My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 191

Chuck Cannon felt that his body was very hot and wanted to do those things more than he evehought. With Charlotte so supported, Chuck Cannon moved unconsciously.
Charlotte blushed and felt that this time the idea was good, so Chuck Cannon fell asleep, so thahe next thing could happen, at least how to say, you can have a local boyfriend.
The more Charlotte thinks, the happier she feels. She wants to help Chuck Cannon in the car, buhe can’t think about it. How can I say that the two are together for the first time, at least not thed, but also the sofa?
Chuck Cannon controls himself. Is Charlotte dressed too sexy today?
Probably, Charlotte is wearing hot pants today, and her slender long legs are exposed. The legre long and straight, but they are relatively skinny and have no sense of touch. Chuck Cannohinks so.
In fact, Chuck Cannon couldn’t help touching Yvette Jordan’s long legs when he slept with
Yvette Jordan last night. The feeling was completely different from Charlotte’s at this time, as ie had encountered nephrite.
Yvette Jordan’s shy expression, Chuck Cannon thought about it, did he feel suffocated last night,
today Yang Yang was like this, and he was thinking?
Chuck Cannon didn’t try that thing, where did he think he was drugged!
Chuck Cannon thought about going to the room to take a cold shower. He had to wake himselp. Charlotte, a woman, could touch it, but she couldn’t, because it was derailed.
Ye Ce at the hotel’s front desk knew Chuck Ce. She saw Chuck Cannon brought a long-leggeeauty over. She smiled subconsciously. It should be. Master is so rich, what are some moromen to play?
Charlotte is a little painful, but this is a five-star hotel, and the cheapest room is about seven oight hundred, but it’s fine.
She was ready to give money, and the front desk smiled and said that Chuck Cannon was a VIP
Charlotte was surprised, but soon it became apparent that Chuck Cannon was so rich, is it normao be a five-star member? ?
Charlotte took the room card and Chuck Cannon upstairs. After arriving at the room, Charlottas surprised again. It was actually a presidential suite. She hadn’t lived in such a place yet.
“You sit, I’ll take a shower.” Chuck Cannon must keep himself awake and can’t do anythinorry for Charlotte.
Charlotte will naturally not let this opportunity go, she came over shyly, “Let’s get betteogether…”
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, to be honest, he really wanted to pounce on Charlotte at thiime, but reason told him that he couldn’t do it. If he knew this, Yvette Jordan would definitele sad.
“I’ll do it myself,” Chuck Cannon said, forcing her eyes away from her thigh.
Charlotte worried
In order to prevent Chuck Cannon from discovering that she was being dispensed, she put in articularly small amount. Is it really the reason for the insufficient amount, so Chuck Cannoan keep the man sober now?
Charlotte bit her lip and had to take the initiative. She came over and stuck to Chuck Cannon anaid shyly, “Chuck Ce, it’s okay, I told you, you want me to give you any time,…”
Where did Chuck Cannon endure this tone? Delicate and shy, when he stepped back, he bumpento a vase with a clatter.
The vase is broken.
Murong Qing, who is reading a book next door, frowned. What happened? The young man nexoor? So fierce? ?
There was another noise, it was too noisy, Murong Qing snorted coldly, and let peoplest? ? She stood up, but forbearance. Once again, she had to go to warn the person next door.
But within three seconds, bang!
There was another noise, and Murong Qing’s face was cold. He had no sense of ethics at all.
How can someone sleep like this? ?
Murong Qing opened the door and went out, he must warn this person! Spend your own moneo come and enjoy quiet, not noisy!

Charlotte was dumbfounded. She saw Chuck Cannon broke a vase just now, and she hurriedlupported Chuck Ce, but Chuck Cannon didn’t pay attention. She broke an ashtray and a fisank. Chuck Cannon was speechless herself. Too.
Charlotte is worried, is this expensive?
“Chuck Ce, are you okay?” Charlotte’s heart was extinguished like this, Chuck Cannon shook hiead, “It’s okay, it’s okay to break something, I’ll go to take a shower,”
Charlotte bit her lip and watched Chuck Cannon enter the bathroom. After hesitating, she tooff her clothes and Chuck Cannon felt it. She could see that now she can definitely take Chuck
Cannon if she takes the initiative.
But at this time there was a knock on the door, and the sound was very loud. Charlotte coulnly put on her clothes and went to open the door. When the door opened, she saw a prettoman with a cold face.
“What’s the matter with you? You need such a loud voice?” Murong Qing said coldly.
“Sorry, I’m sorry.” Charlotte blushed and apologized in a hurry. She also felt noisy.
Murong Qing looked in and found that it was very embarrassed, what is this looking at? Murong
Qing’s face slackened. “What’s wrong? Is someone strong against you? Let me call you.”
After all so embarrassed, is this struggling? So this is it? After all, no matter how young anierce it is, it won’t break so many things directly? Don’t pay for it?
“No, no. You misunderstood.” Charlotte was helpless.
But Charlotte suddenly screamed, because she was caught by her hand, it was Chuck Ce, he jusent to take a cold shower, but the more he rushed to think, the more he couldn’t control hihoughts. The picture, he was confused himself.
How could this be?
You can control it when facing Zelda.
Chuck Cannon couldn’t figure it out for himself. The key is that when his hand reached out froehind, it was too fierce, as if hitting someone, and his hand touched Murongqing in front.
This feeling…
Chuck Cannon felt comfortable.
Murong Qing’s eyes widened, this person caught himself? ? ?
“You…” Murong Qing was embarrassed, but Chuck Cannon felt his hands were good. Where die think much? Just grabbing the clothes in front of Murong Qing and dragging her in, it is reallubconscious behavior, and it is also the subconscious behavior of men.
The door closed.
Murong Qing was furious, “Shameless, what did you do to me?”
Murong Qing raised his hand and slammed it out, Charlotte was frightened, immediately blocked
Murong Qing, this slap shot on Charlotte’s face, the clear voice, the intoxicated Chuck Cannooke up, he realized that he was in his own hands Actually still holding a woman in front… Ihis, this is Murong Qing? ?
Why is she here?
Chuck Celai was stunned.
“It’s you? Asshole!” Murong Qing saw that the person behind Charlotte was actually, peeking at
Chuck Cannon at the bottom of her skirt, and she was annoyed at once!
Murong Qingda also grabbed Chuck Ce’s arm in front of him. Chuck Cannon was in pain and let go unconsciously, but he still remembered this feeling…
Murong Qing’s teeth tickled with hatred. She wanted to kill. She really wanted to kill. This littlen-year-old man looked at the bottom of his skirt, and now she caught her… disgusting, she felarticularly disgusting!
Chuck Cannon felt that he was justified. He was just a man’s subconscious behavior. He watunned by medicine. He said sorry, Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce, “You… Ah, you, you!!!”
Murong Qing suddenly saw Chuck Ce’s bath towels fall off, this…
She suddenly felt ashamed, “Shameless!”
Charlotte gave a subconscious look, and she was shy in her heart. Although she was slapped bistake, Charlotte felt that she had made the right decision this time…
Chuck Cannon was also embarrassed. He picked up the towel and surrounded himself. He alslushed. His body was as if Yvette Jordan had only seen it when he was a child, and there was
Zelda. Now it is Charlotte and Murong Qing. He was still being watched at the same time, and
Chuck Cannon couldn’t stand this kind of vision. He himself wanted to find a hole in the ground.
“I’m sorry, I just…” Chuck Cannon felt wrong, and it was indeed very wrong. He caught Murong
Murongqing’s eyes were about to burst into flames. She hated men smaller than herself danglinn front of her. She felt very sick.
“You, it’s over today!” Murong Qing took out her mobile phone. Yes, she wanted to calomeone. She suffered such a big loss today. How could she swallow this breath? ?
She opened the door to get out, but Chuck Cannon subconsciously pulled her back again. This ier mother’s hotel. If the mother knew it, she would be very disappointed.
Murong Qing was shocked and struggling madly, but Chuck Cannon just pulled her like this.
Finally, Chuck Cannon couldn’t do anything. She wanted to hug her and say no to her, but hoould Murong Qing listen? While struggling, Chuck Ce’s bath towel was pulled off again.
Charlotte’s eyes lit up, Murong Qing’s eyes widened, disgusting!

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