My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 192

Chuck Cannon also felt embarrassed, and was busy loosening Murong Qing, enclosing the batowel himself, but Murong Qing took the opportunity to open the door and ran out.
That fire-breathing look made Chuck Cannon feel speechless. He could only close the door anas so troubled that the desire in his heart was gone, and he put on his clothes.
Charlotte bit her lip and was disappointed in her heart. Just now Chuck Cannon was about to domething to herself, but, yes! !
“Chuck Ce…”
She came over and hugged Chuck Cannon from behind, “Don’t go, stay here with me today, OK?
I will make you satisfied, really…”
She never said this to anyone else in this way. She felt that she had taken the initiative, but whidn’t Chuck Cannon touch herself?
Chuck Cannon was helpless. He was almost impulsive just now. Without Murong Qing, he musave been entangled with Charlotte.
How to say, today Charlotte is still particularly attractive, especially with long legs anharming.
“Chuck Ce, I like you, really.” Charlotte knelt down.
Chuck Cannon was startled, “Don’t, don’t…”
Zelda twice, Queenie once, he has been derailed three times, and he has been particularly guilty.
He came here today and Chuck Cannon is now all uneasy. What if Yvette Jordan knows what to?
Charlotte is bitter, “Chuck Ce, I’m so unattractive in your eyes?”
Chuck Cannon shook his head. If there was no hot woman like Yvette Jordan and Zelda, then
Chuck Cannon would think that Charlotte was particularly beautiful, but Charlotte was tokinny. , I don’t feel much about Charlotte.
This is what Chuck Cannon thought.
“No, you are very beautiful and have a good figure, but I have a girlfriend.” Chuck Cannon canly say so.
Charlotte stood up, “I really don’t mind if I don’t mind.”
She knows that Chuck Ce’s girlfriend is Lu Youwen. She knows, but when Chuck Cannon sener home for the first time, her roommate’s adoration for her made her vanity satisfied so much,
she liked the feeling. , And that feeling was given to her by Chuck Ce.
Chuck Cannon sighed, “You let Lara know what to do?”
Chuck Cannon thought of using Lara to stop her thinking.
After all, she is Lara’s cousin, how can you feel a little ashamed?
“Why do you like Lara?”
Charlotte bit her lip and asked, “If you like it, then I will call Lara now and let her come. I wilive you with her…”
Why can’t she see that Lara likes Chuck Ce? Attracted by Chuck Ce’s “local tyrant”, at that time,
Lara himself admitted that he liked Chuck Ce.
In the past few days, Lara has been unhappy, and she sees more clearly. If you call Lara now anay that she will serve Chuck Cannon together, Lara may feel embarrassed, but she should bere. Charlotte knows Lara.
After all, the cousin and cousin were given to a man. This is somewhat shameful. I don’t know.
Lara came and Charlotte could let it go. After all, it’s embarrassing… Although the relationshietween the two people is so good, sometimes they playfully fight each other. Noisy, usuallleep together, but suddenly added a man, it is different.
Chuck Cannon was stunned, and the scene of Lara coming here came out in his mind, which waeally lively.
Chuck Ceke is not so open yet, and there is Lara. Chuck Cannon hates her now. Although heigure is very good, it is as large as Murong Qing.
But how can Chuck Cannon touch her?
“No more, really no more,” Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly.
Charlotte was lost, she felt it was not good to continue to stay, “Then… you have a good rest,
what can I call,”
The meaning is still so obvious.
Chuck Cannon could only nod her head first, but it was late, thinking about letting her stay heror a good night, and go back by herself, but Chuck Cannon couldn’t open the mouth.
I can only watch Charlotte go out, and at the door, Charlotte grievances have left tears, and sheft.
Chuck Cannon sighed, forget it, he should go back quickly, hug Yvette Jordan to sleep, it is thost comfortable.
But when Chuck Cannon was about to leave, the door rang and someone was knocking.
Chuck Cannon wonders, is it Charlotte? But when Charlotte came back, Chuck Cannon waeally bad at rejecting it. Is something really going to happen? Unbelief, I can’t do anything I’orry about Yvette Jordan.
Chuck Cannon walked over to open the door, but she saw Murong Qing with a cold face. Therere four hotel security guards behind her. This…
Chuck Cannon didn’t understand yet. This was Murong Qing’s anger, and he brought the hoteecurity to come and trouble himself!
The hotel security officer was stupefied when he saw Chuck Ce. When they were downstairs jusow, Murong Qing walked over and said that there was abnormality. Of course, as a securituard, they must ensure the safety of customers. They came up, but they saw this abnormality.
? ?
“It was him just now! You stared at this person!” Murong Qing said that she had called ansked the assistant to call someone over, but she was worried that Chuck Cannon would ruway, so let the hotel security guard Chuck Cannon first.
Otherwise Chuck Cannon ran away, where did she go to find Chuck Ce? How can I revenge thievenge today? If you don’t report, she won’t be able to sleep tonight.
“Why do your hotels treat customers this way? I came here to spend with you, but because of thierson’s harassment, you should not be responsible?” Murong said with a cold face.
“Uh, are you a little misunderstood?” the leading security guard said politely.
“Misunderstanding? Do you think I was making trouble unreasonably? Did you see it yourself?
Several things in this room shattered! What kind of person is he still talking to me?” Murong
Qing was annoyed.
“You go out first.” Chuck Cannon was helpless. He just lost money, so he felt that he should give
Murong Qing an explanation.
Several security guards nodded.
“Go out? Do not go! He harassed me and broke the facilities of your hotel. You left like that?”
Murong cleared his fire. What happened to these security guards? ?
“He is our…” the security guard whispered.
“What? Are you a member?” Murong said with a cold face, Chuck Cannon could have a square,
so it is normal to become a member of this five-star hotel, but members can ignore what iappening today?
Chuck Cannon must be looked at, otherwise his own person will come, how to clean up him? ?
“No, he is not our member, but our young master.” The security guard said respectfully.
“Master?” Murong Qing was stunned. “What young master? What do you mean?”
She couldn’t say anything when she reached her mouth.
“This is the son of our boss.” The security guard said.
Murong Qing froze, what? This is a five-star hotel. Is he the son of this boss? ?
how can that be? Have you actually lived in a hotel where people peeking at the bottom of theikirts? Murong Qing was shocked at the same time. I feel even more disgusting. I slept in thied last night.
“I think this matter should be a misunderstanding!” the security guard whispered.
Murong Qing sneered, “Misunderstanding? What about this hotel? Can you harass me?”
“It was just…” Chuck Cannon sighed. What happened to him just now? It’s too impulsive, but
Murong Qing feels really good, Chuck Cannon is still aftertaste.
“Shut up!” Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce. She was really annoyed. She also felt unbelievable.
Chuck Cannon had a square, so he represented that the building was really bought by him, anhis five-star hotel was actually him. Yes, this…
In this way, Chuck Ce’s net worth is almost the same as himself?
It should be, after all, who can open a five-star hotel, how can the net worth be low?
“I was wrong just now, what do you want?” Chuck Cannon said.
“How is it?” Murong Qing was disgusting, too disgusting, “Let your parents come out anpologize to me! Even if I let you do this once!”
Seeing Chuck Ce’s parents, Murong Qing decided to retaliate. She will never swallow her shamoday. When his parents show up, Chuck Cannon must kneel down and apologize!
Chuck Cannon shook his head, “No, you said something else,”
Let my mother know, is it still worth it? ?
“No way?” Murong Qing’s face cooled down, “This can’t help you! Your parents don’t comoday, I will make you regret today!”
She has called someone to come and stand by herself. What are you afraid of?
Chuck Cannon was helpless and asked several security guards to go out first. He then talked to
Murong Qing, but Chuck Cegang said so, the door opened, and his mother came in…

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