My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 182

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed and could be seen. Zelda was sitting in the car. The thighs werrapped in stockings and the thighs were very beautiful and round. Chuck Cannon couldn’ove her eyes. To be honest, her legs were so beautiful. .
“Sister Zelda, did you wear this on purpose?” Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly.
“No, come in, what are you afraid of? Touch it if you like, and I won’t say you,” Zelda said.
Chuck Cannon was helpless, the smile on Zelda’s face was gone, “Don’t you be afraid?”
Chuck Cannon hesitated, opened the car door and sat back. The car was fragrant and full of otheemptations. Chuck Cannon didn’t even look at her leg. He was abstinence recently, but houldn’t think about it, otherwise he would give up his merits.
Zelda took a silk scarf out of the bag, covered his legs, and said, “Is this all right?”
“Thank you Zelda sister.” Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, Zelda was too understanding.
“Thank me for what? You are the first person to look at my leg so blatantly, and also the firserson I am willing to show to others.” Zelda said.
Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly. Zelda’s beauty was a bit cold. It was indeed the first time she meer. She gave Chuck Cannon the feeling that no one was close, but now she was familiar,
especially familiar.
Until now, Chuck Cannon felt incredible. When he was in the car for the first time, how did hsk Zelda to help…
Shaking his head, his wife is Yvette Jordan, and she can’t do anything that apologizes for her.
Chuck Cannon thought that, and she calmed down.
Zelda sighed, “You are really good to Yvette Jordan,”
She was a little envious of Yvette Jordan.
Chuck Cannon has no confidence, how to say that he has been derailed three times, twice with
Zelda, and once again in front of Yvette Jordan and Queenie…
Chuck Cannon couldn’t think about it any more. If Yvette Jordan knew, what woulappen? Zelda was okay, but especially in that night in her room that night with Queenie, shas in front of her,…what expression would she have if she knew?
Chuck Cannon prayed that Yvette Jordan should never know about it,
The car was quiet for more than ten seconds.
Zelda asked Chuck Cannon where? Chuck Cannon said a little, Zelda was surprised, but withoualking, he took Chuck Cannon away while driving…
However, when she left, Chuck Cannon did not find that the leaves that had been filming in thquare were beautiful, and her eyes had no intention of looking over here. She wondered, thiack… seems to be Chuck Ce?
It’s a bit like, she’s strange, why Chuck Cannon as an investor, and friends with the squarwner Wang Wei, did not appear today?
She didn’t think it was normal. At this time, Wang Wei came over, “Is it all right?”
Ye Mei nodded, “Okay, but wait,”
She had to equip it, otherwise it would cause unnecessary disturbances, at least the mask anunglasses had to be worn.
Wang Wei was very happy. This was the first time he had dinner with such a red star. The leavere so beautiful. If he can catch it today, then…
Wang Wei thought it was beautiful.
After a while, the fully armed Ye Mei came over.
The crew started to clean up for work. Yemei and Wang Wei went to the square to eat. This ihe first time Yemei came to this square. After she came in, she found that the facilities in thiquare were very warm and a little bit different. The key is The management of the entire squars very orderly, indicating that the square management staff is very good, the boss has vision anlanning.
Ye Mei said, “You put a lot of effort into this square?”
“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Wang Wei smiled and admired in his heart. How long did Chuck Cannoake the square, this vivid management really makes Wang Wei unbelievable.
The more she looked, the more Yezimei felt that the square was good and promising.
Unexpectedly, the Mr. Wang Wei in front of him was so capable. This is really a young anrosperous, very rare rich second generation. Yemei was surprised.
Wang Wei was pleasantly surprised, and Ye Mei’s expression gave him hope.
Soon, the two found a restaurant, and Wang Wei started talking eloquently. After all, this is apportunity to show himself. Naturally, we have to try to talk about some of our own things.
Just listening and listening, Ye Zimei feels a bit strange. Why is Wang Wei managing the squaro good and colorful, but the open mouth is to go out to play, and there is no plan between thines?
How is this square managed? How can it be refreshing? invite?
Guess so.
Ye Mei didn’t think about it any more and continued to eat. After all, she was tired after shootin day’s play.

Zelda drove into the parking lot of a building. Zelda was curious. She also visited this building.
Before, a boss started the company, and a very large company renovated the whole building int company. But I don’t know the reason at all. This company seems to have some new actions, shat does Chuck Cannon do over here?
Chuck Cannon got off the bus, and my mother said that several people liked it. In fact, thiuilding has been a bit old for more than 20 or 30 years. The house is worthless, but the land iorth it, at least. Seventy-eight billion yuan goes up, so after seeing the place just now, Chuck
Cannon felt that he could take it down.
After all, my mother called on purpose, it should have been fancy here, but Chuck Cannon diot quite understand, my mother bought here, what are you going to do.
“Chuck Ce, what are you going to do?” Zelda was particularly surprised, because Chuck Ce’yes seemed to be looking at a product. Does Chuck Cannon want to start a company here? ?
Chuck Cannon smiled and said nothing.
“Are you going to start a company here?” Zelda was surprised. If you want to start a company ihe city center, at least you need more than 3 billion yuan to rent a whole building to start ompany.
“No.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
“Then you plan to…” Zelda didn’t dare to think anymore, feeling that her heart was shaking.
“Buy here!” Chuck Cannon said, calm and confident in his eyes.
Just a few words, Zelda dumbfounded, buy here? ? Oh my god, I bought this place, but I didn’uy a square. Should it cost about two billion yuan? How long has it been, two cars, one suite,
hundreds of millions of people bought a square, and still buy it here?
Zelda is completely unimaginable. How rich is the Chuck Cannon in front of him?
“Don’t believe it? Sister Zelda…” Chuck Cannon smiled.
“Believe, I believe everything you say.” Zelda smiled bitterly in his heart, how could he noelieve it? How can anyone who can use a helicopter to deliver millions of ingredients fail to buere? It’s just that Zelda didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to come here for this purpose.
“Well, let’s go and see.” Chuck Cannon said. He can’t wait any longer.
Zelda nodded, and the two went to the elevator. Zelda secretly looked at Chuck Ce. She reallouldn’t see through.
“Wait!” Someone came over.
Chuck Cannon pressed the elevator button and walked in a man and a woman, a young man iis early twenties, wearing a suit, the woman was about the same age as Zelda, very beautiful,
and her body was very hot, but she was standing cold, she stood In front of Chuck Ce, there is ragrance coming up, and the concave and convex curves behind it are clearly visible. This is uperb woman.
“Mr. Xiao, I have prepared the acquisition documents for this building. All are here.” The maaid.
It seems that this man is a woman’s assistant.
The woman glanced at random, “What’s the valuation?”
“Between 1.8 billion and 1.9 billion,” the man said.
“Well, the geographical location of this building is almost worth the price.” The woman nodded,
as if saying a particularly small thing, Chuck Cannon was helpless. Is this his competitor?
It seems to be a super rich person.
“No matter how many people are waiting, you have to win it with all your strength.” The womaaid, she didn’t look at Chuck Cannon in her eyes. In her view, Chuck Cannon didn’t come to bu house.
“Yes!” The man nodded respectfully.
But the woman’s eyes rolled and saw Zelda. She looked at Zelda up and down and said, “Zelda,
are you here? What do you want to do? Open a restaurant here?”
Chuck Cannon accidentally, she actually knew Zelda? But Zelda’s expression is not very good, ieems that the relationship between the two is not good.
The age is about the same, it is estimated to be a classmate.
I saw this woman continued, “I asked you to do finance with me at that time. Do you have tpen a restaurant, do you regret it now?”

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