My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 187

The assistant thought about it, and he has followed up. He has been with Murong Qing for ear. Today is the first time he has to eat with his boss. The taste is definitely good. He dreamef the lingering picture of Murong Qing in his mind. .
The assistant was excited. He walked beside Murong Qing and smelled her.
Murong Qing turned around the place to eat, basically there are many tastes, and most of thusiness is good. This is a good performance of the square. She is more satisfied with this placn her heart and is more determined to buy it.
“Hey, boss, look, is that person beautiful?” The assistant suddenly saw two people coming out o restaurant.
He didn’t know a man, but the woman had just put on sunglasses, and he recognized it as opular star with beautiful leaves.
Murong Qing looked at it and found out that it was really Ye Mei. Before that, her company haooperated with Ye Mei once. When Ye Mei was not red, her company invited Ye Mei to comnd sing a song every year.
Obviously Yezimei also found Murong Qing, she was surprised, immediately recognized who ias, she came over, “Hello President Murong, how are you here?”
“I’ll come here and see,” Murong Qing didn’t say much, but if it’s time to buy here, then Ye
Zimei can still be invited to come to the platform.
“Are you filming here right?” Murong Qing asked because she saw the promotion.
Ye Zimei nodded her head. Some students nearby recognized her and wanted to take a grouhoto. The leaves were helpless and red, and they had too much trouble.
“Well, I’m filming here with this boss.” Ye Mei introduced, because Wang Wei was around, shad to introduce it.
Wang Wei had just eaten with Ye Mei for a long time. He felt Ye Mei had too much appetite foim, but Ye Mei was just a polite meal. He just invited Ye Mei to drink, but Ye Mei refused take a show tomorrow.
This made Wang Wei helpless, but it was good to know her.
What a coincidence in the assistant’s heart? But on this occasion, he didn’t have much to say. Hnew clearly, so he didn’t speak.
Murong Qing looked at Wang Wei several times, “Are you the boss of this square?”
She was a little surprised. The boss of this square was so young. No wonder she didn’t answehe phone just now.
“Well, this square is under my name. Hello, my name is Wang Wei,” Wang Wei smiled, and
Murong Qing’s temperament was particularly good. This made Wang Wei want to be close. If iasn’t for the beauty of the leaves, he would talk directly. .
Murong Qing frowned, and Wang Wei’s eyes made her feel sick. She hated men younger thaerself to look at herself with this kind of look. This kind of look made her think of Chuck
Cannon when she was in the parking lot. Eyes are particularly disgusting.
“Well, I have something to tell you,” Murong Qing said calmly.
“You said,” Wang Wei was surprised. Is this to tell Chuck Ce? Sure, but since his boss installed, he must be installed.
“Have you ever thought about selling this square?” Murong Qing came straight to the point.
Today, she was a little bit fed up. Especially when Chuck Cannon looked at the bottom of hekirt today, she was annoyed when thinking of it, and did not want to say a word to her youngene.
“Sell?” Wang Wei was surprised, is this woman going to buy here?
Even Ye Zimei was surprised, how could she think that Murong Qing would say such a thing,
buy this square?
“Yes, the price is good. I’m in love with your place, so you can make a price.” Murong Qing waalm, and his tone didn’t fluctuate.
Ye Mei looked at Wang Wei.
Wang Wei is speechless, how does he interface? He is not the boss, Chuck Cannon is the boss,
but the person he likes is here, he certainly cannot say that the square is not his own, Wang Wes tangled, this Murong Qing said, the price will not be low, how can he know Chuck Do yoant to sell it?
“Your square is worth 700 million, I can make 800 million.” Murongqing quoted directly.
Wang Wei was shocked to know that when his dad sold it, it was only 500 million, but now ias risen by 300 million? In other words, Chuck Cannon earned 300 million in less than onth?
Murong Qing was expressionless, and Wang Wei’s surprised expression made her think that
Wang Wei was moved, 800 million, and most people would not refuse.
The assistant admired, and sure enough, his own boss was straightforward to get this square to bcquired.
“This…” Wang Wei regrets, and is even more uncertain whether Chuck Cannon will sell it. Aftell, 300 million, even if Chuck Cannon is rich, he will be excited.
“The price is not satisfactory? I can add another 50 million.” Murong Qing said.
Wang Wei was completely shocked, can it be added? ?
He is confused, is the value of this square so great? Why didn’t I find out before?
“What you said is true?” Wang Wei swallowed.
“Yes, you agree, I can now transfer you a 50 million deposit.”
Wang Wei felt that he couldn’t say it anymore. Chuck Cannon came to talk about this matteimself, but how did he let Chuck Cannon come? Chuck Cannon came over, so he didn’t help iront of Ye Mei?
Wang Wei was particularly entangled, “If you talk to the manager of the square, I havomething to do at this time,”
“I have already talked to her.”
“Did you talk?” Wang Wei was speechless. He could only say to Murong Qing with a smile.
“Then you talk to my other manager first, he will tell you the details.”
“This? Okay.” Murong nodded, and Wang Wei’s surprised expression was already ten or nine,
and he could discuss the details.
Wang Wei was relieved, immediately called Chuck Ce, and quickly connected, “Manager
Chuck, someone came over to talk about the square with you, come over here! The place to ean the third floor, um.”
When the phone hung up, Wang Wei’s words were obvious, and Chuck Cannon would come.
The leaves are wonderful, Manager Chuck?
Soon Murong Qing’s eyebrows twisted up, because she saw a nasty person approaching this way.
Is he the manager here?
Chuck Cannon was also surprised, how could Murong Qing be here? But Wang Wei has Ye Meround, and of course he won’t say much, let’s talk to her as a manager.
Ye Mei’s eyes are wide, he is the manager here? It should be impossible, how could the manageet the five-star hotel send the highest reception to meet? And also invest in movies?
“This is the manager of your square?” Murong Qingmei stared at Chuck Ce, his voice seemed treeze the air.
“Well, it’s the manager.” Wang Wei came over with a slight smile and whispered, “Chuck Ce,
this person is going to buy your square, bid more than 800 million yuan, you talk to heourself.”
Chuck Cannon is weird, is this woman sick? Just bought a building in the past, and now come tuy your own square?
“Well, I know, you and Ye Mei continue.” Chuck Cannon glanced at Ye Mei.
Since Murong Qing spent more than 800 million yuan to buy here, then she saw the prospect ohis square and Chuck Cannon did not lack money. How could it be sold? Although he can make
300 million yuan, he is very happy, but he does not sell!
“Thank you very much. Please relax tomorrow.” Wang Wei gave Chuck Cannon omprehension of a man. Chuck Cannon nodded silently. It was considered coping, he wouldn’o into that kind of place.
“Let him leave here.” Murong Qing said, of course, this sentence was for Wang Wei. She didn’ant to see this disgusting person who saw her skirt.
Wang Wei was stunned, what happened? ? “You are…”
“Is there such an employee in your square? I regret it.” Murong Qing shook her head. She knehy Chuck Cannon didn’t tell her who her parents were. They used to work for others. I’m afraihat the building was also bought by Wang Wei. It’s just let Chuck Cannon act as agent.
Does a person who comes forward dare to look at the bottom of his skirt?
“Have you misunderstood?” Wang Wei was stunned, and Ye Mei was stunned. What happened?
“Misunderstanding? Not misunderstanding. You just asked him to come out and buy the buildinor you?” Murong Qing said.
“What floor? What are you talking about?” Wang Wei was completely ashamed.
“No need to install it. You bought the building. It’s your skill. Now that I bought you here is alsy skill. Let him leave and I will talk to you.”
Wang Wei was completely ashamed. Chuck Cannon bought the building just now? Whauilding?
“No talk.” Chuck Cannon said.
“You are not qualified to talk to me, you leave me here!” Murong Qing’s beautiful eyes stared at
Chuck Ce.
“I think you are not qualified to stay here,” Chuck Cannon looked at her and said.

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