My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 196

Chuck Cannon like this, so that most of the students present rejected the previous guess. This
Chuck Cannon seems to have no money, how can it be possible to support Yvette Jordan? It istimated that Yvette Jordan was almost the same.
“Squad leader, this is the money of the two of us.” Yvette Jordan gave the prepared money to thrganizer of this class meeting.
Class leader Chen Wenlong shook his head, “No, Yang Jiaming is out this time.”
Yvette Jordan was stunned. She knew that Yang Jiaming was a rich second generation with a neorth of more than 100 million yuan, so this time he had no surprises.
She saw the handsome young man sitting down, and he was smiling at Yvette Jordan.
Yvette Jordan nodded, “Thank you.”
Yang Jiaming shrugged.
“Yes, Yang Jiaming, I made a lot of money recently, it seems to have made 30 million! Right,
I’m right!” said a classmate, envying his tone.
Yang Jiaming smiled, “Almost.”
“Then congratulations! Thirty million! No wonder, it’s not enough to eat just today. We’ll have to to the bar for a while.”
“Yes, you’re making a lot of money. Take your classmates out and be smart!”
The classmates at the scene were surprised, full of envy. They were originally rich seconeneration, and they were so business-minded that they made 30 million yuan at a time. What ihe concept?
Most of the classmates on the scene, no, it can be said that except Yang Jiaming, who can earn such? Can’t they make so much money in their lifetime?
It’s really enviable!
“No problem, let’s eat first!” Yang Jiaming said, not caring at all, after all, for him, these areally small money.
“Come on, everyone sits.”
The manager smiled, “Today we will have Jiaming’s light. Jiaming ordered our hotel’s mosxpensive dish today, but the most expensive dish is more than 3,000!”
“What? So expensive?”
“Of course it is expensive for us, but what is expensive for Jia Ming?”
“Yeah, thank you Jiaming, I haven’t eaten such an expensive dish!”
“Me too, so lucky that Jiaming is a classmate.”
The classmates present were all talkative, and all the words were flattering Yang Jiaming.
Yang Jiaming smiled, “Yes, everyone let go of eating and play today, I will take care overything!”
“Wow! I’m lucky to be here today.”
The students were pleasantly surprised.
“Don’t say so much, everyone sit first.” The manager arranged.
“Her husband, let’s sit down, too.” Yvette Jordan said, and Chuck Cannon was also a littlungry, so he sat down with Yvette Jordan.
Although this hotel is a four-star hotel, it still has a big gap compared to my mom’s hotel. Chuck
Cannon looked around and analyzed it himself, but this hotel’s business is quite good. Look ather people’s business. It is also good for Chuck Cannon himself.
After all, how does Chuck Cannon intend to make money in the square movie, then he wilmmediately invest in other projects, such as hotels, Chuck Cannon actually has his own ideas.
“Her husband, don’t be cautious, it’s okay.” Yvette Jordan looked at Chuck Cannon and glanceround. She thought Chuck Cannon was not used to this kind of occasion. If it was, then shegretted bringing Chuck Cannon over. Her husband could not be wronged.
Chuck Cannon smiled, “I’m not stern.”
Yvette Yi Nan Song tone.
“Yvette Jordan, hasn’t your husband been here before. So a little restrained? Relax, everyone is lassmate.” Some students asked with a smile.
“Yes.” Yvette Jordan nodded. She looked at Chuck Cannon beside her. Her eyes were confident.
Yvette Jordan felt relieved.
“Come, come, the dishes are on, everyone starts to eat!” the manager said.
A dish full of colors and flavors came up, and the students swallowed. Where do you usually eauch an expensive dish? If it weren’t for Yang Jiaming’s light, he wouldn’t be able to eat it.
Everyone started to eat, some photos were sent to friends, and the men started to drink. Yvette
Jordan whispered, “Husband, don’t you drive, or drink?”
Chuck Cannon thought for a while, he had too much wine, he had to practice.
Yvette Jordan stood up to get Chuck Cannon a drink. She was afraid that Chuck Cannon wambarrassed, but the monitor smiled. “Yvette Jordan, do you have to drink while driving?”
“I don’t drink, my husband drinks.”
“By the way, is your husband still studying, I heard that you are a teacher, should he be youtudent?”
“This, avant-garde, teachers and students, love!”
The classmates laughed, Yvette Jordan said, “Well, my husband is my student, but I grew uith him since I was a child, I asked him to report to the school where I teach,”
“Green plums? How old are you?”
“Then let your husband stop drinking, and drink alcohol as a freshman. After that, I still have it.
Isn’t it a Dionysian?”
“I can’t drink alcohol as a freshman? My husband wants to drink.” Yvette Jordan glanced at thquad leader, took the wine directly, and poured it over to Chuck Ce. After half of it, Yvette
Jordan asked, “Is the husband enough?” ”
“Well, enough.” Chuck Cannon said, he didn’t want to drink too much, just taste the wine.
Yvette Jordan put down the wine bottle and put Chuck Cannon into the bowl.
The squad leader’s brow furrowed, and the other classmates smiled, “So hurt your littlusband?”
“Don’t make trouble.” Yang Jiaming spoke.
“Forget it, don’t you know that Yvette Jordan can’t make a joke, forget it, don’t say, come, come,
everyone toast, thank you Jiaming for your hospitality today!” The manager toasted.
All the classmates stood up, Yang Jiaming, who treated guests today, Yvette Jordan, who dranuice, and Chuck Ce, all stood up and toasted.
“Everyone wants something to eat, you’re welcome.” Yang Jiaming said.
“Wow, thank you, I want to order, I want to order, I heard that a dish here is particularlelicious.” A female student raised her hand in a hurry.
“Just whatever you want.” Yang Jiaming smiled.
Yvette Jordan felt that these dishes were enough, but she asked Chuck Ce, “Her husband, do yoant to eat other dishes?”
“Enough is enough.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He took a sip of wine. The hungry alreadtarted to eat. The other students continued to order. After all, the opportunity is rare.
Halfway through the meal, Yvette Jordan saw the classmate with the lawyer’s husband going the bathroom, and she was ready to ask, and when she asked clearly, she would feel more at ease,
“Husband, I’m going out, you eat slowly,”
Chuck Cannon nodded, Yvette Jordan took care of himself too much, “Wife, go.”
“Well,” Yvette Jordan went out. After arriving at the bathroom, the female student looked at henexpectedly. “What’s the matter?”
“Well, I have a little legal question to ask your husband.” Yvette Jordan said.
“Yes, you talk to me first,” this female student looked at Yvette Jordan up and down and nodded.
“That’s it. I borrowed a loan shark, but…”
This female student despised her eyes. How poor are you and actually borrowed usury? “OK,
you continue to say…”

Chuck Cannon felt that he was about to eat. These students watched Yvette Jordan go out. Oourse they wanted to tease Chuck Ce. The squad leader came over with wine and filled Chuck
Cekong’s glass. Chuck Cannon was stunned.
“Today you come to dinner, why should you respect today’s boss?” said the monitor, without
Yvette Jordan, you can eat such a good dish today?
“Well, it should be.” Chuck Cannon nodded and picked up his glass. “Thank you for thospitality!”
Yang Jiaming glanced at Chuck Cannon and didn’t mean to drink a glass. He didn’t even carbout Chuck Cannon at all. Chuck Cannon was startled again.
The squad leader smiled slightly and patted Chuck Ce’s shoulder. “Haha, I forgot to say that noveryone can toast Jiaming. Ordinary people, but not qualified, sorry, I just forgot…”
The other students laughed and laughed.
There are a few drunk male students who are blushing and red-faced, and of course they have talk while taking advantage of Jiu Jin. How to say Chuck Cannon is also a goddess in their mindhen they are studying. A moment.
Yang Jiaming raised a smile on his lips. When he was studying, he liked Yvette Jordan. Theason why he organized this class meeting was to show him in front of Yvette Jordan, to make
Yvette Jordan like himself, but did not expect it. Yvette Jordan actually brought a man over. Oourse he was uncomfortable. He actually let his love rival eat and drink.
Chuck Cannon glanced at the monitor, “It’s okay,”
He put the wine glass down and the monitor smiled, “You can’t drink with Jiaming, but wheou come to dinner, you are also exposed to Jiaming’s light. Why do you have to drink this glasf wine? All are poured, you don’t Will it be wasted? This bottle of wine can be more than housand!”
“Yeah, everyone is happy today, you drank this glass of wine.” Other students also said, thinkinn their hearts, Yvette Jordan, how is your husband fart? ?

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