My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 201

Hill Bar is one of the most famous bars in the neighborhood, with high consumption and many beautiful women, so the business inside is particularly good.
Yang Jiaming chose this bar entirely because the owner of the bar is his friend. Chuck was beaten in the face just now, so why would he call back today?
It proves that Chuck is rubbish, then he has a chance to go to Yvette!
He stared at Chuck’s sports car and sneered in his heart.
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At this time, he was about to get out of the car, but a classmate from another car came over and opened the door to sit in. It was the female classmate Yvette who went to the toilet and wanted her husband to help.
Yang Jiaming glanced at her, “The others get out of the car first.”
The monitor and several other students got off the bus.
Only Yang Jiaming and this female classmate were left in the car.
“What are you doing here? Aren’t you afraid that your husband will know our relationship?” Yang Jiaming put his hand underneath, not being honest.
“Devil, don’t touch me, I know you want to join Yvette, that’s why I started today’s classmate meeting.
Do you think I didn’t know? Last time you wanted to join me, so you also set up a classmate meeting… repeat the same trick! !” The female classmate snorted softly.
That was the case last time.
Yang Jiaming smiled. He played with too many women. Basically at that time, two-thirds of the women in the class were fucked by him. How could he let this woman go?
“You just want to say this when you come over? Don’t be angry, I will be waiting for you tomorrow, I promise to let you…” Yang Jiaming said.
“Stop talking, you said I am now… well, I will go tomorrow, my husband will go on a business trip tomorrow, and will go home in the afternoon. I am waiting for you in my old place… However, I didn’t come in to seduce you, nor to make friends. You in the car… I came in to tell you that husband Yvette’s car is not his…” said the female classmate.
“Not his?” Yang Jiaming looked out, just in time to see Chuck and Yvette coming out.
“The driving permit is his, and it’s not fake, I can see it.” Yang Jiaming continued. He just read it carefully.
How could it be wrong?
If it is false, he must have exposed Chuck on the spot!
“I don’t know whether it’s fake or not, but do you know? Yvette, I borrowed a loan shark and was hacked by the loan shark…”
“What?” Yang Jiaming was surprised and quickly sneered.
“Really, didn’t I go to the bathroom when I was eating? Yvette went to see me at that time, told me about her, and asked my husband to help her, you said her husband Chuck is so rich , How can I let my wife borrow usury? So I said, his car is not his. Yvette must have borrowed usury to buy him. If he can’t pay back the money, the car will still belong to him? Being driven away by loan sharks, you say that everyone has them now, borrowing loan sharks to buy a car, what are they not capable of pretending?”
The female student said, her face was full of mockery and disdain.
“That’s it! Then her husband is rubbish!” Yang Jiaming sneered, feeling too comfortable, it turns out that your car came this way!
It’s really rubbish, you actually bought a car like this, just now so confidently that it is your own? Shameless, your car will be dragged away at any time!
“Her husband rubbish, I think Yvette is even more cheap, and actually borrowed usury to buy a car for him. How cheap can this be done?” She sneered.
“Don’t say that about her, Yvette is still good.” Yang Jiaming was in the car, staring at Yvette’s figure.
“Asshole, are you thinking about her? You just miss her?” She was jealous, what’s the matter, she had been in the car for so long, and he touched himself and didn’t feel it. That’s fine, he looked at the car Yvette outside felt it in a few glances.
Isn’t Yvette just longer legs, bigger hips, better figure, how can I not compare to her? ?
“No.” Yang Jiaming smiled.

Two minutes later, Yang Jiaming got out of the car. He frowned and glanced at the female classmate who came out. Confused?
Yang Jiaming walked up to Chuck, he smiled, rubbish, you bought this car like this, so confident? Okay, I’ll slap you in the face later! !
“Go in! This bar is very good.” Yang Jiaming smiled.
Chuck knows this bar. After all, the bar his mother bought before has been under construction for a long time. It is estimated that it will open in a few days. How can I say that when Chuck drove by, many people renovated it.
When his own mother’s bar opens, why would he have to come and join him!
So Chuck knows a lot about nearby bars. This Hill bar is good, with high consumption and good environment, but Chuck believes that when his mother’s bar opens, this bar will be immediately compared.
“Yes.” Chuck had no objection.
“Don’t stand up everyone. Go in!” said the monitor.
All the students walked inside. If it weren’t for Yang Jiaming, they would seldom come to this bar today because the consumption is too expensive.
Yvette followed Chuck and walked in. There were a lot of people inside. Many beauties were in the kind of super short pants or short skirts, with long legs swaying like this, which is indeed a temptation for men.
Yvette looked helpless, she rarely came to such a place, she was not used to it, after all, when she came, someone would come over to talk up, she didn’t like this.
“Husband…” Yvette took Chuck’s hand and felt relaxed.
Chuck smiled slightly, Yvette was a little lady, and this feeling was very good.
Yang Jiaming went to the bar and opened a few stations. Today, it will be very lively, because every month the bar will do activities, and today is the time for the bar to do activities, and this event, Yang Jiaming is about to slap Chuck in the face!
Yang Jiaming sketched out a sneer!
All the classmates sat down. Yang Jiaming ordered a lot of alcohol. You could drink whatever you want.
Chuck would definitely not drink any alcohol because he had to drive. Everyone listened to the music.
“Chuck, today the bar is doing an event and invited a star to sing. The one with the highest consumption in the audience can not only take pictures with this star, but also sing a song with this star. You should be interested?” Yang Jiaming smiled.
At this time, someone made a fuss.
“The leaves are beautiful, the leaves are beautiful…”
Many people are cheering. Everyone in the bar will invite a mysterious star in their activities. This time, they invite the popular star Ye Zimei!
Actually, the owner of the bar this month was not actually Ye Zimei. He had already agreed with other stars, but the boss suddenly knew that Ye Zimei was here to film. Of course, he immediately communicated with Ye Zimei’s agent and spent 800,000 to invite her. Come here for an hour.
Ye Zimei did not refuse, but agreed to come over, after all, she couldn’t delay the next day’s shooting.
So there is the lively scene of the bar today.
Chuck was surprised, Ye Zimei came to the bar?
Other students are excited, Ye Zimei is a popular star!
“Jia Ming, you know that Ye Zimei will come over today, right? You are too good!” Some classmates cheered.
Yang Jiaming smiled, “How about it, do you want to sing a song with Ye Zimei? Then you have to fight for the highest consumption of this evening!”
He was proud of it, fighting for the highest consumption, so maybe he could still sleep in Ye Zimei at night.
“Not interested.” Chuck shook his head and Yvette was by his side. How could he do this? Besides, singing with Ye Zimei, still need to fight for the highest consumption? ?
“Not interested? You drove more than five million sports cars, why are you not interested? Is there no money in your pocket?” Yang Jiaming sneered, definitely no money!
My wife has to borrow loan sharks, how can I get money?
“It has nothing to do with money or money.” Chuck shook his head.
“What does it have to do with?”
“Sing with Ye Zimei, I don’t need to spend money.” Chuck said.
“Haha! You don’t need to spend money? Are you kidding? Do you know Ye Zimei?” Yang Jiaming laughed, and the other classmates also laughed.
Can you meet popular celebrities by driving a sports car? Still singing with her without spending money? It’s ridiculous, there is no one with a net worth of hundreds of millions, Ye Zimei will take care of you? ?
Yvette was surprised. She knew that Ye Zimei went to Chuck during the last school. She thought it was a fake at the time, but it was not until a few days ago that she saw Ye Zimei filming in the square that she knew that Chuck really knew Ye Zi nice.
But how did you meet?
“You’re right, I know her, so you don’t need money to sing with her,” Chuck said.

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