My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 186

“How do you feel about this square?” the assistant asked confidently in the car.
Just now she had taken Murong Qing around the square, and from the look of Murong Qing, shaw that she was basically satisfied.
“Go down and see first.” Murong Qing said.
The assistant of course nodded, went out of the door, and then opened the door to Murong Qing.
She walked down and the assistant’s eyes lighted up. Murong Qing just changed his pants. Thias tight, and the round thighs were really eye-catching.
The assistant felt that he could not move his eyes when he glanced at him. The evil thoughts iis heart grew more. When he slept with her once, he immediately escaped without anything.
Because his boss is so good, the age of temptation is like peach.
But the assistant didn’t dare to look at it more. Murongqing must have slapped it out again, bufter Murongqing came out, his eyes were fixed on her hips, really…
The assistant felt that Murong Qing was really the best, and he wanted to sleep Murong Qinore seriously.
Murong Qing and his assistant made the elevator to the first floor.
She glanced at her eyes and thought it was okay. The design of the whole square is more general,
but the user-friendly facilities are very good. Having let her enter so many squares, she feels ittle refreshing. It seems that the owner of this square still has a little talent.
“Hey, boss, there is a crew filming here?” The assistant saw some publicity and said that a creame here to film and shoot, and the actor was actually Ye Mei.
“Well, yes, this square has good development prospects,” Murong Qing took a fancy here.
There are crews, which shows that the square has the merits and large traffic, and at this point,
the flow of people is not much worse than other squares. Although it is largely due to thillingness of the crew or the beauty of the leaves, it is more illustrative. Many people in thilace will come over as long as they are attractive.
She has a good vision, so she has today’s net worth. This square is really doing, and the futuralue will definitely not be less than 3 billion!
This is a good investment for hundreds of millions of dollars to buy here.
Therefore, Murong Qing decided to acquire here.
Regardless of whether the boss agrees or disagrees, if he disagrees, he will smash the money. Ian be worth 3 billion yuan, then 1 billion yuan, 1.5 billion yuan, and in the end, it will be a birofit.
She didn’t believe the boss was unimpressed.
“The boss, what are we going to do now? Go to this square management office?” the assistansked.
“Yes, see the manager here first,” Murongqing said.
The assistant glanced around and saw that the office should be on the fifth floor.
“Boss, please here.”
The two took the elevator, and Murong Qing’s eyes have been observing the square. Thbservation on the first floor and the first floor has further confirmed her thoughts. There ibsolutely value in acquisition here!
In the office.
“What’s the matter with you?” Lu Youwen was stunned. The man and the woman who walked iront of her were so temperamental, and she only recognized more than 700,000 yuan per bag.
She recognized it, so this woman must be a rich man.
“Where is your boss? Our President Murong wants to see him.” The assistant came over anaid.
Murong Qing looked at landing Yuwen, this office gave her a good feeling, indicating that thanager has good capabilities, so the acquisition here, Murong Qing decided to leave thianager, after all, from the perspective of her woman, she appreciates beauty and ability
“Uh, the boss is out, is there anything?” Lu Youwen smiled.
Murong Qing sat down, “How much do you cost a month?”
“Ah?” Lu Youwen was stunned and asked what did this do?
“Say, our President Murong asked you something.” The assistant said.
“More than 10,000.” Lu Youwen was helpless and did not mean to hide. After all, most of thquare managers are this salary, which is not an industry secret, but Lu Youwen does nonderstand, what does this woman want to do?
“I will give you twenty thousand.” Murong Qing said.
“Ah?” Lu Youwen was surprised. Is this a digging foot?
“Thirty thousand!” Murong Qing said again.
Lu Youwen was crying and laughing, “What do you mean?”
“Our President Murong decided to buy here, so give you this salary, I hope you continue to worere.” Assistant said.
But he was also envious. He was usually beaten by Murong Qing, and it was only more than
50,000 a month. He had thought about not doing it, but he couldn’t bear it. After all, Murong
Qing was so beautiful. This assistant didn’t want to leave when he saw her every day. Especialleeing Murong Qing wearing all kinds of clothes, uniforms, tight jeans, hot pants… Seeing her iust enjoyment, I am really excited to think about it.
Lu Youwen smiled, “Are you going to buy us here?”
“Yes, our boss wants to buy here.”
“So you want to see our boss?” Lu Youwen asked curiously.
“Well, let him come out to see me, I talk to him.” Murong Qing said indifferently, money is thest negotiation. She has a lot of money, so the boss can kneel down and beg her to buy, as lons she is willing.
“This boss will not agree.” Lu Youwen shook his head.
“Will you agree?” The assistant sneered. “The market value of your square is between 600
million and 700 million. Our President Murong decided to give you a purchase price of 800
million, far exceeding the market value.”
“800 million?” Lu Youwen was surprised.
“Yes, your boss will definitely be excited at this price and let him out,”
“Sorry, there are quite a lot of 800 million, but our boss should not agree,” Lu Youwen said, firsf all, she knew that Chuck Cannon didn’t lack money at all, and secondly, she knew that Chuck
Cannon was very dedicated to this square, Chuck Cannon has invested his efforts, how to sell it?
Lu Youwen felt that Chuck Cannon would not do this. She usually chats with Chuck Ce. Shnows how far Chuck Ce’s vision is and clearly knows.
“You can’t be the master, let your boss come out,” the assistant said.
Lu Youwen had no choice but to say a word, and then took out his mobile phone and called
Chuck Ce. It was still a good solution for Chuck Cannon himself. However, Chuck Cannoidn’t answer.
“Sorry, our boss is busy.” Lu Youwen said.
“Then you will call me.” The assistant said, Lu Youwen was helpless, shaking his head to say no,
Chuck Cannon said, not wanting to let others know that the square owner was him.
“Relax, I called and asked him, and then you didn’t call me, it made your boss lose a chance tnow me.” Murong Qing said, how could a manager not be able to handle it?
Lu Youwen hesitated, she really looks extraordinary in this woman, it is impossible to have sucelf-confidence without money.
Then give it? Maybe Chuck Cannon really wants to know? She really couldn’t refuse such hing, which was beneficial to Chuck Ce. Lu Yuwen nodded after hesitating, “Well, this is ouoss’s phone.”
The assistant remembered it, but dialing it, it turned out that no one was answering, really busy.
“Boss, no one picks up.” The assistant whispered.
Murong Qing stood up, “He will pick it up.”
After talking, Murong Qing turned around and walked out, but stopped and turned his head, “I
told you, you think, the boss of this square will soon become me, so if you follow me, the futurill be very good.”
“Sorry, I haven’t had the idea of changing jobs, nor would I have this idea,” Lu Youwen smiled.
She knew that Chuck Cannon had other ideas recently, so she decided to follow Chuck Cannoll the time.
“Then you will regret it.” Murong Qing said lightly, swaying his long legs, and the assistanneered. “You really regret it, because our President Murong is much richer than your boss…”
After he went out, Lu Youwen smiled helplessly, didn’t he? She felt ridiculous.
But she is curious, what is Chuck Cannon doing? Why didn’t you answer the phone?
“Boss, do you need me to continue fighting?” the assistant asked.
Murong Qing shook his head, “No, I gave him a chance, he will take the initiative to call,”
The assistant nodded, ah, the phone number Murongqing is not something that ordinary peoplan have. The owner of this square can also see that the owner of the phone, you must call back.
“Something to eat,” said Murong Qing, who was about to become his own square, so he had try the square’s dishes. If he didn’t taste it, he would get out!
“Yes.” The assistant agreed, but after seeing Murong Qing walking in front of him, that leg… thssistant’s mind was deeper, and he must sleep on you.

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