My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 172

The salesperson despised Yvette Jordan well before he started to introduce it to Yvette Jordan,
and the introduction was not serious.
“Beauty, I don’t think so. We have zero down payment instalments here. Or will I introduce yo car that matches your temperament? The most important thing for our women to drive is thahe temperament matches. Look at that car. The Tiguan is pretty good. Many beautiful womeuy this car. They have a lot of space and power. The key is safety, and there is no dowayment. It’s more cost-effective.” The salesperson said with a smile.
“No, I’m looking at this car,” Yvette Jordan shook her head. When she used her mobile phone tee the car, she looked at Tiguan, but it cost more than 200,000 yuan, which is too expensive.
This will make Chuck Cannon very difficult to do. In case he doesn’t have so much money, has to ask Zelda or other women?
Yvette Jordan didn’t want to do this. This car was worth more than 80,000 yuan, enough.
The salesperson is not happy, “You think about it again, zero down payment! Only a fehousand yuan per month in installments, which is more cost-effective?”
“Thank you, I really don’t need it.” Yvette Jordan refused. Anyway, she looked at the car mornd more pleasingly. Although it was inferior to her previous car, it was bought by her husband,
not the price.
“Okay, how are you looking at that beauty?” the salesperson said contemptuously, scolding
Yvette Jordan’s ancestors all over again.
What kind of car is really what kind of person, you only have to drive such a car in your life.
“Well, if you can, let me pay the deposit today.”
Yvette Jordan shook her head. She was ready to go, so she came over and looked at the 80,000
yuan she could afford. The 500,000 of the WeChat “local tyrant” had been confiscated aneturned to the card, but she didn’t intend to pay for the money. If you move, you must return io the “local tyrant”
But let Chuck Cannon know that his deposit has come out, he will be unhappy, Yvette Jordaoes not want this.
“Thank you, I should be here tomorrow,” Yvette Jordan came out of the car.
The salesperson is even more unhappy, cursing in his heart
Ok? Can Nima! ! Why can’t you pay the deposit? Your mother fucks me!
“Beauty, let’s get started if you’re fancy. This is a current car. Start late. If someone is preempted,
you have to wait a few days. Why not? After all, it’s something I like.”
“Thank you, I will come to see with my husband tomorrow, thank you, I will come over and finou tomorrow,” Yvette Jordan smiled.
“Okay.” The salesperson turned to be too lazy to confide in Yvette Jordan. She whispered, “Poohost! Will you come over tomorrow? What the hell are you doing?”
Yvette Jordan heard these two words and frowned.
She was about to leave, but when she saw something on the salesperson’s skirt, she hesitated temind, “Beauty, you…”
“What am I? Having said that, you don’t pay your deposit. Which one do you think is good? I
have seen more of you like you, are you too expensive? Then what are you doing? Go and buy an next door, three More than 10,000 will be done.” The salesperson said despisingly.
Yvette Jordan sighed, she just wanted to remind the salesman that there was something on thkirt, which had no other meaning, “I mean you…”
“What else do you want to say? I still want to pretend that the sky will come to me? You shoulheat the child like this.” The salesman sneered. “And you don’t come, 80,000 cars, our store iot lacking. You, this one, are mostly bought by people.”
Yvette Jordan is particularly angry, why is this salesperson so unreasonable? She didn’t want te misunderstood. She walked over and reached for her skirt, which was just a piece of paper,
but paper with tape.
“What do you want to do? Still want to do it? Grass mud horse!” The salesperson raised his hannd slapped Yvette Jordan.
With a snap, the employees in the 4s store and some other customers who saw the car came over.
Yvette Jordan didn’t expect it to happen at all. She just intended to take off the paper and let heook away. She was stunned. The hot pain on her face made Yvette Jordan feel aggrievemmediately.
“I…” Yvette Jordan bit his lip.
“What am I? Can’t afford it, and want to come over and beat me, right? Want to do it? Where arou when we are here? Husband, someone wants to beat me!!!” The salesperson sneered, helled, a body The man in a suit came out with a frown, this is the manager of this shop.
He stared at Yvette Jordan, “What are you doing?”
“I do not have……”
“You still quibble! Husband, I told her just now, she felt too expensive, and suddenly came oveo hit me, all the colleagues nearby saw it.” The salesman said coldly.
“I don’t, I am…” Yvette Jordan explained.
“You don’t have anything? What are you doing next to me? If it wasn’t that I discovered youotive in advance, did you still want to stab me with a knife?” The salesperson was annoyed.
The manager’s face is ugly, his wife is so angry, it must be the woman’s fault, looks good,
actually so vicious? ?
“Why is there such a lack of quality? If you don’t buy it, why don’t you buy it?”
“That is, this kind of woman, it looks like a third, it is estimated that it is usually beaten by men,
who come in and think about us.”
“So vicious! Xiaohua is pregnant, this woman is too vicious.”
The nearby salesman came and pointed.
The mocking, angry voice made Yvette Jordan’s face grow red and red, and tears were swirlinn his eyes.
“Not too fast!” the salesperson scolded, “I tell you, I’m pregnant. If you touch me, if my baby hahree or two shorts, you can’t pay enough for selling!”
“Please go out!” The manager sneered. He finally got his wife pregnant. It’s awful to meet such icious woman today!
“I didn’t hit her just now, I saw…” Yvette Jordan explained.
“Look at your mother. Say it!” The salesperson was annoyed, staring at Yvette Jordan and slap
Yvette Jordan.
Yvette Jordan was beaten without paying attention, but now he is paying attention, and of coursrabbed her wrist, “You are sick, I don’t want to hit you, I saw you on your skirt…”
“Let go, beat my wife, and I kicked you!” The manager came kicking with roar, Yvette Jordaell on the ground without paying attention, his stomach hurt, and the place where he was beateast time was kicked, it hurts.
Yvette Jordan bit her lip and climbed up. At this moment, she wanted to cry, but she couldn’t,
absolutely not!
“Wife, are you okay?” The manager comforted, fearing his wife was in trouble.
“Her husband, she just scratched my hand, it hurts, it hurts.” The salesperson croaked a feimes.
“It’s okay, the grass is muddy!” The manager came over and pushed Yvette Jordan out. “If yoon’t look at you as a woman, I will kick you and get off!!”
How could Yvette Jordan be a man’s opponent? She was pushed to the ground, her high heelere broken, and she was in pain.
The fiery pain left on her face made her grind her teeth and get up, not crying, absolutely not.
“Come on, don’t come, we don’t welcome you such a vicious woman!” said the othealesperson.
“Not yet!” the manager scolded!
Yvette Jordan came limping and she came to tell these people that she didn’t want to beat her.
“Her husband, look, she still wants to hit us your baby, why is she so bad?” The salespersoated.
The manager kicked angrily, Yvette Jordan fell to the ground with her stomach covered, tearwirling in her eyes, holding back, she bit her lip. “I didn’t hit her. There was paper on her skirt. I
remind her… ”
“Paper? Your mother is so kind?” The salesperson sneered. She saw that there was paper on hekirt, but she didn’t believe that Yvette Jordan was close to herself for this. It must have beennoyed just now, and came to beat herself, thanking herself Be alert, otherwise your baby wile in trouble.
“Nonsense, this is an excuse, this woman is too vicious, fuck!”
“Hurry her away!” The other salesperson was angry, how could this be? It’s terrible, just look fohe reason!
“I really…” Yvette Jordan said.
The salesperson couldn’t hear it anymore, and he kicked over, “Get out of Nima’s!!”
She gave a slap, Yvette Jordan couldn’t hide, she fell to the ground, at this moment she waarticularly wronged, the pain made her unable to bear, husband, where are you?
Yvette Jordan shed tears.

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