My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 183

“No regrets.” Zelda shook his head.
The woman’s cold face smiled lightly, “No regrets? Do you know how much money I made lasonth? It’s money you haven’t earned in five years since you opened the restaurant.”
“Then congratulations,” Zelda calmed down. As Chuck Cannon thought, the two were realllassmates. At first, the two also cooperated to open the store together, but in the end, theiersonalities were different, which led to great differences and parting ways.
Murongqing went out to start a company by herself, and had good luck, and soon earned her owirst pot of gold, a full 30 million. This is really astronomical for a woman, but she did not stop,
but continued. There is no way out of it. There are three or four companies in the coastal areas,
which have only recently come to the sea market for development.
This building is her first goal to receive inside information.
It must be bought today.
“Congratulations? These two words come out of your mouth. Why is it so sour?” Murong Qinaid.
“Whatever you think.” Zelda sighed. She didn’t sigh anything else. She congratulated heincerely.
Instead, he sighed that he and Murong Qing were good girlfriends before, just because thearted ways, even friends can’t do it?
Murong Qing frowned and finally glanced at Chuck Ce, saying, “I can’t see it, and the old cowtill eat the tender grass, so young people can satisfy your age!”
“Don’t talk nonsense,” Zelda was angry, and Murong Qing said she didn’t care, but said Chuck
Cannon could not, absolutely not.
Murong Qing sneered. “Nonsense? It looks like he is a college student. It is estimated that he itill a sophomore. You are ten years older than others. Isn’t that what the old cow eats the tenderass?”
“You…” Zelda’s eyes cooled down, but he didn’t speak up, and didn’t know how to refute Murong
Yeah, I am really an old cow eating tender grass, Chuck Cannon was a freshman, but I havelped him twice, and almost fell asleep last time, Zelda sighed, age, are you really so old?
Looking at the young Chuck Ce, she suddenly lost her heart.
“You can’t deny it? It seems that you finally realized that it was the old cow eating the tenderass, Zelda, you really let me know you again.” Murong Qing mocked.
She was not married or had a boyfriend, but she would never look for someone younger thaerself and more than a decade younger, which she couldn’t accept, and she would never accept.
What’s so good about young men? In addition to being energetic, it works. Others… The maho eats soft rice hates her most.
“Little guy, how much money does Zelda give you in a month? Fifty thousand? One hundrehousand?” Murong Qing looked at Chuck Ce.
She hated Zelda very much in her heart. At that time, she almost lost her chance. She hated it such. Now she has more money and more success than her, so is it not for revenge?
“How do you ask so clearly, you want to support me?” Chuck Cannon smiled.
“No, I don’t like young men.” Murong Qing shook his head, simple and clear.
“Coincidentally, I also don’t like sagging women.” Chuck Cannon said.
Zelda was startled.
Murongqing’s eyes cooled down, staring straight at Chuck Ce, drooping himself?
“What are you talking about?” Murongqing’s voice was cold, and the assistant she brought walso annoyed. She said her boss? The boss is clearly in good shape!
“I’m sorry, you are serious, I don’t like it, so if you want to support me, I won’t agree.” Chuck
Cannon said.
Zelda looked at Murongqing in front of her subconsciously, as if not…
Ding, the elevator door opened.
“Sister Zelda, let’s go.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
The two went out, she asked in a small voice, “Chuck Ce, do you really see her sagging?”
“No, I won’t watch it.”
Chuck Cannon shook his head, he had not seen the entity in his life.
It can be said that the front of Murong Qing is the same size as Lara, and Murong Qing is 30
years old, but like Zelda can maintain and exercise, so her figure is not lost. Twenty Lara eveas a woman’s charm than Lara.
But this kind of charm is a fatal temptation for other men, but for Chuck Ce, she is a littlisgusted. Too high a woman, Chuck Cannon is not interested.
What’s more, she still said Zelda, Chuck Cannon wanted to talk to her just now.
Zelda smiled. She really hadn’t seen anyone admiring Rongqing so much, and it turned out to b lot of money.
“Boss, this is stupid, don’t listen to him talking nonsense.” The man was so angry that he wanteo fight Chuck Cannon just now, but it’s not suitable for today. If he delays his boss’s business,
don’t do his job Too.
Murong Qing glanced at him.
“Boss, shall I find someone to teach him a lesson?” the man asked.
“I want you to teach me how to do it?” Murong Qingdao said with a particularly cold voice.
“Don’t dare, dare not.” The man lowered his head in a hurry.
Murong Qing came out of the elevator, her eyes stared at Chuck Ce, a flash of coldness flashed,
“Call four people to come and wait in the parking lot.”
“Yes!” The man hurriedly took out his mobile phone. Such a person really should give him esson, hum, actually saying his own boss?
Seek death, the trouble comes from the mouth, boy you are over today!
“Boss, the phone has already been called,” the man said. Such a kid, just call a few people.
Murong nodded, her eyes fixed on Zelda, what are you doing here today? You are just estaurant owner and you are not qualified to come here.

“Someone.” Zelda said, she and Chuck Cannon entered a room, he saw five or six rich people, alf them worth three or four billion, she came in a little bit ashamed, after all, there is no Chuck
Ce, she simply came Appeared on this occasion.
Everyone who can come here has the means to receive the news. The delegates are able to takhe building. Chuck Cannon and Zelda find a place to sit down.
Soon Murong Qing also brought his assistant into the room, but also sat in the corner.
There were not many people on the scene, just about ten, all of them rich.
Soon a man with a sad face came out of it. Zelda introduced it in a whisper. It was the boss ohis building. Chuck Cannon nodded. The message sent by his mother already introduced thierson in detail. There is business, but more than a dozen people have died recently, and hireat impact has caused him to sell this building to solve his crisis.
“I don’t have much to say, I will sell this building today, plus the land, and today who will give 2.5 billion, I will immediately give him the building.” The man said immediately.
“2.5 billion? Old Chen, you want to make a fortune!” Someone looked displeased.
All the people present estimated the value of this building, which was less than 2 billion. Thoss directly said 2.5 billion, which made many people annoyed.
How much is this?
“I already said that,” the man said.
“2.1 billion, I will give you the money now.” It was Murong Qing who said that she thought thias her highest price.
“No, it must be 2.5 billion.” The man shook his head with a firm attitude.
Murong Qing frowned, this place was not worth so much, she asked the assistant around tecalculate.
Several rich people at the scene looked ugly, no one spoke, how to say that only two billioorth of things, called 2.5 billion, when they? Must be here? You have to know that you arelling it yourself, so arrogant?
“Lao Chen, it’s not what I said, it’s impossible to sell your name so high,” someone said.
The man was indifferent, but when he looked closely, he found that he was also very upset. Hlso knew that his building was not worth so much, but he needed money recently, otherwise hiompany would be gone overnight, and he had no way.
“Huh, play us, see how you sell, I will not accompany you!” Someone stood up and went directlutside, he did not believe that someone would spend 2.5 billion to buy here, more than 500
million, when will it be possible Earn it?
But before he went out, he saw someone talking on the phone and talking to someone. Huickly stood up and said, “2.5 billion? Okay, I bought it. You are preparing for a contract
Zelda was stunned, Murong Qing frowned, 2.5 billion? You bought it, do you have it?

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