My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 194

In fact, for Tang Wan, Karen Lee’s idea has always been the same. When she helped Tang Wao set up her own company, Karen Lee besides likes to help people, also has a careful thought,
that is, to train Tang Wan to let her become her daughter-in-law.
So Karen Lee always wanted Tang Wan to call her aunt, but Tang Wan didn’t seem tnderstand Karen Lee’s meaning, so she didn’t make it.
It happened that Yvette Jordan’s identity, she was more skeptical, so she wanted to let Chuck
Cannon be with Tang Wan simply. Anyway, for Tang Wan, Karen Lee knew everything, Tang
Wan was gentle and beautiful, she thought it was more suitable for Chuck Cannon of.
Of course, Karen Lee will not force Chuck Ce, nor will he force Chuck Cannon to leave Yvette
Jordan. Chuck Cannon himself decides, at least for now, Chuck Ce’s peach luck is good.
It may make Tang Wan, who doesn’t have that idea, gradually like Chuck Ce, maybe this is morontact.
However…Chuck Cetaohuayun is so good, women one after another, as a mother Karen Lectually do not know whether to laugh or worry.
As an old mother, Karen Lee certainly wants to establish the correct values for Chuck Ce, thutlook on life, it is enough to find a woman in life.
Karen Lee didn’t want his son Chuck Cehuang to be promiscuous, so is it different from thncient emperor? But Chuck Cannon seems to be unable to stop the peach blossoms. Karen Leas a special headache and is helpless. Is it possible to give Chuck Cannon a death order trevent him from contacting other women?
This may not work. It is a good thing to have a woman like her son, but how to lead his son the right way, Karen Lee especially wants to do it.
Karen Lee sighed in her heart and saw her mother stopped talking, Chuck Cannon couldn’t helut ask, “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”
“It’s okay.” Karen Lee shook her head, “Tang Wan, you touch her more, her personality is verentle, you touch more.”
Chuck Cannon wonders, what does mom mean? He didn’t think much, anyway, it was good tet in touch with Aunt Logan, at least get in Aunt Logan’s car, the kind of scent that Chuck
Cannon now unforgettable…
And Tang Wan’s gentle temperament is really rare, and every smile is a woman’s charm.
Of course, Chuck Cannon nodded and said, but Aunt Logan is in Beijing. Chuck Cannon didn’ean to go to Beijing recently. Is Aunt Logan coming to find himself? This is not good.
Although she would make a phone call and ask Aunt Logan to come over, she would definitelgree, but this is not good.
Still have a look.
“Mom, Yvette Jordan called to let me go back, then I went back.” Chuck Cannon said.
Karen Lee sighed, “Well, the food over the kitchen is ready, you let people pack, you take iack.”
This is really because the daughter-in-law forgot her mother, Karen Lee wanted to have a meaith Chuck Ce.
Chuck Cannon walked out happily and went downstairs to go back with the packed meals.
Yvette Jordan should not have eaten, went back to eat with his wife, and then hugged and slept.

Betty came in, “Murong Qing this woman, need to teach her a lesson?”
“No, the strong woman has her own temper. Her temper is not too bad. Let Qier solve it berself. After all, in this matter today, Ceer did not do it right.” Karen Lee shook her head. .
Betty just saw the surveillance video outside the hotel. She also felt like crying and laughing.
Chuck Cannon grabbed a woman’s chest like this, and pulled people into the room. No wondehat Murong Qing would run away.
As a woman, she doesn’t know how to say this. Anyway, if Chuck Cannon treats her like this,
she estimates…
Betty shook her head, how could Chuck Cannon treat her like this?
“Right, do you think Ce’er and Tang Wan are appropriate?” Karen Lee asked.
“This… President Li, you mean that Tang Wan and the young master are together? Will Tang
Wan agree?” Betty was curious. After all, she thought that Tang Wan had no idea in thiegard. It is estimated that Tang Wan is taking Chuck Cannon as a junior who can be cherished.
“Tang Wan has always been single, although he is a little older than Ceer, but he has a gooersonality and will take good care of Ceer. This is my satisfaction, not to mention Tang Wan’entle personality, I mentioned it with her, she might Think about it in this regard, but whether iill succeed or not, it still depends on Ceer himself.” Karen Lee said.
She took out her mobile phone, found Tang Wan’s number, dialed it, and answered, Karen Lemiled, “Are you free recently…”

Chuck Cannon came home and parked the car in the parking lot of the community. Zelda’s caas still on the square. Chuck Cannon thought of returning Zelda’s car to her tomorrow.
Anyway, Zelda didn’t say the day before yesterday. Problems?
Carrying the packed dishes upstairs and knocking on the door, Chuck Cannon felt a warmbrace. Yvette Jordan took the initiative to hug herself. Chuck Cannon was surprised. Whaappened?
“Her husband, remember to answer my phone in the future. Remember, you must remember.”
Yvette Jordan hugged Chuck Cannon before feeling that his loved ones were fine.
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed. At that time, he sent Charlotte back, but he thought that he hall those thoughts in his mind, so he didn’t even hear the voice of the phone. He didn’t even knohat he was doing because Charlotte gave him medicine.
“Well, let’s eat first,” Chuck Cannon said. Yvette Jordan was also hungry. His mother asked thitchen to make seven or eight dishes. Yvette Jordan was particularly surprised to see how tack so many dishes?
But she was hungry and didn’t think much. After finishing eating with Chuck Ce, she took thnitiative to lie in Chuck Ce’s arms and closed her eyes to sleep. She was tired today, especiallired, and she could feel secure only by embracing Chuck Ce.
Chuck Cannon was so drugged by Charlotte today. Although the fire was extinguished by
Murong Qing’s rage, the idea was still there. He looked at the hot body in his arms.
Chuck Cannon looked forward to it, Yvette Jordan, wait again, you are already exercising, anfter a while, will give you the strongest self, waiting…
In the morning, Yvette Jordan made breakfast. After eating, Chuck Cannon was going to call
Zelda to ask what he was going to do? But Yvette Jordan worried that Chuck Cannon was caughy those people, so she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to leave her line of sight, and wanted Chuck
Cannon to go to her company, she watched.
Otherwise, Chuck Cannon has an accident, she really hates herself.
Yvette Jordan thought of this, she suddenly received a call… Yvette Jordan was stunned…
At the toilet, Chuck Cannon called Zelda and whispered to ask her what she would doday. Zelda received the call early in the morning and was also pleasantly surprised. She said,
“Actually, I really want to drink today, so if you have time, come and drink with me.”
Zelda didn’t tell Chuck Cannon about her birthday today. After all, she didn’t want Chuck
Cannon to buy her a gift. At the very least, Chuck Cannon should accompany herself.
“Well, you have a better time,” Chuck Cannon agreed.
“Thank you, or in the afternoon or evening?” Zelda was pleasantly surprised.
“Well, then I’ll wait for you in your square parking lot.”
“it is good.”
Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and walked out of the toilet. He wondered what happened to
Zelda? She was so happy just now.
There should be something. Chuck Cannon thought that Zelda had such a good relationship.
Something would definitely help her solve it, not for those two times. It should also be the reasohy Zelda is usually good to himself.
“Husband, are you free today?” Yvette Jordan whispered expectantly.
She just received a call from her classmates and said that today she did not want to participate ihe class meeting because she was so busy and busy with loan sharks, but she remembered thaer classmate’s husband happened to be a lawyer, and She will participate today, so Yvette
Jordan thought about taking this opportunity to ask if there was any other way.
Otherwise, let her still pay more than 7 million, and all day worried about Chuck Ce’s trouble,
Yvette Jordan will really collapse.
Chuck Cannon was surprised, he just promised Zelda just now, this…
“Wife, what are you doing?” Chuck Cannon can only ask.
“I have a class meeting today, and I think you will accompany me to participate in it, frofternoon to night,” Yvette Jordan expects, and she will go by herself every year in the claseeting. This time she will take her husband.
Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan’s expectant look, he smiled and nodded, “Okay.”
“Thank you husband…” Yvette Jordan breathed a sigh of relief. Once her husband appeared, hould not be harassed by other male students.
Yvette Jordan went to the room to change clothes. Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, so he coulnly go to the toilet again and got through Zelda’s phone. “Sister Zi Yi, I’m sorry, I havomething to do today…”

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