My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 175

Chuck Cannon yelled, he was going to buy Yvette Jordan for Mercedes-Benz, but what did
Yvette Jordan stare at the Volkswagen store? Want to buy the public?
Yvette Jordan came back, “Yes, husband.”
“Don’t look at the public, let’s go to see Mercedes-Benz,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Benz?” Yvette Jordan was scared. Mercedes-Benz was about 300,000 cheapest, which was toxpensive.
She had been thinking about what happened yesterday when she got on the bus. In a trance, shid not find Chuck Cannon actually brought her here.
“No husband, no buying, no buying, okay?” Yvette Jordan shook his head.
“No, I must buy it today!” Chuck Cannon is serious and serious. Yvette Jordan’s temperamenust buy Mercedes-Benz!
“But, my husband, Mercedes-Benz is too expensive.” Yvette Jordan was moved and worried.
How to buy such an expensive car!
“Don’t worry, wife, I have already told you, I am the second generation of rich,” Chuck Cannomiled.
Although my mom said to herself last time, don’t tell her about her return for a while. After thom sees Yvette Jordan, she will take the initiative to meet Yvette Jordan.
But in order not to worry about Yvette Jordan, Chuck Cannon will not talk about his mother, bue can also say that he is a rich second generation, let Yvette Jordan not save money for himself.
Yvette Jordan was particularly moved, but she shook her head. She knew clearly that Chuck
Cannon was not a rich second generation. He said this just to comfort himself.
“Let’s go, wife, let’s take a look first.” Chuck Cannon got out of the car with a smile.
Yvette Jordan hesitated, so expensive, she didn’t want to make Chuck Cannon so embarrassed,
what if he used all the money he had made recently?
But Chuck Cannon like this, Yvette Jordan can’t refuse, she can only look at it first, she can dt, don’t buy it, don’t agree to buy it, then her husband will definitely take himself to the car, anhen buy a domestic car. Too.
With a decision in mind, Yvette Jordan got out of the car, but the Volkswagen store and the
Mercedes-Benz store that came yesterday were next door, making Yvette Jordan a little worried,
that she was seen by the woman yesterday, and she walked beside Chuck Cannon and waappy. Ah, my wife is so close to herself.
“Wife, you smell so good,” Chuck Cannon said.
Yvette Jordan blushed, “Her husband, stop talking,”
What is he thinking about? How embarrassed was it being heard?
Chuck Cannon smiled and the two walked in. Yvette Jordan was surprised. Chuck Cannontered this place without any stage fright. He really changed too much.
Yvette Jordan was settled down. She knew that Chuck Cannon really wanted to buy MercedesBenz for herself. She was moved, but it was too expensive. Chuck Cannon was younger thaerself. How could he let him buy such expensive things for himself?

“Huh, did you see her husband? Why did that woman with pen come over yesterday again?” Thalesman standing at the door chatting with her husband was surprised.
The manager also saw it. He thought it was wrong, “She dared to come over and entered the
Mercedes-Benz store next door. She wasn’t beaten enough! Can you afford it?”
“I can’t afford it. I can’t afford a tens of thousands of Jettas. Want to buy a Mercedes? It’s almoshe same as buying a toy car. The key is that this woman has a man and only drives Buick, shit,
two. All are stupid.” The salesperson felt particularly sick, how could there be such a person?
“It’s estimated that I went to rub the rice, didn’t it come to the meal?” The manager shook hiead, he could see at a glance that the man brought by this woman, so young, must have noney, rich second generation? Even more impossible, there are rich second-generation Kick
At least they are sports cars! Such people have confidence to enter the Mercedes-Benz store? Eahe bear heart leopard gall? ?
“It’s disgusting. I have to rub a meal and become so hungry? Isn’t her mother going to eat?” Thalesperson felt too disgusting. How could there be such a person? Came yesterday, but alsame to rub the rice? Sure!
Fortunately, she had taken her apart, otherwise the woman would eat here, she would be sick fo month.
“Husband, let’s take a look in the past,” the salesperson continued.
“Yeah.” The manager nodded. Anyway, the stores here are owned by a boss. Usually, a fetores can come and go occasionally.
The two walked back, preparing to enter the Mercedes-Benz store from the back. Thalesperson sneered. Yesterday, they didn’t get upset. Looking for opportunities today, they slaou again!

Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan walked in. Chuck Cannon heard several employees laughing,
as if talking about something.
“Hello, have you heard? There was a female trouble in the public shop next door yesterday,”
“I heard that the little flower next door was almost beaten, and I heard that this woman alspecializes in the belly of the little flower, but she was pregnant. Fortunately, her husband camut and slapped the woman a few times, otherwise the little flower might be miscarried. ”
“Really? Such a malicious woman?”
“Yeah, I didn’t believe it yesterday, shh, a guest came, and I went to reception,”
A beautiful salesperson came over, and Chuck Cannon was a little curious when she heard whahe said just now. What happened next day next door?
“Welcome, are the two looking at the car?” the beautiful salesperson asked with a smile.
“Well, yes, what were you talking about?” Chuck Cannon was curious.
“Oh. It’s like this. Next door, a woman couldn’t afford a car yesterday. She was so angry that shanted to hit the salesperson. She also hit the salesperson’s stomach. Know that thalesperson’s stomach is pregnant. Everyone It’s a woman, she’s a bit vicious.” The beautalesperson sighed.
Yvette Jordan lowered his head, bitter in his heart, he didn’t hit anyone, really didn’t, she wanteo leave here immediately.
“That’s it?” Chuck Cannon thought, “What happened to this woman in the end?”
“It was kicked a few feet, and left sullenly,” said the beautiful salesperson.
Chuck Cannon nodded, “Well, can you help me introduce a few cars, my wife drives it.”
“No problem, what is your approximate price?” the beautiful salesperson asked with a smile.
“It looks like my wife likes it,” Chuck Cannon thought it was nothing, as long as Yvette Jordaiked it, Maybach. Rolls-Royce, Chuck Cannon will also buy her.
The beauty salesperson was pleasantly surprised. This is a big customer. She smiled at Yvette
Jordan, “Then you two please.”
“Wife, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck Cannon was surprised because Yvette Jordan lowered hiead and didn’t move.
Yvette Jordan raised his head and his eyes were red, “Husband, let’s go, don’t buy it, OK?”
Chuck Cannon sighed, “Don’t worry, look first.”
He came to hug Yvette Jordan, what happened? Yvette Jordan was so wrong?
“En.” Yvette Jordan endured not letting himself cry.
The two followed the beautiful salesperson to a Mercedes-Benz car, “This is a Mercedes-Benz
C-Class, which is more suitable for ladies to drive…”
She started to introduce, Chuck Cannon felt good. He had already gotten in with Yvette Jordan.
Yvette Jordan was very handsome when he drove this car. “Wife, this car is good.”
“But, it’s too expensive,” Yvette Jordan shook his head, but the car cost 400,000. She planned tuy 70,000 or 80,000 cars. Now that there are so many, she can’t accept it.
The car is beautiful, but it is too expensive.
“It’s okay, I have money.” This car was bought casually, and I would call my mother later. It waeally bought casually.
“Farewell, let’s go to see the other ones. Husband, I don’t like this car. Isn’t it good to see othenes?” Yvette Jordan prayed.
Chuck Cannon sighed, “Okay, go see other…beauty, sorry, my wife doesn’t like it very much.”
“It’s okay,” the beauty salesperson smiled. Yvette Jordan said what she heard. This is to savoney for her man. Such a woman is good.
Chuck Cannon took Yvette Jordan out. Since Yvette Jordan didn’t want Mercedes-Benz, BMW
wouldn’t want it, so buy Volkswagen? You can also, Chuck Cannon is going to take Yvette
Jordan to the public shop next door, but at this time, a yin and yang strange voice sounded,
“Xiaojun, she fancy this car?”
“No.” The beautiful salesperson shook her head.
“Of course not. She went to our Volkswagen store yesterday. She couldn’t afford a Jetta of
70,000 or 80. You still expect her to buy a Mercedes-Benz?” The salesman who walked in froehind sneered.
Yvette Jordan bit his lip, “Her husband, let’s go.”
Chuck Cannon gave this salesperson an unexpected look. Did Yvette Jordan go to the caesterday?
“Is she the woman who beat you yesterday?” The beauty salesperson was so surprised.
“It’s her, you can be careful. She has a bad heart. She can’t beat her if she doesn’t have money tuy a car.” The salesperson disdained, she continued irritably, “I slapped her a few timeesterday, she didn’t Long memory comes here again, of course I have to come over and piercer…”

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