My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 193

“Who are you?” Murong Qing’s face was cold, and she stared at Karen Lee with a little vigilance.
Because of Karen Lee’s noble temperament, this was something she had never felt in any womaefore.
Several security guards immediately respected.
Murong Qing understood, “Are you the boss here? That is his mother?”
“En.” Karen Lee nodded.
Murong Qing stared at Chuck Cannon again. At this moment, she wondered why Chuck Cannoas so disgusting. His mother felt pretty good?
Is it your own son? If it weren’t for her to see that Chuck Cannon was like Karen Lee, she walearly mother and son, otherwise she would be so skeptical.
How can such a temperamental woman have such a son?
Several security guards immediately went out and the door closed.
Murong Qing frowned, “What do you want to do?”
“Don’t get me wrong, I won’t do anything. I heard someone tell me to call me, so I came out.”
Karen Lee walked over.
Chuck Cannon felt embarrassed that her mother came over, so she didn’t know she had comith other women just now?
Chuck Cannon felt that Karen Lee would definitely be disappointed.
Chuck Cannon was so upset that he dared not look at his mother.
“Your son has harassed me just now, and I want him to kneel down and apologize to me!”
Murong Qing calmed down. What scene did she never see?
What if Chuck Ce’s mother came over? She took advantage of it. Chuck Cannon just grabbed hen front. Isn’t this harassment?
“This doesn’t work, he won’t kneel anyone.”
Karen Lee shook his head, “I just watched the surveillance video. For the time being, he warong. I can apologize to you, but I can’t let him kneel.”
Chuck Cannon felt guilty. My mother really had money. When did she apologize?
“You apologize? What do I want you to apologize? I want him!” Murong Qing stared at Chuck
“I said he would not kneel to anyone, you can make other demands.” Karen Lee shook his head.
“Other requirements? Do you want to use money to compensate me? Do you think I will be shorf money?” Murong Qing said coldly.
“You are not short of money, but this is a good solution.”
“Do you think I will agree?” Murong Qing stared at Karen Lee.
The person she called was almost here, and today Chuck Cannon had to kneel to apologize.
“Look at yourself, I think there is room for discussion on anything.” Karen Lee’s face wandifferent.
“No, he will kneel for me today!” Murong Qing shook his head.
Karen Lee glanced at her, “No room for negotiation?”
“No!” Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce. Today she must let Chuck Cannon kneel, otherwise shan’t sleep at night. Her chest was actually caught by a ten-year-old man? ?
She is the most disgusting.
“Okay,” Karen Lee walked to Murongqing helplessly, “That’s no way, you…”
Before she finished this sentence, she suddenly saw the door kicked open. More than a dozeeople rushed in, staring at him, Karen Lee froze slightly, and Chuck Cannorowned. Murongqing actually called so many people to come? Is this trying to smash the store?
“Is it okay now?” Murong Qing’s face was expressionless. “Let him kneel, and this matter will bolved today.”
Karen Lee suddenly laughed, “There is no need to be so troublesome.”
“Trouble? What I hate the most, your son did to me!” Murong Qing was angry.
Karen Lee subconsciously glanced at Murongqing’s stomach, and Murongqing was even mornnoyed, “What are you looking at?”
“Nothing, you can go out by yourself.” Karen Lee said.
These more than ten people sneered, but they were called by Assistant Murong Qing at a cost of
30,000 per person. How could it be so easy to leave? How can I get money after I leave?
“Don’t go out? Okay!” Karen Lee said, and some people yelled, because a woman grabbed theiecks and threw them out one by one, just like throwing garbage, Betty, more than ten Hoould an individual be her opponent? I fell in when I came in.
Betty solved them so easily. Where did these people dare to stay? They hurriedly ran away, as ihey met a tiger.
Murong Qing was shocked, and the person who came in was so resolved? Her face waompletely ugly. “You have such a master at your side? What’s your name?”
“It doesn’t matter what my name is, I appear to solve it!”
“Okay, you are awesome! This matter can’t be solved, I will let him kneel for me!” Murong Qinaid to go outside, but Betty stared at her.
“Keep off!” Murong Qing scolded.
Betty did not move, but stared at her.
“You’re looking for someone to play strategy, do you think I don’t know?” Karen Lee said,
Chuck Cannon was surprised. Does his mother know this?
“Yes, I was looking for someone to beat him. Who told her to say me…” Murong Qing’s face waarticularly cold.
“There is no need to say more about it. You choose it yourself. Today this matter is over, so iou hit me, I can not hold you accountable.” Karen Lee calmly.
“If not!” Murong Qing’s eyes were like leopards.
“If not, that’s simple, you can go.” Karen Lee said.
“Are you threatening me? What do you want to do? Looking for someone to deal with me?”
Murong Qing’s voice was as cold as ice. She is also a billionaire and will not be afraid of anyone.
“I’m not that boring, by the way, I can tell you, my name is Karen Lee.”
Murong Qing stared at Karen Lee and opened the door to go out.
The room was quiet.
Chuck Cannon suddenly embarrassed, “Mom, I…”
Karen Lee looked at Chuck Cannon and asked Betty to go out to prepare some food. Bettalked out, Chuck Celey, “Mother… are you disappointed?”
“A bit.” Karen Lee nodded.
Chuck Cannon lowered his head, his mother was really disappointed.
“Mom, I will never again.” Chuck Cannon said, knowing this by his mother, Chuck Cannoeally feels bad.
“I just listened. If you don’t mention this, you have done a good job in your business. I decided tpen a hospital for the building you bought yesterday.” Mom said.
Chuck Cannon was surprised. The hospital was not opened by ordinary people, right? Chuck
Cannon shook his head like this, his mother is not an ordinary person!
Murong Qing came out of the Yeshi Hotel. She was in the car. Her assistant was driving. Theras a slap mark on his face. Murong Qing was hit. Of course, who was angry and called? Was io easily solved by a woman?
Murong Qing closed her eyes and felt uncomfortable. She looked down at the place where shad just been caught by Chuck Ce, and she was angry. She had to give Chuck Cannon a lesson!
She called people and asked Karen Lee about her situation, but her friends didn’t know mucbout Karen Lee, but she knew that recently there was a Karen Lee woman in China who wahopping frantically. These things were hotels, movie theaters, restaurants. ,bar……
Murongqing was dumbfounded when he heard the news. Her friend said that Karen Lee was sapricious. The net worth is at least hundreds of billions…
So, the person who looks at the bottom of his skirt is actually a super rich second generation? ?
The driving assistant wondered what happened to his boss?

Chuck Cannon was chatting with his mother. At this time, the phone rang. Chuck Cannonswered with confusion. It was Yvette Jordan. It was Yvette Jordan’s anxious voice when honnected. He asked Chuck Cannon where, Chuck Cannon was hard to say at the hotel, Yvette.
Yi Nan will definitely think more about it, and can only say something is wrong.
Yvette Jordan was relieved. She cried in a hurry. She had been calling Chuck Cannon and no onnswered. She thought Chuck Cannon had an accident. Now she heard Chuck Ce’s voice and shas relieved.
“Her husband, will you go home early?” Yvette Jordan whispered, she was too worried about
Chuck Ce. If Chuck Cannon had an accident, then she would have no relatives.
The phone hung up and Karen Lee was silent. She hadn’t checked Yvette Jordan’s informatioet, so she had to be cautious. In fact, she thought Yvette Jordan looked very good, but she stiloubted how to say it.
What if you are your enemy daughter? What should I do?
Karen Lee hesitated and said, “Cer, what do you think of Tang Wan you saw in Beijing lasime?”
Chuck Cannon said very well, Aunt Logan is very gentle, and the car is very fragrant. Of course,
Chuck Cannon didn’t say the last word. This made the mother hear it?
Karen Lee glanced at Chuck Cannon again, and an idea suddenly appeared in his heart, but hidn’t know if Chuck Cannon would accept it. Compared with the unknown Yvette Jordan, Tang
Wan was still more reliable.

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