My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 178

Yvette Jordan was ready to leave sweetly, but just a car drove in. Yvette Jordan saw that Zeldas driving. What was she doing here?
Yvette Jordan sighed in his heart, what else can he do?
Zelda also hesitated. She accidentally happened to meet Yvette Jordan in the parking lot. Shame here for her new store. She was about to start the renovation. She had to hurry up and opearly because she could see The traffic in the square is increasing.
But she saw Yvette Jordan standing beside a brand-new Mercedes-Benz car. She was surprisehat this was a new car?
Did you buy it yourself, or did Chuck Cannon buy it for her?
She parked the car, opened the door and came over, “Hello.”
“Hello there.”
The two women were silent, and Yvette Jordan was entangled. In particular, she wanted to tell
Zelda that Chuck Cannon was her husband and asked her not to do that.
But… Yvette Jordan said nothing.
Zelda didn’t even know how to say it. She was just envious. Chuck Cannon didn’t touch herself aight for her…
“This car is very beautiful. Newly bought?” Zelda smiled.
“Well, Chuck Cannon bought it for me.”
“That congratulations.”
“Well, you came…”
“Oh, Chuck Cannon found a shop for me. I came over to look at the decoration,” Zelda said.
Yvette Jordan accidentally, Chuck Cannon is still working part-time in this square, and shnows, “Congratulations.”
“Thank you, by the way, do you know who this square owner is?” Zelda asked suddenly.
Yvette Jordan shook his head and didn’t know clearly. Anyway, he knew who it was, but shadn’t seen it, and she didn’t need to see it. Anyway, she couldn’t get in touch. What’s the use oeeing? but……
Zelda thought, Chuck Cannon did not tell her.
“Have you seen it right?” Yvette Jordan asked.
“Well,” Zelda did not deny, you have seen it!
“Can you tell me about it?” Yvette Jordan said, she was able to continue to open a company ihis square, it must be the reason of the “local tyrant”, but until now the “local tyrant” has noollected money.
Five hundred thousand he is not going to ask for it?
Yvette Jordan felt uneasy. The money must be returned to the “local tyrant”, and the owner ohis square must know the “local tyrant”.
She borrowed usury for this purpose.
“Uh, let’s wait until he sees you himself.” Of course, Zelda wouldn’t say that Chuck Cannoould be the boss of Ten Square.
Yvette Jordan was silent and sighed, “Who are you?”
After embarrassing for a while, the two women dared each other and said that it was better…
Chuck Cannon came to the boxing gym to learn boxing. With the last experience, Chuck Cannos working harder. He must strengthen himself to protect himself and Yvette Jordan.
The Dragon King personally taught Chuck Ce, special training, and special boxing skills, all ohich were taught. Chuck Cannon also learned very hard.
“Study hard, learn me, you can learn to fight with your mother.” Dragon King said.
Chuck Cannon was surprised that this dragon king was particularly powerful, but she said thahe learned boxing with her and laid the foundation for her mother to fight?
“Yes, your mother’s fighting is unparalleled! You can learn the best from her to become thtrongest. I am an ant in her eyes.” The Dragon King said with exclaimation.
Chuck Cannon was shocked, his mother is so powerful? However, it seems that my mother iery virtuous, and she doesn’t have a hand cocoon in her hand. This point, Chuck Cannon ieally surprised…
Chuck Cannon thought that he wanted to become the strongest, so he had to lay a goooundation for boxing and learn to fight with his mother, so that he could gallop in the shoppinalls where they are cheating!
“Boxing skills are not much. You have your mother’s talent. You will learn quickly. When youother teaches you to fight, when you and your mother go to the Golden Triangle and Amazon,
you only know what is life and death! What is murderous fighting!” The Dragon King’s eyehined, as if he had been fortunate to go to the Golden Triangle and Amazon with Karen Lee.
Chuck Cannon also looked forward to it. He worked harder and forced himself to work hard.
When it was seven or eight, Chuck Cannon was exhausted and exhausted, and he had ntrength.
He dragged his tired body into the car, called Yvette Jordan and asked where she was? Yvette
Jordan said it was in the square.
Chuck Cannon thought about going out with Yvette Jordan for a meal, and then going homgain. This is the life between husband and wife.
He drove to the square, but when he was about to get off, the phone rang suddenly, it was
WeChat, Charlotte, and asked when Chuck Cannon came to drive BMW back.
Chuck Ce’s car has been repaired.
Chuck Cannon thought that tomorrow would be better, but Charlotte returned the message anaid that she would help her out. Anyway, last time Charlotte also opened it. Chuck Cannohook his head, indicating that the day or the day after tomorrow would be better.
He said so, and came out of the car.

Chuck Cannon was an elevator, but when the first floor was reached, the elevator door openend Lara actually walked in. Lara saw Chuck Ce, she immediately lowered her head, she stilwed Chuck Cannon ten thousand yuan, she went up If you have trouble with Lu Youwen, yoaven’t thought of meeting Chuck Ce.
Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her.
“Chuck Ce, that money, I will return it to you at that time, don’t worry.” Lara worried, shorried that Chuck Cannon would send out her fruit photos, then she would burst into revernight.
The elevator door opened and Chuck Cannon went out without saying a word. Ten thousanieces of Chuck Cannon didn’t mean to remind her. She could do it anytime. Anyway, she stilad her fruit photo on the phone. Lara is a little angry, is she rich?
Lara hummed out and went to find Lu Youwen, but seeing Chuck Cannon soon came down with
Yvette Jordan, Lara was puzzled, Teacher Yvette, which point did you really see in him? Laras angry, her eyes rolled, and suddenly she had an idea in her heart.
“Husband, can you give me the mobile number of your square boss?” Yvette Jordan seriously.
Chuck Cannon froze.
“Her husband, I have something to do with your boss.” Yvette Jordan said, she just sent essage to the “local tyrant” just now, but the “local tyrant” still did not return. She was reallorried, what happened to the “local tyrant”?
“What do you want to do?” Chuck Cannon asked with a smile.
“Husband, I said don’t be angry.”
“will not.”
“I can continue to open a company here because I am a WeChat friend. He helped me and thquare owner said that I can renew the contract. Now I contact him. He ignores me and I want tind him.” Yvette Yi Nan did not say anything about owing money.
Chuck Cannon is helpless, your WeChat friend is me!
In fact, he received Yvette Jordan’s message, all of which was money transfer, but now Yvette
Jordan’s situation is not easy to come up with 500,000, how can he collect this money? What’ore, Yvette Jordan feels about himself, then the “local tyrant” should be retreated, otherwishere will be problems, this is still not to let Yvette Jordan know well…
Chuck Cannon thought so.
“This, I really don’t know.” Chuck Cannon can only say so.
Yvette Jordan sighed, “Well, husband, let’s go back.”
She was disappointed that she had to pay back the money of the “local tyrant”, but the “locayrant” ignored herself, so how should she pay back the money? How to thank?
After all, this “local tyrant” has helped him a lot. Yvette Jordan has a headache. Who are you,
“local tyrant”?
Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, thinking about going back in Yvette Jordan’s car today.
It still feels like the new car is sitting.
“Her husband, if you drive well,” Yvette Jordan blushed.
Chuck Cannon smiled and sat next to him without a word. Yvette Jordan thumped in his hearnd sat in the car and drove Chuck Cannon back. She was thinking in the afternoon. She gave
Chuck Cannon this evening. Chuck Cexiang Yes, just come and get it.
But will Chuck Cannon touch himself tonight? Yvette Jordan was nervous and shy.
She arrived home soon. Chuck Cannon went to take a bath by herself because she was too tired.
Yvette Jordan sat on the sofa in anguish. To be honest, she was very nervous. After all, the twere husband and wife. They should do something. Otherwise, Chuck Cannon Suffocating, wilind Zelda, that will not work.
But while she was waiting, she saw Chuck Ce’s mobile phone on the sofa. Yvette Jordan didn’ean to read it, but wanted to read it, not to watch the other ones. She wanted to add Chuck Ce’s
WeChat, so when the two chatted, they would feel more.
But at this time, Chuck Ce’s mobile phone on the sofa suddenly shook, and a WeChat came over.
Yvette Jordan subconsciously froze, because the note was Lara.
Yvette Jordan was surprised, didn’t Lara say that there was no WeChat for Chuck Cannon lasime? She looked at it suspiciously and saw that Lara sent
Chuck Ce, I will pay you back immediately, but I can also give you the interest. You come to mhop to find me, and I will show you something.

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