My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 190

Murong Qing came out of the hospital and got into his car. The assistant wondered, whaedicine did his boss buy?
But from the rearview mirror, he saw that Murong Qing’s sitting posture was different frosual, as if to avoid something, and the moment she just sat down, there was pain on her face,
this is…
The assistant thought about the hips, but Murongqing’s most precious thing, he and Murongqinave been with him for a year, knowing this clearly.
He also knows that Murongqing will go to the beauty shop three or four times a month, tens ohousands of times to specially maintain this part, so when Murongqing is wearing tight jeans, is really a visual enjoyment.
The more the assistant thinks, the more itchy in her heart. For these few days, she must sleep ter, no matter if she is stunned or whatever, she must sleep!
When the time comes to take fruit photos, do you still hit me? ? When the time comes, a photill make you obedient.
The more the assistant thought, the expression on his face changed.
“Don’t want to do it? Don’t want to do it, just leave me!” Murong Qing said quietly.
“No, it’s not.” The assistant drove in a hurry and took her to the five-star hotel where she stayenly a few days.
Night hotel.
If Chuck Cannon is here, he will definitely cry again and again, because Murong Qing actuallived in his mother’s hotel……

Early the next morning, Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan went to the square. He saw that Yvette
Jordan was very busy and under great pressure. Chuck Cannon let her relax a little. Yvette
Jordan just smiled and said that she would make money.
Chuck Cannon was helpless.
He thought about going to drive the car back today. He said a few words to Yvette Jordan, theook the car directly to the BMW shop. When he got on the car, WeChat asked Charlotte and shaid that she had time.
Drive BMW, then
“What are you doing here? The time for repayment has not yet arrived!” Yvette Jordan frowned,
as a few people who borrowed usury came to his office.
And these two people looked wrong.
Looking at Yvette Jordan’s office for a few moments, his mouth raised a strange smile, and he saown, “Recently made money, didn’t you? Changed to a new Mercedes-Benz…not bad!”
His younger brother and his girlfriend turned around in the square and saw Yvette Jordan drivin Mercedes-Benz, so he told him.
“The money will be given to you when the time comes, and you won’t even lose a penny.” Yvette
Jordan said.
“Lianbendaili? I’m a little skeptical about this?” Cuntou smiled.
“What do you mean? It was fifteen days after the first repayment.” Yvette Jordan frowned, anhe felt that the position was not good.
“Fifteen days later? Please look at the contract carefully.” Cunto snapped his fingers, and thounger brother took the contract out, which was the contract signed by Yvette Jordan last time.
Yvette Jordan frowned and looked at the contract carefully. The first time he found no problems,
the second time Yvette Jordan was irritated. If there were any problems, there was a probleith this contract.
“You guys!” Yvette Jordan stood up. The contract was to borrow 700,000, each month for
100,000, for a total of ten months, and when he got it, there was no 700,000 at all. Accepted, buhis contract has pits!
“How? See it clearly? It turned out that you didn’t see it when you signed the contract? Whidn’t you care so much? Fortunately, now it’s clear.” Into the smile, he stared at Yvette Jordan’ngry figure, He was so beautiful in his heart that he couldn’t sleep this time? ?
The other younger brothers’ eyes were all shining, and their boss was asleep, so it was their turn.
“You!” Yvette Jordan was about to tear up the contract, but the contract was taken over axpected. “Look clearly, it is 700,000 per month, for a total of ten months, which is 700. Wan!
Not yet, your company is mine!”
Yvette Jordan stared at him.
“But that’s okay, I think your figure is so good, so beautiful, you can’t afford to pay every month.
It’s okay to come and accompany me for a few nights. What if I push you for a month?” Cunto
He laughed, “Or it’s better to follow me, I won’t let you pay the money, you say how good I ao you?”
The eyes of several other younger brothers are brighter, and it is really willing to live like thieauty for ten years!
“Shameless! I want to call the police!” Yvette Jordan took out his mobile phone, how could shccept such a pit? The alarm can definitely be handled!
“Call the police? I advise you to think clearly. The contract is clearly written in black and white.
You call the police? Also, my brother has followed you, knowing that you have a little whitace, if you dare to call the police, I immediately call my brother to scrap Fuck him!” Cunto sairoudly.
How can he be unscrupulous? ? Such a woman, he can eat her to death, but also want to call tholice?
“Don’t! Don’t touch him!” Yvette Jordan panicked. She knew that the position was talking about
Chuck Ce. These people had no humanity at all. They might beat Chuck Cannon to death when
Chuck Cannon went out. Yvette Yi Nan dare not think about it.
“No? Haha, you really have a little white face? Such a lack of men, you should feed me. You see
I am much stronger and more powerful than your little white face. If you are…”
Cunto laughed at himself.
Several other younger brothers laughed. How could it be so cheap to raise a little white face? Nonder we are going to borrow usury.
Yvette Jordan’s eyes cooled down, grabbed the documents on the table and smashed them out, “Iou dare to move him, I will die with you!”
Yvette Jordan’s voice is particularly cold. She has no father and mother, and she has been arphan since childhood. Now the only relative is Chuck Ce, who grew up together and is hewn husband. She absolutely does not allow anyone to hurt Chuck Ce.
Because if Chuck Cannon had an accident, then she would be alone.
Into the head laughed, “Look clearly, you can’t afford the money in a few days, your company iine! Even your new car is mine, and this is my phone and my WeChat. You If you can figure iut, just give me a call and I’ll open a good room for you, I promise you, I want to…”
He took out a business card and blinked Yvette Jordan with an expression you understood.
“Go!” Yvette Jordan’s eyes were red.
Cunto laughed, and walked out with a few younger brothers, and at the door, Cunto commanded,
“Give me 24 hours to monitor her, and as soon as she does anything, immediately grab me.”
“Yes, boss, don’t worry!” A few younger brothers smiled and watched the beauties. Why didn’hey want to?
“Don’t fuck your mother, I’m the one who moved first!” Cunto said.
“Yes Yes.”
“She’s fucking, the company is operating in such a square where the birds don’t shit, it’s notrange to lose money! Let’s go!” Cunto took the rest with them, they went to the parking lot anaw Yvette Jordan’s new car, Cunto went over ,sneer.
Yvette Jordan is sitting in the office, this is definitely not possible, borrowing 700,000 aneturning 7 million, how is this possible? However, if they call the police themselves, they call
Chuck Cannon angrily, what should they do?
Yvette Jordan struggled, and her biggest worry was Chuck Ce.
What should I do? Not like this, she took out her cell phone Chuck Cannon to fight, but no onnswered, her heart hung up, what’s wrong? Husband, what happened to you? ?
Yvette Jordan panicked.

Chuck Cannon was sitting in the car, he mentioned the car just now, and was going to go back,
but Charlotte said to give her a ride, Chuck Cannon certainly agreed, but after drinking a glass oater from Charlotte, Chuck Cannon felt that his body was hot, as if in his heart There areathers on the face.
“Chuck Ce, what’s the matter with you?” Charlotte was pleasantly surprised. She had alreadrepared it. She added a little to Chuck Ce’s water. Chuck Cannon must sleep, otherwise hoould she go further?
“It’s okay. I’m a little tired. I want to rest.” Chuck Cannon said, seeing his mother’s hotel in hiyes. He wanted to go to sleep and felt uncomfortable. Seeing Charlotte’s legs, he felncomfortable.
what happened? Have you held back for too long? He shook his head, but he couldn’t dnything sorry to Yvette Jordan.
“Okay, that’s all right in that hotel.” Charlotte smiled. It turned out that Chuck Cannon still han idea for himself. So half-finished, he still had to sleep himself. He must know that he waaking medicine. Fortunately, not much. He Still sober, take this opportunity to sleep yourself.
Chuck Cannon drove in, and when she arrived at the parking lot, Charlotte saw Chuck Cannolushing, and she felt a smile. She smiled, but didn’t expect to get a Ballerin this way. Resssured, it would make you happy.
Charlotte helped Chuck Cannon get off.

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