrong with the grade? Still like small fresh meat.
“But forget, what does his company do?” Zheng asked.
“Training company, if your employees want to train, you can go to him. When you ask him tome out alone, he will definitely take you to the hotel we just ate, maybe you can order a yelloip fish for you. ”
“Really? Well, I’ll go back and ask my husband.” Mr. Zheng felt that he had an idea. He reallanted to go to that hotel. So expensive fish should be able to be groomed!

Chuck Cannon drove Yvette Jordan back, and the time was also in the afternoon. He actuallanted to go to the boxing gym to see it. After all, he could learn as soon as possible.
On the way, Yvette Jordan didn’t ask anything else. What to say, she was really curious abouhat Chuck Cannon encountered. After all, she and Chuck Cannon grew up together and weratherless and motherless. She was sure that Chuck Cannon was not a rich second. Generation,
but how did he know so many people?
“Wife, you take the company to drink this soup.” Chuck Cannon handed the soup to Yvette
Yvette Jordan shook his head, “Her husband, let’s drink together.”
Chuck Cannon smiled, Yvette Jordan opened the box, gave Chuck Cesheng a bowl, he also fille bowl, took a sip, and it was really delicious.
“My husband, without you today, I can’t make these two orders,” Yvette Jordant said seriously.
Chuck Cannon suddenly wanted to kiss her, but after thinking about it, Chuck Cannon said,
“That wife should not thank me? Promise me one thing?”
“Should, should, you say,” Yvette Jordan’s blushing heart accelerated, what is this for? Is it in tharking lot? This… Yvette Jordan felt nervous when he thought about it, what if he was seen?
“Wife, this is what you said, I will take you to the 4s shop to see the car now, you are nollowed to refuse.” Chuck Cannon said.

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