My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 174

Chuck Cannon sighed. The day before yesterday, he vowed to buy Yvette Jordan a car today, bue slept too late last night, which caused him to feel it was two o’clock in the afternoon.
Yvette Jordan, who was looking forward to it, should be particularly disappointed. He deceiveer. He promised that it was today, but he failed to do so, and now he did not take the initiativo contact her. Chuck Cannon was anxious, hoping to go back immediately.
But what’s the use of going back? Even if Chuck Cannon goes back now, he can’t buy it today.
Yvette Jordan’s loss is still there.
Looking at his mobile phone, there is no missed call, Yvette Jordan’s character is like this, wilut his grievances in his heart, Chuck Cannon sighed, “Sister Zelda, I will make a call first…”
“Okay,” Zelda nodded.
She opened the door and went out. It was her mother Liu Meili outside. She saw her daughter’air is disheveled, and she looks very good. Was it fierce last night?
She is coming here, of course, she knows why the woman looks good after a night.
She smiled, “Daughter, did you sleep well last night?”
“Well, very good.” Zelda sat down and took a sip of the milk on the table.
“Daughter, the mother who is married or not will not urge you, but when will she give her a hug?
It is acceptable for a pregnant mother to be unmarried.” Liu Meili said with a smile.
Zelda’s face is unnatural, having a baby? This also requires Chuck Cannon to touch himself, and
Chuck Cannon can only give birth after agreeing?
In this situation, how can Chuck Cannon touch himself? Even if you touch it, you can’t geregnant overnight.
She didn’t want to hold the child to threaten Chuck Ce, so it didn’t mean anything, and it didn’ake sense.
Alas, my mother really broke her heart for her own business.
“Mom, do you say these are appropriate? Chuck Cannon is still a college student.” Zelda canly say that.
“What happened to college students? How many college students got pregnant when they wertudying? Now the times are different, daughter, you have to follow the times.” Liu Meili bitterlaid.
Zelda was helpless.
Liu Meili sighed, “Daughter, you will be 31 years old in a few days. Have you ever thoughbout your age? You should have a baby. This is the most important thing a woman should do ier life.”
“Mom.” Zelda sighed in her heart. She looked into the room. He should be calling Yvette Jordan.
Liu Meili was helpless, she said, “Daughter, you have to work hard, Chuck Cannon is young,
you two have been together for so long, you should be pregnant, work hard!”
Zelda smiled bitterly, Chuck Cannon didn’t touch himself. What’s the use of trying?
in the room.
Chuck Cannon called Yvette Jordan’s phone, and Chuck Cannon was relieved. “My wife, I’orry, I said I accompanied you to see the car today, but…”
“Her husband, all right.”
Chuck Cexin felt even more guilty in his heart. He could hear Yvette Jordan’s voice weak, whicas definitely the reason for his disappointment.
Alas, what did you do!
Has it finally eased with Yvette Jordan, are you still dying now?
“Wife, are you in the company? I’ll go find you at night.” Chuck Cannon said.
“No, I went to the city next door to discuss business, and I will come back tomorrow.” Yvette
Jordan shed tears in the room.
She was slapped with two slaps and her face hadn’t swelled. If Chuck Cannon was allowed to seer like this, Yvette Jordan would collapse.
I am so ugly, how can my husband see it?
“Well, I went out yesterday, and come back tonight. Wife, when will you come back tomorrow, I
will pick you up, and then let’s go to the car?” Chuck Cannon was gentle.
“I…” Yvette Jordan especially wanted to cry, but he couldn’t let Chuck Cannon know.
“Wife, I’m sorry, I will definitely be downstairs at home tomorrow, and surely, my wife, yoelieve me.” Chuck Cannon was serious, he wished to appear in front of Yvette Jordammediately.
“Well, husband, I believe you, don’t say it, husband, I’m going to talk to others,”
“Okay, don’t get too tired.”
Hanging up the phone, Yvette Jordan cried, her grievances vented at this time, she wiped awaer tears, hugged her knees, and quietly looked at the empty house, but the tears came out likhis, She was happy. She was happy when she received a call from Chuck Ce. He heard Chuck
Cannon promised to drive herself tomorrow. She was happy, but what happened today made herong…
My husband did not forget, but something was delayed, my husband is still around.

Chuck Cannon came out of the room, he didn’t want to stay here anymore, he wanted to go bacmmediately.
But I saw Zelda waiting for him at the dining table. Chuck Cannon can only go by. At least thiask must be completed. Chuck Cannon ate in the past.
Liu Meili stayed, but Chuck Cannon said something really happened. Liu Meili had no choicut to be careful when driving on the road, and then the two went downstairs.
Chuck Cannon drove. He wanted to go back quickly. Zelda sat next to it, and the car was quielong the way.
Go downstairs.
“Thank you this time.” Zelda said softly.
“It’s okay, Zelda, I will drive this car for a few more days.” Chuck Cannon now wants to go the community where Yvette Jordan lives, so he can only drive this car.
“Well, just drive.” Zelda opened the door and came down.
Chuck Cannon said thank you. He drove to where Yvette Jordan lived. What if she came baconight?
Zelda looked at the selected Chuck Ce. She was silent, sighed, went upstairs, and went home.
She was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling dullly, and watching…
Suddenly Zelda felt that her eyes were wet, why did she cry?

Chuck Cannon drove down to Yvette Jordan’s building. It was already more than 9 o’clock in thvening. He opened the door and went straight to Yvette Jordan’s door. He hesitated and knocken the door. He didn’t intend to knock on the door, but he wanted to try if Yvette Jordan was nohere. After knocking on the door, no one responded, but Chuck Cannon heard a voice inside,
Chuck Cannon was surprised, and Yvette Jordan came back.
“My wife, it’s me,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Her husband is you? Wait a minute, wait a minute…” Yvette Jordan, who had been in a daze,
was surprised. He immediately got up and smeared his face with the foundation. It was alreadwollen, but the face was still red.
Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, and soon the door opened. It was Yvette Jordan. Whehe saw Chuck Ce, she felt wronged again, her eyes blurred unconsciously, “Her…”
Chuck Cannon smiled and walked in and closed the door. It felt good to see Yvette Jordan. Thwo of them sat down on the sofa, but Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan’s shoes and brokt? Chuck Cannon was surprised.
“Wife, are your shoes broken?”
“Ah? Well, I accidentally walked off.” Yvette Jordan said.
“Have you eaten? Let’s go to dinner,” Chuck Cannon said. Although Yvette Jordan had juseturned, he must have eaten, but it would be nice to have some supper.
“No more.”
“Um…wife, can I hug you? Rest assured, I will hug, nothing…wife you.” Chuck Cannon waurprised.
Because Yvette Jordan took the initiative to post it, leaning his face against his chest, it waarticularly quiet, and Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised. This must be that Yvette Jordaidn’t see himself all night, so he missed himself.
“My husband…sleep, I’m sleepy,” Yvette Jordan said, closing Chuck Ce’s eyes and listening tis heartbeat.
“Well, hey, how is your wife blushing?” Chuck Cannon couldn’t help but touch it, Yvette
Jordan’s eyes jumped, “No, sleep.”
Chuck Cannon smiled, hugged Yvette Jordan, and closed his eyes, his heart was so stable…
This night passed like this, Chuck Cannon slept soundly, but found that there were tears on hihest clothes, Chuck Cannon was surprised, why did Yvette Jordan cry last night? why cry?
Chuck Cannon shook his head, it was probably a nightmare.
Yvette Jordan had already returned to the room to change clothes. Chuck Cannon cleaned uasually, thinking that he would call his mother and call for money to buy a car for Yvette
Will you go to the BMW store or the Mercedes-Benz store first? BMW has it, so buy a Mercedeor Yvette Jordan.
You can usually drive it to feel the comfort of Mercedes-Benz.
Yvette Jordan made breakfast, the two ate downstairs, Chuck Cannon drove Yvette Jordan to thilace to buy a car, what Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen are here, and they are all next tach other, it is estimated that they are the same A boss.
“Wife, I’ll buy you a Mercedes-Benz today.” Chuck Cannon said, but Yvette Jordan has beeooking at the Volkswagen store and has always looked at it like this. Does his wife want to buy

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