My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 184

As soon as the man’s eyes lit up, other rich people on the scene also looked at him. Is anyoneally buying? ?
“What are you talking about?” The boss suppressed the excitement and asked.
“Yes, you prepare the contract, and the money will come to your account immediately,” Chuck
Cannon said of course.
He just saw that the rich people present were all angry, no one shot, and the boss was firm, hould only call his mother to ask, but he did not expect the mother to smile, and said a worirectly, “Buy.”
Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that his mother really took a fancy to thilace, but she didn’t know what her mother was going to do with it.
Chuck Cannon is more curious about this.
Everyone in the room was quiet, and looked at Chuck Cannon strangely and surprisedly.
Who is this young man?
The boss was pleasantly surprised, because in less than a minute, he really received 2.5 billion.
He took a closer look and was sure that he was right. He hurriedly said, “Okay, I have receivehe money. You come and sign the contract. ”
“What? Really received the money?” Some rich people were surprised.
What is the concept of turning 2.5 billion at once? You have to know that these people have imit by bank transfer one day, but his limit is so high?
Murong Qing sitting in the corner was stunned, really gave it?
Isn’t this person being kept by Zelda? But he adopted Zelda? But how could he like a womaho is ten years older than him when he is so young? ?
“No, someone will sign with you.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. The mother said just now that
Chuck Cannon had signed, Chuck Cannon thought it was too expensive. This level of investmens still better for the mother to wait for herself. Have the ability, and then buy it yourself.
After all, Chuck Cannon really didn’t know what his mother had bought here, and then she had tsk her mother for money. Chuck Cannon felt embarrassed.
Besides, he didn’t have any other ideas. He signed it, and she temporarily shelved it. It’s better tet his mother carry out her plan.
“Sister Zelda, let’s go.” Chuck Cannon said.
Zelda was dumbfounded, “Chuck Ce, the money is so given, the contract is not signed, throcedures are not done, are you afraid that he will run away with the money?”
Less than a minute before and after this, it took 2.5 billion to buy this building?
This really refreshed Zelda’s concept of a local tyrant, which is too rich.
“Can’t run, no one can run, let’s go,” Chuck Cannon laughed, joking, dare to run? Where to run?
Mom immediately grabbed him.
When Chuck Cannon asked this question to his mother just now, the mother just chuckled and
Chuck Cannon understood.
Zelda froze and followed Chuck Cannon out, and Murong Qing stood up, “Who the hell arou?”
She felt a fire, and she took a fancy to this building, and was actually taken first.
“It’s none of your business,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
“I like this building.” Murong Qing said.
“Then you didn’t buy it just now? Now that I bought it, do you still say Mao?” Chuck Cannoas too lazy to take care of her and took Zelda out.
Murong Qing’s face was angry.
The rich in the room were surprised, really left?
“Lao Chen, who is this young man? Why haven’t I seen it before?”
“I knew the woman he brought in. I opened the restaurant. I’ve been there a few times, but shidn’t have the ability to buy it!”
Several rich people have talked about each other, they have so much money to shoot, they caot do it, they have to spend time to gather money.
The owner of this building has recovered, so fast, it really makes him feel dreamy. He smiled anhook his head, “Not sure, but this young man gave me the feeling that there is a person behinim that we can’t imagine. Characters…”
Having said that, his tone was solemn.
“I can’t imagine?” The rich people present were stunned. Yes, the shot was 2.5 billion. Thinimum of this net worth is more than 10 billion.
If things go out today, I am afraid the whole market will be stunned!

Chuck Cannon and Zelda took the elevator downstairs, but Zelda was still ignorant, “Chuck Ce,
did I dream?”
“Sister Zelda, you don’t have one.” Chuck Cannon smiled. Zelda’s stunned look really madeople want to do something to her.
“I don’t think so,” Zelda was stunned. Chuck Cannon was so real, how could it be a dream.
At this time, the elevator door opened, and the two went to the parking place, but Chuck Cannorowned, because four people came out of the corner, all fierce!
“What are you doing?” Zelda was angry, and she could see that these people came to Chuck Ce,
because they stared at Chuck Cannon when they came out.
“What are you doing? Someone asked his brother to give him a lesson, so that he won’t be sheap in the future!” said the shaved head.
Chuck Cannon frowned. Was this what Murong Qing just told people to do? It should be.
“Murong Qing asked you to come over, how much money she gave you, I will give you double!”
Zelda was annoyed, it must have been done by Murong Qing.
“Double? Can you afford it? Get away!” The bald head came over with a cold face, “Brother,
please give me!!!”
The four people gathered around, and Chuck Cannon pulled Zelda behind him, but Zelda toout a spray from the bag and sprayed two directly.
“Ah!! Grass mud horse, my eyes are so painful, so painful.” The two immediately covered theiyes and snarled in exasperation.
Chuck Cannon punched out. Two days of training gave him little strength, but he knew where tttack people, and he could quickly make people lose their resistance. Chuck Cannon quicklunched and let one of them hum, just The body stiffly fell to the ground, Chuck Cannon hit hiheek, hit him with a punch.
There was also a headed bald head who was surprised and rushed over in annoyance. Chuck
Cannon was not polite. He was ready to try to see how he was, but Zelda had sprayed out thpray. The bald eye hurts, and he covered his eyes, Chuck Cannon kicked out, and the man fell the ground.
Chuck Cannon gave him a few punches, he groaned and wailed, he smiled, and gave a feunches to the other three, and easily solved four.
However, Zelda helped Chuck Ce, otherwise Chuck Cannon might have gone through a harattle, it seems that Zelda was often attacked by others, otherwise she would not prepare for it.
“Sister Zelda, you are so powerful,” Chuck Cannon was serious.
Zelda blushed. There were five people who wanted to do something to her. That’s how sholved it. She has experience. Just now she saw Chuck Cannon was going to be beaten. Hoould she not care? After all…I really want to eat tender grass…
The elevator door opened and two people came out. It was Murong Qing and her assistant.
Murong Qing was shocked. Why was it useless? These four people are so useless.
“Boss, you go first, I stop them!” The assistant bit his teeth.
“Can you stop it?” Murong Qing was annoyed and actually called such a garbage person.
Chuck Cannon and Zelda came over. Chuck Ce’s eyes were on her, and her heart was annoyed,
didn’t she just say that she was drooping? As for calling someone to beat yourself? This womas too disguised.
“What did you do?” The assistant came out, Chuck Cannon looked at him, and slapped it out.
With a snap, the assistant fell to the ground.
Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce, and she was able to buy the building, so she had nothing tear, she did not believe that Chuck Cannon would beat herself.
“Murong Qing, you are too much, it’s actually calling people!” Zelda was angry.
“How about it?” Murong said coldly. She would not refuse to admit it, just do it, what?
“You have no way of acting? Calling people to come here? What if you are killed?” Zelda reallanted to slap her.
“Whatever you say, let go, I’m leaving here.” Murong Qing said.
The tone is still so calm.
“Leave? You asked someone to beat me, I will let you leave like this?” Chuck Cannon suddenlmiled, if his mother knew, this Murong Qing is really miserable, at least he will be beaten up.
Murong cleared a sneer from the corner of his mouth, “Don’t you let me go? Dare! What’s more,
you have nothing!”
Chuck Cannon is annoyed, is he still so straightforward now? Okay, make you great! Chuck
Cannon stared at her and approached her.
Murong Qing frowned, “What do you want to do? Still want to hit me?”
Chuck Cannon shook his head, “I don’t beat women very much, but someone yells at me, then it’ot my character to go back to the same yin, so…”
An idea came up in Chuck Ce’s heart.

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