My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 177

“What are you doing, Pharaoh?” The manager got up angrily from the ground, and the othealesmen who had just arrived were dumbfounded.
Both are managers. They usually have a good relationship. How come they suddenly hiomeone?
“What are you doing? Making trouble in my shop, do you still take care of it?” The MercedesBenz store manager sneered.
The manager looked ugly, indeed, he was from the shop next door, and it was indeed unruly take trouble here.
The dozen or so salespeople looked dumb at their managers, and they just stopped looking aach other.
“Lao Wang, this thing is wrong with me, but he…” Halfway through the manager’s words, he sahe Mercedes-Benz store manager suddenly smiled and walked in front of Chuck Ce, saiolitely, “Sorry, it caused you trouble, we The store apologizes, what car did you fancy? Let mntroduce you!”
The manager was surprised, what is he doing so polite to this kid?
All the salesmen at the Mercedes-Benz store were surprised. They knew that their managearely introduced the car to the guests.
Why is this happening suddenly?
Who is this young man?
Chuck Cannon was surprised. He didn’t seem to know him. Yvette Jordan was even morurprised.
“Mr. please.” Mercedes-Benz manager smiled politely.
Chuck Cannon nodded, “Wife, look at the car just now!”
Yvette Jordan bit his lip, “But, it’s too expensive…”
She really didn’t want Chuck Cannon to buy such an expensive car. She planned to get all sever eighty thousand and it would be best if she could drive it. This is her husband’s intention,
The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store smiled, “This lady is assured that both of you are upseoday. It is the fault of our store. So what car do you like? We all give you the price according the car price. What do you think?”
The employees of the Mercedes-Benz store were shocked.
The manager here looked hard, and sneered, “Give him the price of the car? He can’t afford it!”
“Yes, someone who can’t afford a Jetta, and want to buy a Mercedes?” The beaten salesman wangry and disdainful.
The Mercedes-Benz store manager glanced at both of them, “Shut up!”
“You!” The manager was angry!
“Wife, that’s not bad, or take the car you just saw,” Chuck Cannon said.
Yvette Jordan bit her lip, and Chuck Ce’s serious eyes moved her. Well, he must buy him ports car if he makes money.
“Well, listen to her husband,” Yvette Jordan whispered, especially sweet in his heart.
Chuck Cannon smiled and pulled Yvette Jordan back to the Mercedes-Benz just now, and askeow much did it cost? The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store said that it would be possible tet all 230,000 to come, and it was still high-end.
The managers here are all blue. Are you afraid of being fired by your boss at such a low price?
The salesperson sneered, even if it was so low, but can you afford it? ?
That was very cost-effective, and Chuck Cannon was satisfied, “That wife will order this car.”
“Yes.” Yvette Jordan nodded, feeling a little sad in his heart.
Chuck Cannon asked Yvette Jordan to wait a moment, she called her mother, but at this time, Lu
Youwen’s phone call came, Chuck Cannon walked aside to answer the question, Lu Youweoughly means that a director came to see the venue.
Chuck Cannon unexpectedly, the efficiency of director Erica Yannic is so fast? So, these dayre not about to start shooting?
“Yes, by the way, do you have money over there?” Chuck Cannon said.
“Of course, there are reserves in the square. Do you want money?” Lu Youwen chuckled.
“Well, call me 300,000.” Chuck Cannon thought he would buy Yvette Jordan himself. After all,
his mother still doubted Yvette Jordan.
The phone hung up, and within a minute, Chuck Cannon received the arrival information, smilend came over, took out the card, “Then swipe the card, is there a car today?”
“Yes, please wait.” The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store took the card with a smile and wenhrough the formalities. There must be a current car!
Yvette Jordan was nervous, especially nervous, just bought it? So fast, is Chuck Cannoarticularly rich now? ?
Soon, in less than five minutes, the Mercedes-Benz store manager came over and smiled, “Okay,
wait a minute, I’ve got someone to drive to the garage,”
“Okay,” Chuck Cannon took the card.
The managers and salesmen here are dumbfounded, really bought? how could it be possible?
The other salespeople in the store were also surprised, so fast!
After more than ten minutes, the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store smiled, “Yes, you twlease.”
Chuck Cannon nodded. “Wife, go see your new car.”
Yvette Jordan bit his lip, “Yes.”
She was nervous and looking forward.
The two followed the Mercedes-Benz store manager to pick up the car, and the whole procesook more than 20 minutes.
All salesmen were stunned.
“Husband, did they really buy it?” The salesperson was shocked. How could it be? A person whan’t even afford a Jetta, who drives an old Buick, can actually buy Mercedes-Benz in full?
The manager was surprised, and soon, he saw the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store cominver, “Don’t you have to work?”
The employees in the store suddenly dispersed, and the sales staff at the Volkswagen storooked at each other and walked back.
“Lao Wang, what the hell is going on? Why did you give him such a big discount?” The manageame over and asked, and the salesman followed. She was too surprised, but this is a price thao internal staff has.
“It’s very simple, this person is not easy!” The Mercedes-Benz store manager said slowly.
“Not easy? Are you kidding? Wouldn’t it be easy for him to be a Buick?” The manager frowned.
“Yeah, the woman wanted to buy more than 80,000 Jettas yesterday. She also…” The salespersourmured.
“If you know that, the man who bought the Porsche 911 just now will still think he can’t afford
Mercedes?” At this time, a man came in and it was Chuck Cannon who was the manager whought Porsche at the time.
He came over to talk to the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store and happened to see Chuck Ce,
so he told the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store that Chuck Cannon left a deep impression oer.
“What? The man bought Porsche just now?” The manager was shocked. The salesperson walso stunned, and his chin fell to the ground. They knew this manager!
He said so, indicating that the young man had just bought a Porsche!
Millions of cars in full?
“It’s good, and a BMW 7 Series top is also available in full. Do you think he can’t afford
Mercedes?” said the Porsche manager.
The manager’s face was pale, and the salesperson was stunned!
“So the two of you were very dangerous just now, such a person, just a phone call, you two wilisappear overnight.” The Mercedes-Benz store manager said.
The two of them were sitting on the ground shaking tremblingly. Those who were able to buy ar for 8 million yuan were worth at least tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions. This iot something that these little citizens can provoke, and the salesman is trembling. It’s almoscaring to pee, regretting in his head, will he find someone to clean up himself, he is pregnant,

Chuck Cekai and Zelda’s Buick followed Yvette Jordan. This Mercedes-Benz is indeed good.
Yvette Jordan likes it very much.
In the car!
Yvette Jordan held the steering wheel in her hands. This feeling was beyond description. Sheally couldn’t believe it. Chuck Cannon actually bought her such an expensive car. She liked iery much and really liked it.
She drove into the square and parked her car. Chuck Cannon followed her and parked the caext to her. The two of them got off the car. Yvette Jordan was sweet, “Her husband, thank you,”
Chuck Cannon smiled, Yvette Jordan being happy is the most important thing, a car with morhan 200,000 yuan can be bought casually.
Yvette Jordan bit his lip and felt that he should do something. Today, Chuck Cannon spent such money. Do you want to take the initiative to kiss him? Yvette Jordan was shy and nervous.
“Her husband.” Yvette Jordan came over and took the initiative to kiss Chuck Ce, Chuck Cannoroze, this is…
Value, truth, his wife’s lips are really sweet.
Chuck Cannon couldn’t help it. Yvette Jordan’s face was particularly red and sweet. This was heirst kiss. Her husband was relieved. “Husband, someone, someone…”
Chuck Cannon disappointed, indeed someone came.
Can only stop and say to go to the boxing gym to learn boxing, Yvette Jordan nodded and said,
Chuck Cekai sat in the car, Yvette Jordan said, “Her husband, come home at night?”
She slept in the arms around Chuck Cannon last night and she slept very well.
“En.” Chuck Cannon smiled and drove away.
Yvette Jordan looked at Chuck Cannon out of the parking lot. She touched her lips with her hannd said shyly, “Her husband, I love you…”

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