My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 188

Murong Qing’s eyes cooled down, “You said I am not qualified to stay here??”
The assistant next to her said a neuropathy. It’s really a neuropathy. Your own boss is going tuy it. A manager on the bright side said that his boss is not qualified to be here?
Huh, your boss bought this, and the first one will let you go!
Wang Wei was a little anxious. He didn’t know what contradiction between Chuck Cannon and
Murong Qing. He only knew that Chuck Cannon was a little annoyed. If that goes on, wouldn’t
Ye Zimei know that he was not the boss here! Is Chuck Ce?
Ye Meimei turned her eyes, and she looked at Chuck Cannon curiously. Why do you say she iot qualified to stand here?
Ye Meimei understands Murongqing’s net worth, tens of billions of dollars, do you have more
Chuck Cannon than Murongqing’s net worth?
Ye Mei doubted, very doubtful.
After all, Chuck Cannon gave her a deep impression some time ago. The five-star hotel has thighest reception. He has played a billionaire in public. He has also invested in a movie starrinimself now. Qualified to stay here…
Isn’t this what ordinary people can do?
Ye Mei is full of curiosity, who are you?
“Yes, I will let you leave now because I am…” Chuck Cannon said.
Wang Wei suddenly turned his eyes to pray.
He only came into contact with Ye Mei with the identity of the owner of the square, and now ias been dismantled. Ye Mei will definitely think that he is a liar, so that her impression in Ye
Mei Mei will definitely fall to the bottom, and there can be no next step. .
This is just the beginning, why did Wang Wei want to give up? ?
Chuck Cannon sighed secretly. He understood Wang Wei’s mood and had just made Ye Meave a good impression on her. Now it is really not very good to dismantle him. Plus he reallgreed to Wang Wei. Now it is even worse. …
“What are you? Why didn’t you say that?”
Murongqing’s voice was particularly cold, even with a touch of ridicule, “Do you want to sahat you are still the manager here, so you have the right to let me leave here?”
“It’s a real arrow with chicken feathers!” The assistant mocked.
Who knows that their status is low and they don’t speak? A broken manager can’t even comparith himself, and he wants his boss to leave?
“Mr. Wang, let him leave here, immediately!” Murong Qing said, if this is an employee of heompany, she will immediately let Chuck Cannon put things away.
On this occasion, the manager is not qualified to speak.
Chuck Cannon frowned.
Wang Wei hurriedly lowered his voice and said, “Chuck Ce, beg me, beg me, Wang Wei oweou a big favor, what do you have in the future, in a word, I will definitely go through the fire…”
Chuck Cannon sighed, all men, he understood, Chuck Cannon nodded, “You talk to her.”
After talking, Chuck Cannon turned and left.
Wang Wei was relieved and thanked Chuck Cannon in his heart. He calmed down and said to
Murong Qing, “Maybe I will talk to you tomorrow!”
Tomorrow Chuck Cannon must have talked to her, and now it is enough for Ye Zimei tontinue to believe that she is the boss.
“Yes.” Murong nodded, and she was hungry. Anyway, she would be tenure tomorrow, and iould be fine for another day or two, not to mention her good mood just now was destroyed bhis man who looked at the bottom of her skirt.
Wang Wei was relieved.
Murong Qing and her assistant left, and randomly found a restaurant to enter, and Ye Mei looket the direction of Chuck Ce’s departure, she was curious, so she left?
She is a little unbelievable. It stands to reason that Chuck Cannon should not be the manager ohis square.
“Ye Damei, let’s go for a walk.” Wang Wei said.
Yemei hesitated, “This gentleman is really your square manager?”
“Well, he has always been, he is very talented in management, so I asked him to come over ananage it for me. He is my friend, of course he will not refuse.” Wang Wei laughed.
“Well, this is the case.” Ye Zimei suddenly realized, no wonder this square looks good. It turnut that Chuck Cannon is managing. As a friend, it is normal to help management. Chuck
Cannon is a good person, so if you have money, you can help yourself. Friends manage here.
“That’s it, go for a walk.”
“Well…Murong Qing said just now, is it true that you asked Mr. Chuck to help you buy the nexuilding?” Ye Zimei just heard Murong Qing’s words. She was really surprised that buying uilding should also cost hundreds of millions. Your business? I didn’t expect Wang Wei to be sall.
But at the same time, it was also unexpected that Wang Wei was so busy that his friend Chuck
Cannon appeared when buying a house? Is it so low-key?
“That’s right,” Wang Wei smiled bitterly, Murong Qing said so, so it must be 100%. Chuck Ce,
do you have money? I bought the plaza and the building…
“Well, where is the building?” The leaves are wonderful.
“Well, let me tell you after I have completed the procedures.” Where does Wang Wei know, bue knows that Chuck Cannon can get his shot, it must be a large real estate, and he can only ask
Chuck Cannon after a few days, otherwise This lie can’t go on anymore.
“Good.” Yemei is also curious, where is the building that Wang Wei bought.

Chuck Cannon was chatting with Zelda in the car just now, and came out after receiving Wang
Wei’s call. Now he is back in the parking lot again. How to say, it is good to chat with Zelda.
Because the two people chatted and talked about that problem, he almost made a mistake jusow.
Fortunately, Chuck Cannon calmed down.
“When will you go running?” Zelda asked.
Chuck Cannon thought that running would definitely be necessary, but he has lived in Yvette
Jordan’s house recently, and running is also going to run near her house, it is unlikely to be with
Zelda, but to be honest, Chuck Cannon really wants to see, Zelda This kind of hot figure, runninn yoga pants, must be very attractive.
Chuck Cannon shook his head, he couldn’t think about it any more, he wanted to let Zelda helim once in the car.
“It will be better in a few days,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Well, then I will go back first,”
“it is good,”
Zelda drove away, and she thought about going to the decorated shop to see if she was still alive.
Zelda drove away, Chuck Cannon thought to go to Yvette Jordan, and went home with her, buhe elevator door opened, Murong Qing and her assistant came out, Chuck Cannon was a littlunny.
He didn’t laugh, but he stared at Murongqing’s hips when he saw the assistant coming out. Hiyes were full of evil. Everyone was a man. How could Chuck Cannon not understand what thissistant was thinking?
Do you want to strengthen Murongqing? That would be interesting. What would she think oeing a stronger assistant than her own? ?
Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait to know.
“Why are you again?” the assistant scolded. Now that there was no one else, he had to dress up iront of Murong Qing.
Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce, does this person’s soul live? He told him to leave, and now has reappeared, wanting to retaliate?
“Sick.” Chuck Cannon was too lazy to take care of him, and he had to go find his wife when has in a domineering situation.
“Oh, you bastard!” The assistant was annoyed. Your mother is not as high as I am. I’m a closssistant anyway. You are a small square manager. What are you doing?
Chuck Cannon walked over and kicked the assistant’s foot. The speed was very fast. A skinnonkey still wanted to be in the limelight?
“Oh…” The assistant screamed while covering his stomach. Where did he want Chuck Cannon tare to hit him!
“Dare you dare to hit me?” Murongqing’s voice cooled down, which was really hot.
“What about the fight? I will let you leave here immediately!” Now that Wang Wei and Ye
Zimei are no longer around, there is no need to hide it.
“What qualifications do you have for me to leave? You are just a manager, you…” Murong Qintared at Chuck Cannon and felt ridiculous. What is such a person? Holding a chicken feather a seasonal arrow?
A bright manager, to be honest, does not even have the qualifications to speak to himself.
“No, I am not a manager.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Aren’t you a manager? Haha, you were just fired by your boss, right? Also, you are so lacking iyesight, I am the boss, and the first one fires you like you.” The assistant got up from thround, clutching his stomach , Ridicule, isn’t the manager still so straightforward? He realldmired it, and his face was thick.
“Go away!” Murong Qing had murderous eyes.
“No, this square is mine, I am the boss here, you stand in my place, you are the one to roll,”
Chuck Cannon said.

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