My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 203

My mother is a Baller audio novel Chapter 203 Sorry audio novel listen online In the private room.
Chuck and Zelda kissed for a minute, but Chuck became more and more sober. If this were at home, Chuck would definitely not help but indulge in Zelda.
But this is in a bar, and there is also his wife Yvette outside.
Chuck woke up and stepped back, “Sister Zelda, I’m sorry…”
Zelda stopped. Her heart was bitter. In fact, when she took the initiative to kiss Chuck just now, Chuck didn’t touch her, she knew Chuck didn’t want to move her.
But she was so proactive.
Zelda was aggrieved, crying sadly and silently.
He was drunk and wanted to indulge, but he didn’t want to.
Chuck felt a little pain. He reached out and wiped away the tears from Zelda’s face. Zelda tilted his head and the tears flowed more. “Chuck, I really won’t pester you. You are the first for me in so long. A tempting man…I don’t want anything, as long as you can accompany me when I am alone, just accompany me…”
“Sister Zelda, Yvette and I came together, Yvette is still outside,” Chuck sighed.
When a woman like Zelda cried, she was really tearful.
“If Yvette is not there, would you want me today?” Zelda choked.
She felt so embarrassed today and cried in front of the person she liked.
Does he find it ugly?
Chuck was thinking about this issue just now. Chuck does not deny that he has feelings for Zelda.
Initially, Chuck wanted to simply be Zelda’s night partner. When two people need it, they will be together. After that, they will go back to each house without disturbing each other.
But thinking about it carefully, I am so sorry for Zelda. What she wants is not physical comfort, but a companion that a woman of her age wants.
Chuck can’t do this at all, because he now has a wife, Yvette, who grew up with him.
After doing this, I’m sorry Zelda and Yvette.
“Well, I understand, Chuck, you go out, Yvette should be anxious outside.” Zelda was sad and crying. She especially wanted to hold back it, but she couldn’t bear it. What is it to cry in front of the person she likes? What?
“Sister Zelda.”
“It’s okay, don’t worry Yvette,”
“Well, then I’m going out.” Chuck also felt Yvette would be anxious. If Yvette found out, Yvette would definitely be sad.
“Chuck, am I ugly today?” Zelda stood up.
“It’s not ugly, sister Zelda, you are the most beautiful today,” Chuck told the truth.
Today, Zelda wore denim shorts, showing her long legs, white and flawless. Zelda was originally very beautiful. This kind of dress really aroused the desire of men.
“Happy birthday.” Chuck said.
Zelda wiped away his tears and walked over. Chuck was very enLoganled in his heart. He gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand to embrace Zelda, “Sister Zelda, you are really beautiful today…”
Chuckxin was struggling inside, not because he didn’t touch Zelda today, but ashamed of her and Yvette who was waiting outside at this time.
Zelda leaned her face on Chuck’s shoulder. It was a sense of security. She liked it.
“I’m only beautiful for you,” Zelda’s voice was soft but bitter. Chuck took the initiative to embrace her, and she felt even more wronged in her heart.
I fell in love with a man.
But he is a girlfriend.
Chuck was calm. She felt that Zelda calmed down. He was about to let Zelda go out. But at this time, Chuck was shocked because he saw Yvette just passing by through the glass in the private room. Are you here to find yourself?
Nervous, especially nervous, Chuck kind of instantly returned to that night, he and Queenie were in Yvette’s room, while she was asleep, when Queenie helped him.
Feeling overwhelmed by Chuck, Zelda took the initiative to let go of Chuck, “Okay, you go out, don’t worry Yvette anymore, and…what happened today, you can forget, I drank too much. , I took the initiative to kiss you, you don’t have to feel guilty, you don’t have to.
Chuck didn’t speak and dared not make a sound.
It can only be in her ear, “Sister Zelda, don’t say that.”
“Well, let’s go, it won’t be good until Yvette finds out,”
Chuck nodded. He is also worried about this problem now. Did Yvette see it when he passed by?
Chuck sighed, to be honest, Chuck is more guilty than Queenie helped him in front of Yvette last time, at least this time Yvette woke up.
When we reached the door, we should be sure that Yvette had passed by. Chuck heaved a sigh of relief, carefully opened the door and walked out.
Zelda was sitting on the sofa. She picked up the glass and drank the rest of the wine in one fell swoop.
The bitterness, grievance, and loss made her tears flow again…

“Husband… Let’s go back.” Yvette saw Chuck.
Chuck asked what’s wrong? After all, Yvette just agreed to come to the bar to play, why did he leave suddenly? Did you just see yourself hugging Zelda? Chuck is upset.
“My husband, I want to go home, okay?” Yvette came over, took out a wet tissue from the bag, reached out and wiped Chuck’s lips, she put the tissue in her hand, and there was something on the tissue. A touch of lipstick…
Chuck touched his lips, feeling more flustered.
“It’s okay, husband, you have something on your lips. I wiped it for you, OK?” Yvette said.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, “Well, go home.”
The two of them walked outside, Yvette pulled Chuck, not wanting Yang Jiaming to see Chuck, and even not letting Chuck know that she was borrowing a loan shark. If Chuck knew about it, Chuck would definitely be disappointed and worried.
He is older than him, and he is still his child bride-in-law, how can he worry about it? but……
“Oh, you are going to leave so soon,” the squad leader walked over, and he saw two people leaving secretly, of course he wanted to stop it!
Yvette bit his lip and stared at him. Chuck narrowed his eyes. Chuck really wanted to hit him.
“Jia Ming has already got the highest consumption in the audience today. Jia Ming is about to sing with Ye Zimei, don’t you two listen?” The monitor sneered. He thought that they all knew Chuck’s car was bought by usury, so there was no My face stays here, borrowing usury, who can’t borrow?
Chuck looked over and indeed saw Yang Jiaming standing next to Ye Zimei.
Yang Jiaming’s eyes never left Ye Zimei. It is estimated that he would like to see Ye Zimei.
Of course Chuck couldn’t control this matter. Although Yang Jiaming said it was hateful, it was Ye Zimei’s freedom.
“You are optimistic.” Chuck said. Yvette obviously doesn’t want to stay here now. How could Chuck not feel it?
“Don’t, Jia Ming has to drink with you after singing.” The monitor joked, “Still leaving in such a hurry, worried that your sports car will be driven away by someone else?”
Chuck frowned and was driven away? Who? The car is your own, how can someone drive away?
“What do you mean?” Chuck stared at him.
“Husband, let’s go back, go back…” Yvette was nervous, and the monitor made it clear that he was going to talk about borrowing usury.
Chuck nodded, what happened to Yvette? Chuck felt that he and Zelda were in the private room just now. Was Yvette being bullied?
“It seems that you are really afraid of your car being driven away? The money from last month hasn’t been paid back yet?” The monitor smiled even more proudly, sure. Otherwise, why are you so anxious to go back?
“What did you pay for?” Chuck’s voice became cold.
“It’s still pretending, do you think we don’t know? Your car was borrowed by Yvette…” The monitor sneered.
“Enough, I said that my husband’s car was bought by himself.” Yvette stared at him beautifully.
“Really? You give your little husband face so much, but do you think we will believe it? Yvette, you are really kind to your little husband.”
“You remember, you were wrong…husband, let’s go home.” Yvette said. Chuck’s car costs 5 million.
Where can she borrow so much money for Chuck? Do these people have no brains?
Chuck glanced at the monitor, “Well, wife, go home.”
Chuck took Yvette to the outside, but the squad leader laughed, “Pretend, I can’t install anymore, so I slipped away? Yvette, your vision is too bad, you borrowed usury to buy a sports car for your little husband, you are right He is so good, does he know?”

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