My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 180

“You are too expensive there,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Where is it expensive? Will it be cheaper?”
Lara was angry, glaring at Chuck Ce, and immediately whispered, “I still owe you money, yorink it in the past, and I don’t charge you money, free, just drink it…”
Forget it for free, Lara also opened a store. Chuck Cannon didn’t want to take advantage of it ihe past. People should give as much as they should for business, one code for one code.
“No need.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, ready to go to see the crew.
“I’m going to make a drink for you now, you take it to the office to drink.” Lara whispered.
“Really useless.”
Lara complained, “Why didn’t you send me a message yesterday?”
Lara actually wanted Chuck Cannon to find her last night, and the two chatted. After all, Laras definitely determined that the person she likes is Chuck Ce, because when she chatted withe “local tyrant” before, she was subconsciously fantasizing. , Is the long-selling hanging wire
Chuck Ce.
Last time I found out that Chuck Cannon was not a hanging wire, but a rich second generation.
She struggled for a long time and still felt like Chuck Ce.
“You are fine, don’t send me a message,”
Chuck Cannon said to leave. For Lara, Chuck Cannon didn’t want to care about her anymore.
This woman has credibility, but it’s a bit harsh.
“Hey.” Lara’s heart is empty, why do you say that? Lara was sad, she caught up, “Chuck Ce,
don’t be like this, I haven’t done anything sorry for you recently.”
But speaking, she didn’t know what to do, didn’t do it? It seems to have been done. Last time I
went to Teacher Yvette’s office to say that…
“Huh, is this a crew? Is there an actor coming here to film?” Lara was surprised because she saome filming equipment, and some places have been isolated, it seems to be filming.
Chuck Cannon ignored her, but some people nearby came to take pictures and sent a circle oriends. It seems that this method is good.
“Chuck Ce, your girlfriend Lu Youwen is the manager, you should know what is going on.” Larxpects, which star is this coming?
“I don’t know.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Don’t do this, do I dislike you so much?” Lara whispered, Chuck Ce’s attitude made her reallad.
How can I say that you can see through the photos of your upper body? Now you still have it oour phone. I must take it out every night to see. Lara is very confident about her figure. Chuck
Ce, you have seen it, how? Can you do this to yourself? ?
Chuck Cannon glanced at her. Now she hates not to count, but she just doesn’t want to care abouer.
“I’ll make milk tea for you, let’s watch others filming together.” Lara said.
“Go ahead and do your business.” Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her.
“I’m in a good business. I don’t need to see people if I invite them. Do you think this is the squaross asking the crew to film in the past?” Lara walked beside Chuck Ce.
She is curious that this square has potential for development, but it has not reached the poinhere the crew was filmed in the past. She thinks that it must be free for the square owner, so threw came over.
“do not know.”
Lara pouted, “I ask you, are you rich, or is this square owner rich?”
Chuck Cannon didn’t speak, the square is his own, why do you ask this?
“I guess the owner of the square should have a little more money, but you are very good,” Larhispered, how to say a square, at least for a billionaire, Chuck Cannon should not have so muconey.
“Is it okay to say a word?” Lara was helpless.
Chuck Cannon has walked to the glass and looked down. Director Erica Yannic is also there. It istimated that the first scene will be started today. Lara saw Ye Mei, she was pleasantlurprised, “Ye Ye Mei, she came here, I Oh my god.”
She is so happy, Ye Mei will actually come to this square? She didn’t really think that shhought the star from the crew was the third or fourth line, but she didn’t expect a first-line star tome.
Chuck Cannon is speechless, women like to chase stars?
“Chuck Ce, let’s ask for signatures in the past.” Lara looked forward.
“Go by yourself.” Just kidding, Chuck Cannon doesn’t chase the stars, what signature do yoant? What’s more, he wants to sign, just go past it, need to chase it?
Lara was sad, she bit her lip and left, but she thought of something and walked back again,
“Chuck Ce, do you still have my picture?”
“What are you doing?”
“Nothing. I just want to say that as long as you don’t show it to others, then you will keep it. I’kay,” Lara whispered.

“Director, why do we come to this square for filming?” Ye Ye is wonderful. This square has npecial features, but it looks a little new, but it also fits the scene in the scene.
“Investor means,”
“Mr. Chuck?” Yemei is surprised. Does Chuck Cannon know the boss here? So it was proposeo let the crew come here to film?
When Yemei was in an accident, suddenly a person spoke to the staff and came over, Wang Wei,
he came.
“You are…” The leaves are wonderful.
“Uh,” Wang Wei was excited. Ye Mei was much prettier than what she saw on TV. This figure,
this skin, is pure and beautiful, so beautiful. Wang Wei is not disappointed in his heart. After all,
many of them rely on makeup, but the beauty of the leaves is naturally beautiful, especially thigure, especially the material.
“My name is Wang Wei, is it… feels okay here?” Wang Wei said.
Ye Mei was surprised. What did this person say, meaning he was the boss here? Plazoss? Can’t see it, young and promising.
“Hello, it’s good, the square is good, sorry, I’m going to put on makeup, and I will start shootinater.”
“OK,” Wang Wei was happy. Ye Zimei walked into the makeup car, and there were more anore people watching nearby. This will definitely drive people’s flow. Wang Wei regrets eveore. How nice is this square to be his own dad?
Soon the shooting started, Chuck Cannon kept watching, how to say, the filming was still quitoring, watching Ye Zimei was always shooting with the actor, Chuck Cannon sometimeanted to laugh, he saw Wang Wei also kept watching, By noon, Wang Wei had alreadelivered delicious food to Yemei. Yemei was not easy to refuse. He could only eat it. After all,
this boss was a friend of investor Chuck.
In the afternoon, Chuck Cannon was bored and was ready to go to the BMW shop to pick up thar, but after seeing Wang Wei, a woman walked past, yes, Yvette Jordan, it was Yvette Jordan!
Chuck Cannon was surprised, what did Yvette Jordan take the initiative to find Wang Wei? It…

“excuse me……”
Yvette Jordan didn’t know what to say. When she saw him waiting for Chuck Cannon at thoor, she felt strange. When she saw Wang Wei appearing next to Ye Mei, she was more curiound thought about it. Going, she was sure that Wang Wei was definitely not the crew of the crew,
so the only one who could get close to Ye Ye and enter and leave the crew could only be said te the owner of this square.
So she came over and wanted to know the information of the “local tyrants” through Wang Wei.
After all, the “local tyrants” never collected money, making her uneasy.
“Beauty, is something wrong?” Wang Wei was surprised. Of course he remembered that Yvette
Jordan and Chuck Cannon came up in the elevator together in the morning. This shows that shnew Chuck Ce. Why did she come to find herself?
“I want to ask, are you the square owner?”
Wang Wei wanted to shake his head, but he saw Ye Meimei looking over here. Of course hodded. “Yes, I am the owner of the square. Excuse me?”
Yvette Jordan breathed a sigh of relief, really the owner of the square, so he must know who the
“local tyrant” is, otherwise how could the “local tyrant” help him to continue the contract?
“Well, I am on the fifth floor. I would like to ask you if there is a person named Ballerin
“Local tyrant?” Wang Wei accidentally shook his head and said no, really no, after all, he did nodd Chuck Ce’s WeChat.
“No?” Yvette Jordan was silent. Why didn’t he?
“Well, beauty, why do you ask this?”
“This person helped me and let me continue to renew the contract.”
Wang Wei wondered, continued to renew the contract? He had never heard of this, so whahould he say? Well, it should be, but Chuck Cannon did not tell her that the square owner iim?
Wang Wei was funny, what’s going on? “Then I don’t know, you should ask the wrong person.”
Yvette Jordan was puzzled, he denied it? How can it be denied? There was no “local tyrant” tell him, so how could he renew his contract? Is it that he is the Ballerwho helped himself? ?

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the name of the character must be the same in the early chapter it change in how many chapter and it might chane as well in the future chapter.. and some of the words are not complete nor clear to read.

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