My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 195

Zelda’s house.
She is particularly nervous, and her heart is as nervous as the deer bumping. Today is heirthday, alone with Chuck Ce, is that a date?
It should be counted, what kind of clothes should I wear today? Skinny jeans? Um, this is ok,
Chuck Cannon seems to like to watch legs, but shorts are not better?
Well, just shorts.
Then, what should I wear for the top? T-shirt, white t-shirt is ready, Zelda tried several clothes,
and finally decided on a set.
Looking at the mirror, long and slender legs, white and round, t-shirt slim, abdomen witbdominal muscles can be vaguely seen, Zelda smiled, Chuck Cannon should like it.
Zelda lay in bed and calmed down his mood. In the afternoon, go to the square again in thfternoon, so as not to delay Chuck Ce’s affairs.
Zelda didn’t want to do anything today because she knew that Chuck Cannon had Yvette Jordan her heart, so she teased him that he didn’t want to do it. Zelda didn’t want to do this, so he ha meal, then had a good time, went to the bar for a drink, and then took a walk. You can go homy chatting.
Zelda thinks so, but she is not active, but if Chuck Cannon needs, then she will not refuse, natter what way Chuck Cannon wants to use, hand, mouth…
She will not refuse, Zelda will agree in the car, on the roadside, or at home, just to see Chuck Ce.
How to say, he spent his birthday with him, these should be, just to see if he mentions it, thinbout it.
Zelda calmed down, but… the phone rang suddenly, she saw Chuck Ce, she was delighted, jusalled, and now he called again, do you know your birthday today?
Ask what gift you want?
Zelda looked forward and answered, but…
“Sister Zelda, I’m sorry, I have something to do today…” Chuck Ce’s voice came from the phone,
with apologies.
Zelda was stunned for a moment, she felt lost and uncomfortable.
“Sister Zelda, can you hear it? Sorry, I have something to do temporarily, and I can’t go out witou today.” Chuck Cannon here didn’t hear the sound, thinking that Zelda had a bad signal ovehere.
“Yes, I heard, it’s okay, you are busy with you.” Zelda is bitter, bitter, and bitter in his mouth.
She is not bitter or anything else. If it is a matter of the square, Zelda particularly understandhat she will go to the square to accompany Chuck Cannon and accompany him to solvroblems.
But if it was because of Yvette Jordan, she would feel particularly lost.
“Well, by the way, sister Zelda, are you going to let me out today, is there anything wrong?”
“It’s nothing, you are busy with you.”
“Okay, I have something to do today, or tomorrow will be better, I will come out tomorrow,”
“Tomorrow?” Zelda shook his head. “Shall we talk tomorrow?”
“Well, sister Yi, I hung up.”
“it is good.”
The phone hung up, Zelda lost his heart to the extreme, his birthday today…
Without Chuck Ce, how do you spend today? She was still thinking about where to go with
Chuck Cannon today, and where, but… he can’t get something…

Chuck Cannon collected his phone.
Listening to Zelda’s tone just now, her tone is no different from usual, so it means Zelda doesn’ind, Chuck Cannon is relieved, he just thought Zelda would be sad, now it seems that he thinkoo much, it is estimated Even Zelda wanted to go out today, drink and relax, and stay with heomorrow.
Chuck Cannon didn’t think about Zelda anymore, but he was actually a little excited because
Yvette Jordan’s previous classmates didn’t bring Chuck Ce. In fact, when Yvette Jordan firsarticipated, he had Chuck Cannon go together, However, Chuck Cannon did not havonfidence at that time, so he shook his head and said no, Yvette Jordan never called Chuck
Cannon again.
It’s different now, but I am a super rich second generation. What will happen to my classmates?
Soon, Yvette Jordan changed clothes and came out. The ordinary clothes were not speciallressed. They were usually worn, indicating that Yvette Jordan didn’t want to be too flamboyant.
After all, Yvette Jordan’s appearance and figure were casually dressed. For a moment, that’s thocus of the audience.
Chuck Cannon came over, Chuck Cannon was casual, and was planning to wear his usualothes. He just ate and ate with his wife.
“Wife, why not wear tight jeans?” Chuck Cannon asked.
“Ah? This, do you want to see her husband? Then I’ll get dressed,” Yvette Jordan whispered,
She grabbed Chuck Cannon several times and stared at her hips. At that time, she was wearinight jeans. She knew that Chuck Cannon was hip control, so…
“No, just show me at home,” Chuck Cannon said.
“Okay.” Yvette Jordan blushed, and her husband wanted to see it, it should be.
The two went downstairs. Yvette Jordan saw a BMW 7 series parked next to her. She watunned. Why did this car have been seen several times? This car is so expensive, not maneople can afford it?
“Do you want to go in and sit down?” Chuck Cannon smiled.
“No, husband, did you buy a car for me? We drove this car in the past,” Yvette Jordan shook hiead and opened the door.
Chuck Cannon smiled, “I want to sit and drive this today, because this car is…”
“Hello, uh, at the Spade Hotel? Uh, I’ll be there immediately.” Yvette Jordan answered the phonnd started the car. She was curious, “Ham, what did you just say?”
Chuck Cannon was helpless, “I said this car is…”
“Yes, husband, get in the car quickly,” Yvette Jordan worried.
Chuck Cannon was puzzled and opened the car door to enter. Yvette Jordan suddenly saw a paif eyes in the far corner staring at this, certainly those who were usury.
“What’s wrong with my wife?” Chuck Cannon was curious, because Yvette Jordan had alreadriven, and soon took him out of the community.
“It’s okay.” Yvette Jordan worried, he must solve this matter quickly, his company can not, thar can also be, but Chuck Cannon must not be okay.
“Husband, you usually go out and bring this with anti-wolf spray.” Yvette Jordan said.
Chuck Cannon shook his head and wanted to refuse. After all, he started to learn boxing now, bufter thinking about it, he still listened to Yvette Jordan. He was still a rookie.
Chuck Cefang put it in his pocket, hope he doesn’t need it.
About half an hour after the car drove to the Spade Hotel, Chuck Cannon did not participate ihe student union. The elementary school students and high school students have a class meetinvery year. Chuck Cannon had low self-esteem before, how could he participate?
Now I think that it seems that the high school classmates’ meeting is just a month away. Let’s sef there is time to join.
“Her husband, let’s go up.” Yvette Jordan parked his car.
She took out a thousand pieces of cash from the bag, all of which were aa. This money must biven. Yvette Jordan did not want to take advantage of anyone.
Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan took the elevator.
In the private room.
Yvette Jordan’s high school classmates were laughing and chatting, and a man in a suit came in.
The manager of the Spade Hotel was also Yvette Jordan’s classmate.
“I saw Yvette Jordan just now, drove a new Mercedes-Benz, and there was a younger man besider…” he said.
“Yvette Jordan was a school flower at that time. Everyone in the school knew that she waeautiful. Now it is normal to find a younger one.” Some students said,
“I didn’t expect Yvette Jordan to like younger ones, what a pity.”
“What a pity? I heard that Yvette Jordan’s small company is particularly bad. She depends on hes a teacher at school. How can you afford to buy Mercedes-Benz? I guess, Yvette Jordan iupported by the man you said. Now.”
“What? Be fostered? Didn’t Yvette Jordan refuse to pursue any wealthy man since he was tudent?”
“People will always grow up, and her thinking will definitely change. She finds that she haapital, and it’s easier to make money with her beautiful body, why doesn’t she?”
“Yeah, I just don’t know how much it costs Yvette Jordan to keep…”
“Do you want to try it? Are you married?”
“Everything is said to be kept, it must be her to be a third!”
The classmates in the private room smiled. At this time, the door opened and Yvette Jordarought Chuck Cannon in. Yvette Jordan smiled, “Hello everyone, let me introduce. This is
Chuck Ce, my husband…”
“It’s really shameless. If you are reared, you’ll be reared. What’s your husband, do you thineople can’t see it?”
“However, this policy really includes Yvette Jordan? How do I think he is so hung up?” severalassmates whispered.

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