My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 171

Of course Chuck Cannon knew what Zelda meant. He was not a fool. Zelda agreed to touch heonight.
Instead of just using hands.
Chuck Cannon immediately struggled and struggled.
Zelda’s body is hot, Chuck Cannon admitted, especially when Chuck Cannon met her, she waery clear about this.
Plus Zelda helped him twice.
If this is an ordinary good friend and a good “girlfriend” with Zelda, Chuck Cannon doesn’elieve it himself. Since the first time in the car, the two are not purely male and female friends.
Because the red line crossed the two.
And it spanned twice.
Although there is no final step, it is not an ordinary man or woman.
When Chuck Cannon dreamed that night, he had fantasized about Zelda, and had fantasizeeveral times, Chuck Cannon admitted.
With the help of two times, in fact, Chuck Cannon could have directly pulled Zelda to domething anywhere, she would not refuse.
In the room now, in the room, Zelda summoned up the courage to say this. Chuck Cannon noeeds nothing to say, just walk over and you can see a body comparable to Yvette Jordan’s body,
Just walk over, and not just look at…
But in what capacity did Chuck Cannon walk past and see her in what capacity? Even that kinf thing?
These two identities can indeed allow Chuck Cannon to do that kind of thing, but is it?
Chuck Cannon denied that it was neither. Chuck Cexin is now Yvette Jordan, and his wife is
Yvette Jordan.
So do it as a good friend? indulgence? That partner?
Chuck Cannon couldn’t do it.
Now Chuck Cannon clearly sees that Zelda, who insisted on bachelorism before, has a feelinor herself. It is a feeling between men and women. If it breaks through the final boundary, it wile unclear and unclear.
Zelda bit her lip, “Chuck Ce, you don’t have to have any psychological pressure. I didn’t say whaou did to me. I’m pestering you. I won’t do that. It’s just that the ground is cold and you and I
sleep. The bed is better. If you want to do anything, I will cooperate. One night is one night.
Wake up tomorrow morning, you and I can just put on clothes separately. You can still call me
“Zi Yijie”,…”
Chuck Cannon was a little distressed about Zelda. Of course, Chuck Cannon knew that Zeldouldn’t be entangled with herself. Do it as if nothing happened.
She is not such a person, but the more this is, the more difficult it is for Chuck Cannon to toucer. I feel sorry for her, and it is definitely not Yvette Jordan.
In addition, he really did not have that idea at that time. What he is thinking now is Yvette
Jordan, what car to buy Yvette Jordan tomorrow.
“Sister Zelda.” Chuck Cannon came over, “we, do nothing, lie in bed and go to bed.”
Zelda sighed in his heart, “Well, I will take a shower.”
“Don’t, say goodbye today,” Chuck Cannon pulled her, he didn’t want Zelda to do this. It waarticularly tempting to take the beauty out of the bath. In case he saw something, he diomething impulsively, Chuck Cehui regrettable.
“Why?” Zelda asked.
“Sister Zelda, you know.”
“I don’t know, I want you to say it,”
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, “Zelda, you have a good figure, in case I get out of the bath, I
Chuck Cannon couldn’t talk anymore, Zelda felt comforted. Fortunately, he was still interested iis own body, but no matter what, he was defending Yvette Jordan like a jade… Zelda felt no.
Feel good.
“Just sleep like this,” Chuck Cannon said, and fell asleep.
Zelda smiled, “Okay, but I will be smelly, if I don’t take a shower.”
“No.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, kidding? How fragrant is Zelda?
Zelda lay down and lay beside Chuck Ce, the two looked at the ceiling like wood.
“Actually, if you don’t touch me, you can indulge, for example, like the last two times,” Zeldaid.
“Don’t say it,” Chuck Cannon closed her eyes, of course she understood what she meant, but thias cheating.
“Okay, just say what you want, it won’t make you psychologically stressful,”
“Well, sleep, sister Zelda.”
Both closed their eyes.
Outside the room, Liu Meili and the three of them listened.
“How come there is no movement, how to get pregnant without movement?” the young woman tight jeans whispered.
“What if Zelda’s child can’t let go? Forget it, the few of us are too bored. Listening to these, shnew that I am a fucking mother.” Liu Meili shook her head.
She has listened for a long time, and there is no such sound that people who come here canderstand. She is also anxious. Is it too tired to drive over? ?
“Also, Zelda’s figure is so good. Chuck Ce’s child is probably unable to carry it. Forget it. Nohat we can worry about it. Let’s go to the movies,” said the young woman in hot pants.
“Well.” The three women went to the room to chat and watch movies.
In the room, Chuck Cannon suffered.
He is a normal man, and there is a big beautiful woman lying beside him. Where can he sleep? Iurns to the middle of the night before he sleeps confusedly, and when he sleeps until ten o’clocn the morning, Zelda wakes up early When she came, she lay in Chuck Ce’s arms, her eyelosed sweetly and she continued to sleep.
Although Chuck Cannon didn’t do anything last night and disappointed her, but there waothing. Afterwards, when she had a chance, she thought to herself, when Chuck Ze wants tleep, she will follow…

Yvette Jordan looked at the time and it was 11 o’clock in the morning. Why didn’t Chuck Cannoome? She was excited last night for one night. Her husband was going to buy a car for herself.
She was very happy. She got up early in the morning and almost changed the clothes in thloset. She was particularly nervous. Is this the first time they are dating? ?
But more than seven o’clock, more than eight o’clock, until now more than eleven o’clock, Chuck
Cannon didn’t come over, Yvette Jordan lost, “Husband, what are you doing?”
She particularly wanted to call Chuck Ce, but what did she say? What if Chuck Cannon forgot? I
haven’t come over now, I should have forgotten.
Yvette Jordan was wronged. She looked at her carefully dressed in the mirror. She sighed. Sincer husband forgot, then it will be fine tomorrow. She left the room and went to the company bus, but passed a Volkswagen 4s store. She especially wanted to go in.
Will Chuck Cannon wait for himself inside and want to surprise himself? Yvette Jordan came uith this idea, and she couldn’t wait to get off at the next station. She walked in nervously, buhe looked around and didn’t see Chuck Ce.
Alas, her husband doesn’t know what car he bought, how could he wait for himself here?
Yvette Jordan was disappointed. She was ready to go out. What was the point of seeing the calone? But this time, the salesman came over, “beauty, are you looking at the car?”
Yvette Jordan shook his head without Chuck Cannon beside her, she didn’t want to stay here.
“Beauty, you can take a look first. Our store is doing promotion now. You can check it out anhink about it better.” The salesperson smiled and Yvette Jordan was wearing well. Although ias not a famous brand, there should be consumption Everyone came in. How could she let
Yvette Jordan leave like this?
“Look at it, so you can determine what kind of car you want,”
Yvette Jordan was silent. She looked at the Jetta at the door. She was looking at this car. Morhan 80,000 can be done. She nodded and walked over to sit in and feel that it was indeed good.
Save money for your husband, but when will your husband come?
Yvette Jordan looked at the mobile phone, especially wanted to see Chuck Cannon call, but no.
The salesperson frowned, and actually looked away. She thought that Yvette Jordan would loot other models of more than 200,000. At least I should look at Lingdu and the like, but I didn’xpect to look at the cheapest, it seems that she There is no money, it was not a famous brand,
and now it is estimated that it is to spread the goods.
Buy a car, it is estimated that it is still borrowed money.
The salesperson was a little unhappy, but he walked over to see if he could push other models.
“Beauty, what do you think of this car?”
“pretty good.”
“This car is good, but it’s not suitable for girls to drive, or I will introduce one to you, it won’t, iill be less than two hundred thousand when you come down together, and you have a face anood drive.” The salesperson smiled Said.
Yvette Jordan shook his head, “No, I’m looking at this car, please introduce it to me first,”
The salesman whispered in his heart!

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