My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 169

The entire Yipintang guests were stunned, all staring at the distant horizon, someone took ouheir mobile phones to shoot.
“Oh my god!”
“This, this is a helicopter!”
“Really, this roar is so amazing!”
“How come a helicopter suddenly came to Yipintang.”
“It is estimated that the big boss came to eat.”
These people argued that after the black spot appeared, they never looked away again.
It seemed that the wind was about to rise all around. This was the sound of a helicopter. Thuge propeller was spinning. The huge and luxurious fuselage was full of luxury. It came quicklrom far and near.
The wind blew, and the lawn in the distance seemed to surrender, close to the body, and greet thrrival of this helicopter!
The huge body shocked all the people I saw, and all the people I saw were stunned.
“This is, whose plane is this?”
“I don’t know, but I know that the cheapest such helicopters cost US$10 to US$20 million, US
dollars, my goodness!
“What? So expensive?” Someone was shocked.
“More than this, I know this helicopter, this is a R&D and production of a company in Europe,
this is Rolls-Royce in the air, the cost of a minimum of 40 million US dollars!” This person waarticularly shocked when he said this sentence. !
“Yeah, I see it too. Which big boss is here?”
The whole Yipintang was shocked. Where did they see this kind of scene, which is not seen ihe movie?
Yipintang consumption is considered the best, but I have never heard of such a rich boss cominere to spend!
Who is it?
The helicopter landed, the violent propeller stopped, and it was quiet. As long as the people whitnessed this scene were all stunned, silent!
The hatch opened, and a few people came down. The four of them wore black suits, carrying arge suitcase, and walked neatly towards a place.
“What is this for? What is in the box?”
“Who knows this, but no boss came down from it, what does that mean?”
When everyone was puzzled, they saw these four people carrying boxes and walked into thavilion, in front of a dining table.
Respectfully, unanimously, “Young Master! We have delivered what you want!”
The sound is as loud as Hong Zhong!
Make everyone stunned, what? Master? ?
“I haven’t seen it, but the helicopters are all dispatched. Can such a person be known to us?”
These people shook their heads, the tone was still shocked!
On the table, all relatives of Zelda looked silly.
They were just surprised whose helicopter came over? However, these people came down, anctually came to Chuck Ce, called young master? ?
Liu Meili was dumbfounded, what’s going on?
Her two girlfriends also saw their jaws fall off. Isn’t Chuck Cannon only one square?
Zelda has been stunned. At this time, she has too many questions. Chuck Ce, what is youackground? ?
Liu Shiyu and Han Wenqing stared at each other as if they were bronze bells. They were moshocked!
Han Wenqing, in particular, was completely dumbfounded. What other means of transportatioid he say… this? ?
“This is what I mean by transportation.” Chuck Cannon looked at Han Wenqing.
Han Wenqing was completely speechless. He felt as if he had eaten a bitter lotus and wapeechless. He raised his hand and shivered, “You, how did you get the helicopter?”
He knows that this helicopter is only available in private order. Forty or fifty million yuan, morhan his entire net worth. This shock and shock to him is undoubtedly a row of mountains anivers!
“Just call,” Chuck Cannon said.
Han Wenqing was dumbfounded, just a phone call? So simple?
The relatives on the table were completely dumbfounded and could call the helicopter over hone. This is, is it true that he is the square owner?
But Han Wenqing didn’t say that, did he? The owner of the city square has other people!
“You, the square is not yours, how could you call the helicopter to come?” Han Wenqing firsecovered.
“I will inform you when I take the square?” Chuck Cannon calmly.
Han Wenqing calmed down, as if he had been punched in the face, blushing and ashamed!
Liu Shiyu looked at Chuck Cannon indifferently. Could it be that he is really the boss of thquare?
“Lying trough, hang up! Is this the guy who owns this helicopter?”
“Sure, everyone who came down called him Master! This must be the second generation of supeich!”
“Dare you call him that?”
The people who saw this scene in Yipintang seemed to have a dream. Is it true that they arating in the same place with such a rich person today?
“Master, the cook who made this dish hasn’t come yet, he should be coming soon,” one of theaid respectfully.
Chuck Cannon nodded, “Open me and see.”
Four people opened the box, there were many ice cubes, there was a fish with arm length, thcales were all pale gold, and it looked like five or six pounds!
“Fuck! Yellow-lipped fish, five or six pounds of yellow-lipped fish! My mother, this one is aeast seven or eighty thousand!”
“Mom, so expensive? Is a fish so expensive?”
Others were shocked.
The relatives on the table were completely dumbfounded, Liu Mei was at a loss, really a yellowlip fish.
“Yes, I’m blessed. I’m blessed today. I haven’t eaten yellow-lip fish in my life!”
“Haha, this is all thanks to Zelda’s boyfriend!”
“Without him, I have never seen a yellow-lip fish!”
Relatives laughed and liked Chuck Ce. At such a moment, Chuck Ce’s impression in their hearthanged, and it was difficult to change it.
Liu Meili is happy, this son-in-law is really good!
Han Wenqing was terrified. He really called for a yellow-lip fish!
“What’s this?” Zelda pointed at a box next to the yellow-lip fish suspiciously.
“This fish gelatin, the fish belly of the yellow-lip fish, has been stored in the fish gelatin afteecades of natural drying,” one of them said.
Zelda froze, “Fish glue? Here, how much is this?”
“Just three catties.”
“Zelda, you are so surprised, is this fish glue expensive?” a relative asked.
“Aunt, this yellow-lipped fish glue has been stored for decades, at least 300,000 pounds, that io say, 900,000 here, plus this yellow-lip fish, Chuck Cannon gave We added more than onillion dishes.” Zelda couldn’t suppress his surprise.
too expensive!
“Ah? My mother, so expensive?”
Relatives on the seat were dumbfounded again, and they added more food for one million? ?
Han Wenqing’s face was pale, he thought that the red wine he brought was enough to make hiave a face, but the dishes added by others, he can buy him several bottles…
He felt particularly ashamed!
“Zelda, is this true?” Liu Meili shivered, and her two girlfriends were shocked. Yujiao, sxpensive, beauty…
“Well, how could I make a mistake in the restaurant?” Zelda shook her head, she looked at
Chuck Ce, “Chuck Ce, your dish is too expensive.”
“It’s not expensive, it’s not expensive, everyone should have a good meal,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Master, the chef who made these two dishes is here,” one of them said.
All relatives on the table looked at it.
At this time, the onlookers discussed again, because a Mercedes-Benz opened outside and thoor opened, and a man wearing a chef’s clothes ran over in a hurry.
“This is, this is the kitchen king for the people!”
“It’s really him, why is he here? Is it cooking for this young master?”
“Sure, but I have heard that Chef Wang cooks a dish, that is, an egg fried rice will cost 10,000
bowls, and you can’t eat it if you have money. Now come here, how much money do you have tay to come over! ”
These people have been completely shocked, how could they think that Chef King will appeaere?
The boss of Yipintang was shocked. He just heard that there was a helicopter, so he came out,
but when he saw the chef king, he must find the past to greet him. The chef king arrived, this iffirmation of him!
“Chef, I…” The boss walked over to greet him.
The chef king shook his head, “Boss Tan, I’m sorry. I’m in a hurry. I have something to tell mater. Also, I’ll use your kitchen later!”
He said that he had crossed over to the boss. The boss of Yipintang was dumbfounded. Iomething wrong? ? what’s up? Also use the kitchen?
Under the attention of everyone in the audience, Chef Wang walked up to Chuck Ce, “Sorry, thraffic jam was late, how do you prepare me for these two dishes?”

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