My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 176

“what did you say?”
Chuck Cannon heard the salesperson’s flowers and suddenly his face cooled down. So Yvette
Jordan came to see the car yesterday, but was beaten?
Chuck Cannon remembered it, no wonder when he touched Yvette Jordan’s face last night, hound that it was a bit different from usual, and it turned out that he was beaten by this woman.
Chuck Cannon instantly felt distressed because Yvette Jordan’s eyes around him were red and hiears were dim. This was a great deal of grievance.
“Don’t hear clearly? This is your wife? Huh, no matter what your relationship is, she came to sehe car yesterday, even if she didn’t see the deposit for a long time, she would beat me at the end,
you said such a woman should not fight ?” The salesperson sneered.
When she came in just now, she was really annoyed to see Yvette Jordan actually sitting in thar, and it was exactly the same as yesterday.
Chuck Ce’s fists are all clenched, how can Yvette Jordan’s character hit someone? What’s more,
just looking at the car, Yvette Jordan will never hit anyone.
This woman is bitter and mean, and is definitely bullying Yvette Jordan.
“Wife, what’s going on?” Chuck Cannon gently took Yvette Jordan’s hand and found that heears could not stop flowing. Seeing her grievances, Chuck Cannon reached out and wiped heears, Yvette Jordan silently flowed. More tears, like a broken pearl.
“Wife, speak, it’s okay, say it,” Chuck Cannon was anxious.
Yvette Jordan choked, and the grievances in his heart broke out. “Her husband, I came to see iesterday. When I was going to leave, I saw something on her skirt. I went to help take it off, buhe said I beat her. She just…”
While talking, Yvette Jordan couldn’t go any further, Chuck Cannon heard the anger soaring,
hugged her lightly, patted her shoulder to comfort, “It’s all right, all right,…”
“Let’s go, my husband, I don’t want to stay here.” Yvette Jordan said, she wiped her tears away,
feeling that she was too sick in front of Chuck Ce, she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to see herselrying.
But I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it.
I was not wrong yesterday. I didn’t touch her at all and was slapped by this woman. If it wasn’or too many people yesterday, Yvette Jordan would definitely fight her.
“Well, but…” Chuck Cannon said.
“Who are you crying for?”
The salesperson sneered, and she came over, “Pretending to be, I hate people like you the most.
They are fierce in front of others, and are charming in front of men. Who do you show them to?”
Chuck Cannon glanced at her, she really didn’t want to beat a woman, but dare to bully heife? ?
Chuck Cannon raised his hand and slammed it out!
The salesperson screamed and fell to the ground. She was shocked when she touched her swolleheek. She was beaten?
The crisp skin flicking sound made other salesmen in the Mercedes-Benz store stunned.
“Her husband, she, she is pregnant, pregnant.” Yvette Jordan was surprised, but Chuck Cannoad walked past with a cold face.
“Grass mud horse, dare to beat my wife?”
The manager ran angrily, Chuck Cannon looked at him, grabbed the chair next to it and smashet in the past. The manager didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to be so fierce, he fell down on thround, Chuck Cannon walked back and grabbed The chair is smashed!
Smash it!
what! !
The manager screamed, but this chair was iron. He couldn’t stand it when he hit him. When hot up, he was hit again by Chuck Ce. The screaming kept on, he fell down and broke his head.
“Ah, husband, are you beating my husband?” The salesperson climbed up, Chuck Cannon looket her and raised his hand!
The salesperson fell to the ground and her face was red and swollen. Where did she want Chuck
Cannon to dare to beat herself?
Chuck Cannon walked over and the salesperson scrambled up, “You’re finished with my mother,
I’m pregnant, you beat me, do you dare to beat me?”
Chuck Cannon didn’t say anything, but raised his hand.
The salesperson screamed and fell to the ground with a terrified expression, because Chuck
Cannon had come over and squatted down to grab her hair. The salesperson screamed and Chuck
Cepa slammed it out.
“Beating my wife? Are you beating my wife? You’re pregnant? Can you beat someone wheou’re pregnant?” Chuck Cannon said coldly, taking another slap. The salesman wailed anailed, “Don’t fight, please beg you beated……”
The huge Mercedes-Benz store is silent. Who would have thought that Chuck Cannon would hieople like this?
Yvette Jordan was completely stunned. This feeling of rapid heartbeat was the same as when
Chuck Cannon appeared last time in Beijing.
This man is his husband, Yvette Jordan suddenly felt lucky.
“Husband, be careful!” Yvette Jordan exclaimed, because the manager with the bleeding healimbed up from the ground and grabbed the chair to fight Chuck Ce.
Chuck Cannon will definitely be seriously injured in this fight, and Yvette Jordan ran over.
Chuck Cannon turned his head away, but after a day of boxing training, although he didn’t havctual combat, he also knew how to deal with this kind of attack.
The chair in the manager’s hand fell to the ground, covering his stomach, and he was almosainted. Chuck Cannon was surprised. Learning boxing really worked. It seems that he must ggain tomorrow.
Chuck Cannon hit him in the head with one punch and one punch. This man must have beaten
Yvette Jordan yesterday. This is the end of his wife!
The man was dying and Chuck Cannon kicked him with his feet, “Get up and apologize to mife in the past!”
“Grass mud…” The manager was angry, Chuck Cannon kicked his foot on his stomach, thanager screamed.
“Don’t fight, don’t fight, I kneel, I kneel…” The manager screamed. Chuck Cannon grabbed hilothes and dragged her to Yvette Jordan. The manager felt embarrassed, but Chuck Cannoaised Slap it with your hand.
The manager got up and knelt down, apologizing to Yvette Jordan, “I’m sorry, sorry.”
Yvette Jordan was stunned, she looked at Chuck Ce, “husband…”
The manager was slapped again by Chuck Ce, and he screamed and fell to the ground. Chuck
Cannon went to the salesperson, grabbed her hair, and dragged her over, “Ah, I’m pregnant,
Chuck Cannon slapped her, and for such a bitter and harsh person, the face was definitely okay.
“Grassy mud horse, kneel!” Chuck Cannon said coldly. The salesperson struggled, Chuck
Cannon stared at her, “Do not kneel, right? Let your mother not kneel…”
“Ah, I kneel, I kneel!”
The salesperson kowtowed Yvette Jordan for forgiveness, Yvette Jordan looked at her and bier lip.
“Go away!”
Chuck Cannon scolded, the salesperson climbed to the side in horror, she and the manager gop, the manager stared at him bitterly, and took out the intercom in his waist, “Come on, all heother came to the Mercedes-Benz store next door, and I was beaten!”
Soon more than a dozen mass salesmen ran over, and they were stunned when they saw theianager so embarrassed.
“Fight, fight for Lao Tzu!!!” The manager sneered sneerly, what can you do? I have a lot oeople!
“Fight, this pen also hit me just now, hit it, hit me tonight for dinner!” the salesperson screamed,
she was really too hot, when did you encounter such a thing? Being beaten so miserably by an.
These salesmen surrounded Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan.
Yvette Jordan grabbed Chuck Ce’s hand, “Husband.”
“Don’t be afraid.” Chuck Cannon calmed down. When he went to the boxing gym, the Dragon
King told him that when surrounded by many people, he beats one person with all his strength,
beats desperately, and hits the head with blood. Others will be scared and will retreat. Becaushese people are a crowd of people.
When you see the blood, you will be afraid.
Yvette Jordan was not afraid, but only worried that Chuck Cannon was beaten. She would bistressed. After all, Chuck Cannon and her husband slept from small to big.
“Dare to hit our manager? Don’t die!”
“Oh, I remember this woman. It was the woman who was guilty! Yesterday, fight, fighogether!”
More than a dozen salesmen were struggling, as if to siege Chuck Ce, but at this time, a louoice suddenly sounded, “What are you doing? What is her mother doing?”
Everyone stopped, looked out, and found a cold-faced man came in. This is the manager of the
Mercedes-Benz store. The employees of the Mercedes-Benz store had a bad face because thanager was going to get angry.
The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store came over, “All her mother stopped, whoeveontinued to fight, at your own risk!”
The Volkswagen manager frowned and came over and said, “Lao Wang, today…”
The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store flicked it out with a slap. The manager fell on thround with a whimper and was shocked. Others were also stunned. What happened? Whhould the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store do it?

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