My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 181

Yvette Jordan returned to her company, she was sitting in the office, feeling puzzled, she jussked Wang Wei just now, is it a “local tyrant”?
But Wang Wei’s stunned look made Yvette Jordan know that he was not a “local tyrant” withouaving to listen to Wang Wei’s answer. So who would it be?
Yvette Jordan was full of curiosity. She turned on her cell phone and looked at WeChat of the
“local tyrant”. He still hadn’t collected the money. What on earth did you want to do?
Yvette Jordan sighed and shook his head, continuing to transfer money to the “local tyrant”…

Chuck Cannon was relieved to see WeChat on his mobile phone, and ignored it. The “locayrant” didn’t have to appear.
He just saw that Yvette Jordan was disappointed to leave, so she didn’t ask anything, and Wang
Wei knew how to do it.
But at this time, Wang Wei continued to look at Ye Mei, which is really fascinating, Chuck
Cannon wondered, is Ye Mei so beautiful? Chuck Cannon doesn’t think it’s just a natural beauty.
But at the last party, she was pretty in a dress, and expected, but it was still a bit worse than
Yvette Jordan.
Especially hips.
Chuck Cannon didn’t look at her anymore. After all, the beauty of the leaves is Wang Wei’s dish.
What did he call his friend’s dish?
Lara has been staying by her side. Her eyes have been looking at Ye Zimei.
He had to come to the car where the BMW shop was repaired.
“Hey, where are you going?” Lara came back.
Chuck Cannon walked away without saying anything, Lara stomped her feet, she chased up,
“Chuck Ce, don’t do this, I…”
“What are you doing after me?” Chuck Cannon frowned.
“Me, I…” Lara Zhizhiwuwu, yes, what are you doing after him? Don’t you just like it?
“You deceived my heart, you still asked me what I did?” Lara had confidence, who asked you tretend that “local tyrant” added me?
“That’s sorry, I have a wife, your teacher Yvette,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, not wanting tpeak.
“Fucker! Fool me! Fool me! You cheat me, why do you deceive my feelings?”
Lara said that her eyes were dark. She felt that her heart was particularly wronged and sad. Shidn’t do anything to you. She showed you her upper body and her legs. What do you want? ?
Chuck Cannon stopped to look back and deceived her feelings by herself? When did you cheat?
Just asked her a few fruit photos, if she is not so bitter, Chuck Cannon will add?
“Chuck Ce, don’t think you are rich, I tell you, with my appearance, what can’t a man find?”
Lara was angry, and her eyes were fixed on the square. “I tell you, you will regret it. I will shot to you. The owner of this square must be richer than you. Then I will be the woman of thiquare. I want to let You regret it!”
Chuck Cannon was stunned. What are you going to do?
Lara is proud, just regret it by saying a sentence, he is so good, just take the initiative, which riceople do not like? Lara was confident that when she was studying on the first day, the boss too fancy to her and said that she wanted to support her, but she didn’t agree.
Lara snorted softly, “I will go to Lu Youwen’s phone to ask this boss tomorrow. I will take thnitiative and people will definitely agree, but if you apologize to me and talk to me, I won’t fint… Hello, where are you going?”
Chuck Cannon was too lazy to take care of her, just turned around and left. You said that thoman who wants to be the boss of the square also needs her own consent.
“Stop talking, you can never do it.” Chuck Ce’s words passed.
“Asshole! You are asshole! I will definitely find it, I will! You are waiting!”
Lara shivered with anger, she wiped away the tears in her eyes, feeling very wronged, Lara wenack to her shop, stared at the outside, and looked at…
She took out her mobile phone and wanted to delete the “local tyrant”, but after thinking about ior a long time, she was reluctant to keep her hand on, and she simply took the phone so as not tlip her hands. “Well, wait for his money, I will delete him again! Be sure to delete this liar.”

“Yemei Mei, let’s go to dinner today, anyway, I have several places to eat well in the square,”
Wang Wei smiled, and Yemei was resting at this time.
“This…what does Mr. Chuck have to do with you?” Yemei asked.
“Uh, friend,” Wang Wei was surprised. Why did Yezimei mention Chuck Ce? ?
“Friend? That’s no wonder. He invested in this drama. No wonder he let us come here to shoot,
really because of you,” Yemei said.
“What?” Wang Wei was surprised, but immediately whispered in your heart, you Chuck Ze, jussked you if you don’t admit it, you can actually invest in movies.
Wang Wei envy, how big is Chuck Ce’s circle!
“Don’t you know?” Ye Mei is strange, how come she doesn’t know?
“I know, I know, I just forgot, did you finish shooting today? Have dinner at night.” Wang Weas nervous.
The leaves are helpless, “Mr. Chuck will be together?”
“He has to accompany his girlfriend, there is no time.” Wang Wei can only say so.
The beautiful eyes of the leaves have changed, “Oh, okay, when I finish the next scene, I wilind a place to eat on the third floor,”
Wang Wei was pleasantly surprised, and it was a face appreciation. Sure enough, the identity ohe boss of the square chasing women is easier.

Chuck Cannon walked out of the square and happened to see Zelda driving over, ready to entehe parking lot. Chuck Cannon walked over to say hello, and Lu Youwen had already said that
Zelda’s store was going to be renovated these days, it seems Zelda thought Open quickly.
“Sister Zelda.” Chuck Cannon smiled. Today, Zelda is in a uniform, very beautiful, and lookike stockings.
“Well, what are you going to do?” Zelda actually wanted to come over and invite Chuck Ce. Shad a few days of birthday and she wanted to spend time with Chuck Ce. But watching him busy,
Zelda didn’t know how to speak.
“I… went back to the BMW store and drove back.” Chuck Cannon said. At this time, sheceived a call from her mother. Chuck Cannon asked Zelda to wait a moment and answered. Mother asked where was Chuck Ce?
Chuck Cannon said that in the square, the mother said, “Cer, I’m still in the field, but suddenly I
found a project in Haishi. You should go and see now.”
“Mother, what project?” Chuck Cannon was curious. My mother called me like this, it must be ig project, and it may have invested hundreds of millions.
“There is a building suddenly going to sell, I want to buy it, you go first to see what the situatios, to understand the specific situation, I will send you the address using your mobile phone.”
Mom said.
“Okay, mom, please send it.” Chuck Cannon nodded. Since it was the building that his moaid, it must be very good, otherwise the mom would not be able to call in the field, so he had to and see what he said. .
“Well, this building was suddenly released news, a few people took a fancy, you fancy it in thast, just call me, I will transfer money to you, you buy it directly know?” Mom said.
Chuck Cannon was surprised, “Don’t you have to watch it in person?”
“Oh, no, it’s less than two billion. I don’t need me to read it. I won’t say it. I’ll send you thddress. You used to watch it.”
The phone hung up, and soon my mother’s address was sent. Chuck Cannon was surprised afteeading it. But this is a building in the city center. What did the mother buy? Continue to opehe hotel?
“Sister Zelda, I’m going out.” Chuck Cannon said, he had to go down and drive, and BMW
certainly won’t be able to drive today.
While Zelda was waiting, she saw a lot of people in the square. She was surprised, “Chuck Ce,
why are there so many people in your square today?”
“Someone came to film. So there are more people.” Chuck Cannon is satisfied, Ye Mei iopular, and today’s crowd is huge.
“Filming, why film here? Do you have an investment?” Zelda was smart because she saw Chuck
Cannon smiled.
“No, no… well, yes, cast a little bit.” Chuck Cannon was helpless, Zelda was too smart, so shouldn’t fool her.
Zelda accidentally, really cast it? She just said roughly that Chuck Cannon actually entered therforming arts circle? Zelda blinked, “Where are you going? I’ll send you over.”
Chuck Cannon looked in and found that Zelda was wearing black stockings. This… Chuck
Cannon shook his head.
Zelda saw Chuck Ce’s thoughts. She was relieved in her heart and shook her head with a smile.
“Afraid of anything? Don’t you guys like this?”

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