My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 166

Zelda smiled, “The strongest man?”
Chuck Cannon blushed, this was his goal, but Zelda knew he was not strong, and Queeninew…
Chuck Cannon drove and didn’t want to continue talking, Zelda was serious, “Chuck Ce, bore confident, in fact, you have too few contacts with women, so it was only at that time, I
believe that if you work hard, you will become the strongest man. ,”
Chuck Cannon was moved by Zelda’s encouragement.
“Thank you Zelda.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Thank me for what?” Zelda shook her head, but when Chuck Ce’s legs were shaking, shaughed and asked, “Do you want me to drive?”
Chuck Cannon nodded. He squatted for a long time yesterday with heavy weights, which causeis legs to stop listening and even numbness in some places. In this way, there should be greaesults.
The two got out of the car and changed places, but when Zelda just sat down, Chuck Cannon sais mobile phone in the chair, so he reached for it and Zelda just sat down…
Chuck Cannon felt that Zelda’s face was particularly red when she encountered cotton. She knehat Chuck Cannon was not intentional…
“I’m sorry, sister Zelda,” Chuck Cannon withdrew his hand, which felt really indescribable.
“it’s okay no problem,”
Zelda’s accelerated heartbeat, she drove, but bit her lip and said, “I won’t help you recently,
because you are exercising, you can’t give up your efforts, but you can’t stand it, you can touce with your hand, I won’t mind …”
“No need.” Chuck Cannon quickly shook his head, and today I was particularly sorry for Yvette
Jordan. If you still touch Zelda, it would be too wrong.
“Okay,” Zelda sighed in a loss.
How to say it, Zelda knew that there would be no results, but she couldn’t help it. She felt that
Chuck Cannon had walked into her heart completely.
However, there should be no chance, but if Chuck Cannon is willing, if necessary, then she wilot refuse.
Thinking like this, Zelda felt even more lost in her heart. She stopped talking and drove to heome.

Yipintang is a very famous restaurant, famous for its large size, like a resort.
Here, there are many relatives of Liu Meili. She specially invited her. When her daughter Zeldalled yesterday, she said she could bring her boyfriend. She was very happy. She immediatelnvited people from her family to come to dinner. Chuck Ce.
How to say, the two are living together, should consider getting married.
Her relatives are rich people, especially Zelda’s cousin, but the furniture city, has assets of tens oillions.
“Auntie, this is my boyfriend…” introduced Liu Shiyu, Mo Zi’s sister.
Liu Meili was surprised. Liu Shiyu’s boyfriend was tall and handsome, and his temperament wao ordinary family.
“Good,” Liu Meili smiled.
“Well, my boyfriend started his own business, and now the company’s market value is more than
300 million.” Liu Shiyu said.
“That’s so powerful?” Liu Meili was surprised. It’s not easy to start a business that can make thompany’s market value so large.
Liu Meili’s expression made her boyfriend Han Wenqing proud, and he enjoyed the surprise others.
“Well, we are getting married next month.” Liu Shiyu smiled.
“Then congratulations,”
“Right, cousin, don’t you say she will bring her boyfriend over today?” Liu Shiyu was curious.
“Well, it will be brought over,”
“What did that cousin boyfriend do!”
“It is not clear what to do, but there is a square, he is a square owner,” Liu Meili said.
“Square boss?” Liu Shiyu was surprised. The husband her cousin was looking for was sowerful?
“That square is big?”
“Not too big.” Liu Meili said, Chuck Ce’s square is really not big, this is what she really thinks.
“It doesn’t matter how big it is, at least it’s over 100 million.”
“That’s not necessarily. If it’s not a large square, many bosses don’t make much money, and eveome people are losing money.” Han Wenqing shook his head.
Liu Meili shook her head and said it was not clear.
“Oh, I heard that someone in our city has opened a new square. It seems that it has been open foalf a year, and there are no people in it, let alone the shop is rented out. For half a year, twothirds of the shops are empty. The boss of this square will be dead.” Liu Shiyu also said.
This is true. She had a friend who opened a store in this square. They all said that the owner ohe square was going to run, and the salaries of the employees in the square could not be paiut. It was very miserable.
“That’s not necessarily, I think Zelda’s boyfriend’s square is quite profitable,” said the younoman in hot pants who had gone with Liu Meili before.
The young woman in skinny jeans also came over.
“Look, but only he knows whether he really makes money.” Liu Shiyu was unhappy. These twoung women didn’t like it very much, but they were Liu Meili’s girlfriends.
“You’ll see if you go and see for yourself.” said the young woman in tight jeans.
“So powerful, then I really want to see what my cousin boyfriend looks like,” Liu Shiyu pouted.
“Come on, Zelda is here.” said the hot young woman.
A few people looked over and found that Zelda was driving and Liu Shiyu pouted, “Well, thieems to be the first car bought by cousin, there is no car, and you have to take someone else.
The square must be dead. It’s estimated to be closed,”
Chuck Cannon and Zelda came over.
Liu Meili was happy with her two girlfriends, but Liu Shiyu saw Chuck Cannon and she shooer head.
Not as handsome as his boyfriend, and what’s wrong with this leg? It’s not easy to walk, is thahat happened last night?
It’s useless!
The man is so insane, what should I do in the future
Some other relatives also came over, saying today they came to check Zelda, but when they saw
Chuck Ce, they shook their heads.
First of all, there is no car. What is this for? And it’s not natural to walk, what was that lasight? Without money, and not strong in that respect, how can Zelda find such a boyfriend?
What kind of company employee might he be, with thousands of dollars in salary, he luckily met
This belongs to eating soft rice!
They were surprised and felt the need to remind Liu Meili or Zelda to reconsider.
“Chuck Ce, you are…” Liu Meili was shocked, and she was pleasantly surprised. Does Chuck
Ce’s soft legs mean that her daughter has good news recently?
Her two girlfriends also smiled.
“Mom, don’t think about it, Chuck Ce….” Zelda blushed. What expression did his mother have?
This is why Chuck Cannon exercised too much, okay!
“Mom is here, understand, understand… Ladies and gentlemen, this is your daughter’s boyfriend,
Chuck Ce!” Liu Meili smiled very happy.
But the frowning expression of basically all of her relatives puzzled her, what happened?
“Is this really Zelda’s boyfriend?” One of the relatives said, which is really not very good.
“Well.” Liu Meili nodded.
“Look, look, it’s not as good as Liu Shiyu’s boyfriend. You see that Liu Siyu’s boyfriend started ompany. The strength is very good, and Zelda’s is almost meaningless, but make it!”
“Can’t make up, how can life’s big events make up?” An aunt came over, “Zelda, what does youoyfriend do?”
“Well, ask clearly, everyone asks clearly.” Other relatives also said, after all, they like Zelda,
can’t let Zelda jump into the fire pit, the people who obviously bring them are not worthy of
Zelda. .
As relatives, they must be reminded.
“He is still a student.” Zelda said, but his tone was confident.
“What? Student?”
“No wonder the cars are gone.”
“That won’t work. It’s too young. The purpose may not be pure!”
“I don’t think it’s too good.”
Liu Meili was not happy to hear, “Although my daughter’s boyfriend is studying, he has quare.”
“Square? This is the second generation of rich?”
“It’s hard to see, will it be deceiving.”
“I think it may be that the square is not very easy to do now, and many of them are at a loss.
Zelda, what is the situation with your boyfriend’s square?” a relative asked.
“Very good.” Zelda said. She could see that there was a lot of people in the square recently,
which is a good sign.
“Good? That’s average,”
“It is estimated to be at a loss.”
Several relatives whispered about it, so there is a square at such a young age? Certainly not! Alelatives shook their heads, thinking that Liu Meili said so deliberately, just to find face for
Zelda’s boyfriend, but it also required people to believe. Seeing Chuck Ce’s appearance, they diot believe that Chuck Cannon would have a square.

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