My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 198

In the private room, there are laughter voices, and everyone is ready to give money, what else dou pretend?
“Are you sick? Jiaming is ready to give it money. What outfit do you pretend to pay for? Yoon’t have any money at all, right?” The manager disdained.
“Really, how can there be such a disgusting person?” The other students were full of disdain.
This meal costs fifty or sixty thousand, can you afford it? Don’t give it back to kneel theyboard.
“Husband…” Yvette Jordan was stunned. She bit her lip and whispered, “Husband, I have monen my card, use this…”
Yvette Jordan knew that Chuck Cannon was wronged, and she felt distressed about Chuck Ce, she paid the money.
“No, swipe your card.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
“Are you really swiping a card? I tell you this meal, it will cost more than 60,000 in total.” Thanager came over with a frown.
“If he wants to swipe his card, let him swipe, anyway, it’s just a meal, it’s nothing for others.”
The monitor sneered.
“Yes, he is so good. Today, he bought the order. Hold the card quickly. Don’t let him pretend take it back.” Some students reminded him of “good faith”.
Yang Jiaming sneered, pretending to be too much!
The manager took the card down, and he showed a joke, “It’s a real brush, don’t feel hurt.”
He turned around to return the card to Yang Jiaming, but Chuck Cannon said, “Wait, don’t yosk me what to order? Just leave? Your manager is not professional.”
“What? What did you say?” The manager turned his brows frowning, and the other students wer little stunned. What? ?
What’s the point? What does it mean?
“How do you act as a manager? I let you swipe your card, I have nothing, how do you swipe?”
Chuck Cannon said lightly.
“What do you mean? Do you still want to order something? Today’s meal is more than 60,000.
Do you still order it? Do you have so much money?” The manager sneered.
“You don’t have the right to know how much money I have. Order all the dishes just now,”
Chuck Cannon said.
There is an uproar in the private room, please order again? This is more than one hundrehousand!
“What’s this forcing?”
“Unclear, is this kid’s brain broken?”
These people talked a lot, and all of them were mocking Chuck Ce.
Order another one? More than one hundred thousand, but not hundreds or thousands.
“Do you want to invite us to eat again? Yes, I do as you wish!” The manager laughed. Haughed. Is it not good for someone to order? Is it bad to eat?
Yang Jiaming was stunned, the sneer on his face was more obvious, more than one hundrehousand? Can you afford it?
Do you think you are me?
“No, I think you got me wrong. I asked you to remake the dish just now. I didn’t let you eat it.
As for what you just eat, I didn’t plan to buy it, and I won’t buy it. I Give you the card, the onou asked me to brush.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.
The manager was angry, “What do you mean?”
Other students are also a little bit angry.
Yang Jiaming’s face was gloomy.
“My wife has already paid for the dishes just now. Do you want me to pay for the meal? Are yoligible to let me give it?” Chuck Cannon looked at them.
“You!” the manager scolded, “are you playing with me?”
“Yes, what do you mean? Buy the bills together, why don’t you buy them?”
There are screaming voices in the private room, which is just to look down on them!
Didn’t let them eat after ordering? ? The squad leader’s face was green.
“Don’t understand what I mean? How do you become a manager? Let your boss come.” Chuck
Cannon said, Yvette Jordan was stunned, looking at Chuck Ce’s confident expression, her hearuddenly thumped, Xiaolu It’s the same…
“You!” The manager stared at Chuck Ce, “Do you want to make trouble, right?”
“I order my food, this is trouble in your eyes? Your manager doesn’t want to be a huh, right?”
Chuck Ce’s eyes narrowed.
The muscles on the manager’s face were twitching. The hat was buttoned down. He couldn’t beat and let his boss hear it. The manager’s position that he was finally able to do could noontinue.
“Do what he said.” Yang Jiaming said. He stared at Chuck Ce, sneering in his heart, sretending to force, more than 60,000, distressed to death.
“Okay, you pretend!” The manager nodded his teeth.
“Don’t cook the dishes first, make them on time at nine!” Chuck Cannon said.
The manager snorted and took out the card.
“Yaxing is good today, let’s go to the bar! You are so rich, you should not refuse it!” Yang
Jiaming looked at Chuck Ce.
The other students stared at Chuck Ce. They felt their faces hot and slapped several timenvisible, uncomfortable, irritated, angry!
“Wife, are you going?” Chuck Cannon asked with a smile.
“Where you go, my husband, I will go.” Yvette Jordan whispered, Chuck Ce’s indifferenppearance, Yvette Jordan really felt a great sense of security.
My husband really changed.
“Come on, go to the bar!” Chuck Cannon has no opinion, he wants to have fun with this Yang
Jiaming today!
Yang Jiaming sneered.
“But what about your husband’s order?” Yvette Jordan felt distressed, after all, tens of thousands.
“Some people will eat it,” Chuck Cannon said, instructing him to do it at nine o’clock in thvening and let Lu Youwen and other employees come over to eat. After all, the square hamproved, so they should be treated.
Just wait for Lu Youwen to make a phone call. Why won’t anyone eat the food?
“Husband, I will pay the money, I will transfer it to you later, OK?” Yvette Jordan whispered.
“No need.” Chuck Cannon smiled.
“Okay,” Yvette Jordan nodded.
Soon the manager swiped the card, and the other students looked at the manager and wanted tsk if they really swiped it?
The squad leader asked, “It’s true.”
The manager nodded, “Yes.”
He just thought that Chuck Ceka would not have enough money in it, but he didn’t expecnough. It was enough, but there should be little left.
The squad leader and other students stared at Chuck Ce, underestimating the distressed heart,
Chuck Cannon took the card, and Yang Jiaming also took the card. “Come on, I know a bar iarticularly good.”
The other students stared at Chuck Cannon for a few moments and walked out unpleasantly. Ahis time, Yvette Jordan, who finished the toilet, came over and wondered, “What’s wrong?”
“Go to the bar.” Some students said.
“Okay, it’s good to go to the bar.” She followed her classmates downstairs, a little excited,
anyway, it was not her money, she looked back at Yvette Jordan, disdain.
Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan naturally followed, and everyone went to the parking lot, thquad leader said. “Jiaming, the car I’m in is ready. I haven’t been in your Land Rover yet.”
“I will do it too. I haven’t sat in more than three million cars,”
“I also want.”
Several students came together, Yang Jiaming pressed the car key, and some students could noait to sit in and feel the luxury of Land Rover, but how can more than ten or twenty students siown? Only three or four people drove.
“Other cars with classmates are ready,” Yang Jiaming said.
“Xiao Wang, I’ll take your ride,” some classmates went to take other students’ cars.
But there were three other ways, impatiently approaching Yvette Jordan’s car, “The car is open,
let’s get in your car,”
Yvette Jordan didn’t refuse. After all, she was a classmate. She pressed the car key and the threlassmates sat in.
The squad leader sitting in Land Rover laughed, “I thought he was so good, at least he wanted trive a Porsche, and he was just sitting in his wife’s Mercedes-Benz, he really has the ability!
“Are you sick?” Yvette Jordan was angry.
“I’m not ill, I just think he is so good, he only takes more than 300,000 cars, not worthy of hidentity,”
“That’s why it’s such awesome, at least you have to take a million-starter car!” the other studentaughed.
“I did, but I didn’t drive it.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Have you?” The squad leader despised, “Have you ever come over?”
If you have, you will have to come here and pretend!
“That’s right, you have you driving here now, or you’re pretending not to turn it on, no one wilay it!”
The classmate’s mocking voice made Yvette Jordan not blushing or feeling ashamed. She waust curious, what car did her husband say? She remembered that he seemed to have said that had a car, but he didn’t listen much at the time.
“What kind of car are you?” Yang Jiaming smiled.
“Slightly more expensive than yours.” Chuck Cannon said.
“Pretend, do you know how much Jiaming’s car is? The car of Jiaming was picked up with me,
and the full amount is close to four million!” The monitor sneered.
“Only over four million? That’s really more expensive than yours.” Chuck Cannon said.

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