My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 185

“So what do you want to do? Or do you want to hit me?”
Murong Ching sneered. She didn’t believe that Chuck Cannon dared to beat her. First of all, shas a woman. You just said that you were drooping just now, so she was called someone.
It is you who is responsible for the loss. Who told you to say that? Don’t know that women hatthers to say saggy What’s wrong with calling you? what happened? ?
Yes, you should be beaten!
“You, shameless!”
Murong Qing was suddenly annoyed because Chuck Cannon had been wandering around herself,
and this look made her feel sick.
She hates men who are younger than she thinks of her like this. Is she thinking abouerself? nausea!
It’s disgusting!
“Are your mother sick?”
Chuck Cannon frowned, and he was too lazy to look at her. Zelda had the same body as her. Shanted to see Zelda at any time. She could even uncover Zelda’s clothes and see clearly. Zeldidn’t. Will refuse, why do you depend on you?
“Dare you scold me?” Murong Qing’s face was cold. Today she was really hot. The first projechat came over here was actually taken by others.
Now he was actually scolded by a man in his tens? This disgusting feeling made her want to hiomeone herself!
“Who are your parents? I will make you regret what you said today!” Murong Qingmei stared at
Chuck Ce. She was worth hundreds of billions, and no one dared to treat her like that.
Zelda listened to this sentence, and her curiosity came up. Yes, she always wanted to know who
Chuck Ce’s parents were, because she was so powerful.
“You are not qualified to know.” Chuck Cannon said.
Just kidding, what about Murongqing’s tens of billions of dollars? Compared with your owother, that is a big difference, and you still want to start your own mother?
This is really beyond self-confidence.
“I am not qualified to know? Huaxia Rich, I know everything about Murong Qing, one-fifth oou know, you say!” Murong Qing Meimu just stared at Chuck Ce, and today she was insulted.
“Or is it that your parents are not influential at all and do not deserve to let me know?” Murong
Qing showed a taunt.
Where does Chuck Cannon listen? Say your parents will never work!
Chuck Ce’s eyes cooled and approached her.
He really didn’t want to hit a woman, and the idea he just came out also wanted to humiliate her.
Get closer step by step.
Murong Qing is so disgusting, how can she bring a disgusting person close to herself? She felike she was going to be forced by Chuck Ce, she stepped back, but her high heels were empty,
she fell to the ground, embarrassed, and her buttocks couldn’t climb.
She gritted her teeth and suddenly burst into tears, tearing herself open in a hip skirt.
“What are you going to do? Don’t come!” Murongqing’s beautiful eyes are about to burst intlames, and she hurries to cover her spring with her bag.
Chuck Cannon glanced at her and gathered together, “Don’t you wear black silk at your age?”
When she fell just now, it was originally a hip skirt, of course, something would show up. Chuck
Cannon just saw it, and he was not blind.
“You! Shameless!” Murong Qing got up from the ground like a female leopard.
Chuck Ce’s eyes looked at her thigh, which was pretty good and mellow.
Seeing her so embarrassed, Chuck Ce’s thoughts were suppressed and she was too lazy to adjuser. She turned around and said to Zelda that she could go. Zelda nodded. This is the first time I
have suffered so badly in front of a man!
Murong Qingmei stared at the leaving Chuck Ce, and immediately, she looked down at heipped skirt. At this time, his assistant was already dumbfounded, and this leg was… beautiful.
Murong Qing usually does yoga, very shaped, perfect legs are rounded, this is the best long legs.
Snapped! !
Murong looked at him coldly, walked over and shook his assistant, “Can I see it?”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The assistant covered her cheeks and slammed her head down. He refuseo look at it reluctantly, but he was bitter in his heart. What made you angry with me?
“Check me all the information about this person. I need to know who he is and who my parentre. I want him to kneel down and beg me!” Murong Qingmei’s eyes are cold, the kind of colhat scares men .
“Yes, yes,” the assistant said, and Cha Zang was nothing to Murong Qing at all, and there will besults soon.
“Also, if the person you are looking for is so rubbish next time, you don’t have to show up iront of me.” Murongqing’s voice was cold, if not the four rubbish, would he be insulted today?
It was actually seen by a ten-year-old man… Murong Qing gritted his teeth, really annoyed! toisgusting!
“Yes, rest assured, boss!”
“Call and ask a few people to stand by! I will let him suffer for this person.”
The assistant of course nodded his head. Just now Chuck Cannon slapped him. He stilemembers it clearly, but if he thinks so, his eyes can’t help but look at Murongqing’s legs. It’eally beautiful. If he can…
An evil idea was born in the assistant’s heart…
“Also, the investment in this building has failed. Where else in Haishi has the value of beincquired?” Murongqing’s voice recovered.
The assistant took out the information he had prepared, and after a few glances, locked his eyen a square.
“Boss, there are several places. Among them, I think there is a square that is good. There are ew schools around. The development potential is great, but I don’t know if this boss has thntention to sell,” said the assistant, if Chuck Cannon is here He must be crying and laughinecause this assistant is talking about Chuck Ce’s city square…
“What’s the valuation?” Murong Qing asked, and at the same time took the information, shlanced at it and thought it was okay, and it had the value of the acquisition.
“May be around 670 million,” said Zhuan Ideal.
“Six hundred or seven hundred million? Such a square is not worth so much, at most 500 million.
I gave him six hundred million, and he earned it. Immediately took me to this square to see it. I
want to personally investigate and definitely take this square down. ,” Murong Qing said.
“Yes, but are you going now?” The assistant hesitated and stared at Murongqing’s legs again,
how to say Murongqing’s skirt was torn apart…
Murong Qing slapped him, “Look at your eyes again!”
Murong Qing said that when she walked into the car, she had clothes in the car, just change then the car, and she just took off her clothes when she went.
The assistant was outside the car, his hands touching his swollen cheeks, his eyes were irritated,
“Grass and mud horses, have been with you for so long, except for a little higher wages, I will beaten by you like a dog every day… you……”
“Don’t come in to drive yet?” Murong Qing changed clothes and opened the window coldly.
The assistant was busy getting in and driving. He navigated to the city square, but his eyeassed the rearview mirror and saw the skirt that Murong Qing changed, so fragrant…
Of course Chuck Cannon didn’t know that Murong Qing actually wanted to buy his own square.
At this time, he had already taken Zelda’s car back to the square. It was already six or seve’clock. Chuck Cannon thought, simply called Yvette Jordan down, the three together Have eal.
But Chuck Cannon thought so, Zelda whispered, “Chuck Ce, do you have time tomorrow?”
“The day after tomorrow?” Chuck Cannon was surprised. Zelda wanted to help himself the dafter tomorrow? This… Chuck Cannon was helpless. He was afraid that he would always be wituch a superb woman, and one day he couldn’t help but did something sorry for Yvette Jordan,
that Chuck Cannon would regret it.
After all, Zelda was really too tempting. When driving back just now, Chuck Cannon couldn’elp but look at Zelda’s legs. Fortunately, Chuck Cannon couldn’t hold his hand. Although heached out, Zelda would only blush. Do not know, let Chuck Cannon touch.
But in doing so, Chuck Cannon always felt guilty in his heart and felt sorry for Yvette Jordan,
but he didn’t want to.
“Um, the day after tomorrow…” Zelda wanted to say that the day after tomorrow was heirthday. She wanted to spend time with Chuck Ce, and really wanted to, because she haasically had her own birthday for so many years, but this year is different. She met Chuck Ce,
the man she liked.
She doesn’t want to be alone on her birthday.
“But you see, I will call you the day after tomorrow, and you are free, I will say it again.” Zeldaid, Chuck Cannon was hesitant, she saw it and was lost.
“Well, sister Zelda, you have decided,” Chuck Cannon can only say that. He thought that the dafter tomorrow should be fine, but how to say, he felt as if something happened this day, but houldn’t remember it at once.
What Chuck Cannon didn’t see was that Murong Qing’s car also drove into the parking lot of thity square…

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