My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 204

“What kind of loan shark?” Chuck heard the point. Just now the monitor said that Yvette borrowed loan shark to buy a car for himself?
Did Yvette borrow a loan shark? Probably not. Yvette sold her own house in order to bring the company back to life. Chuck knows and knows that she has invested a lot of money in the square recently. Chuck also knows that, but the house bought so much money. Last time, as a “Baller”, I gave her 500,000 yuan.
Although Yvette said that he had repaid it, but he did not collect the money, so if the money is still in her account, it shouldn’t be usury. How long is this? It cost more than one million?
Chuck is unbelievable!
He knows Yvette too well. She will not spend money at all. If she has money, she will save it. She also has no luxury goods. The most expensive bag is only more than two thousand. Where did this money go?
Does she need to borrow usury? ?
Chuck looked at Yvette, her eyes were dodging, and she sighed in her heart. She felt ashamed in front of Chuck. She didn’t feel ashamed, but she didn’t feel ashamed to face Chuck.
When he borrowed loan sharks himself, Chuck would definitely think that he was a woman who worshipped money, but his company’s investment in advertising was too great, and when he was in Beijing last time, the necklace lost nearly 500,000 yuan.
This made Yvette really unable to make ends meet, and at that time he had to pay back the money from the “Baller”, so he had to borrow usury.
Chuck saw Yvette lower his head, and Chuck understood that Yvette really borrowed money from usury.
Chuck sighed. He really wanted to tell Yvette that he has a super rich mother. You don’t need to borrow a loan shark, you don’t need to go to work, you don’t need to be so busy with the company, and you’re tired. You spend a million a day. Anyway. but……
My mother said, she must first look at Yvette and make sure that Yvette is okay, she will show up on the initiative, and now she cannot tell Yvette.
Chuck struggled and his reason suppressed this impulse. If he said that, his mother would be angry.
Mom had plans. As a son, he had to listen to his mother.
“Still pretending, I don’t understand what I’m talking about? Yvette borrowed a loan shark, she just bought a car for you, your sports car. Maybe it will be taken away tomorrow, you pretended to be pretty cool. It’s a pity, you pretend to be too much, you are just a rubbish eating soft food!” The monitor sneered.
“Now you listen to me clearly, my husband didn’t let me buy him a car, no!” Yvette stared at him beautifully.
She is no longer able to face Chuck, and now the squad leader still slanders Chuck so much, she can’t bear it.
“Do you believe what you said?” The monitor sneered.
“Wife, it’s okay, let’s go back.” Yvette was obviously depressed at this time. Chuck wanted to figure out how much money Yvette borrowed? It should be only a few hundred thousand. After all, Yvette’s company investment is so large, several hundred thousand. Chuck immediately transferred the money to him and let her pay it back.
But how this matter was known to the monitor, Chuck is not quite clear.
“Husband, I’m sorry…” Yvette’s voice was very small. For the first time she felt that she was so embarrassed in the face of Chuck. She felt that she had done a shameful bad thing and was known by the people closest to her. This kind of shame gave her no confidence.
“It’s okay.” Chuck comforted, pulling Yvette away.
“Don’t pretend?” The monitor sneered.
Chuck glanced at him and asked Yvette to wait for him. He walked up to the squad leader, who sneered,
“What are you doing? You want to hit me when you are so embarrassed? You dare to touch me with a finger. …” boom!
Chuck clenched his fist and smashed his stomach while covering his mouth with one hand. The squad leader’s eyes widened and the pain was about to pass out. Chuck’s punch was not light.
Chuck punched him again, hit him on the cheek, the monitor hummed, closed his eyes and passed out.
Chuck threw him to the wall casually, drinking too much in the bar, this can be seen everywhere, giving him two punches is considered light, but Chuck hopes that he will be picked up by a man…
Chuck came back, Yvette bit his lip and lowered his head.
“Wife, let’s go back,” Chuck smiled, and Yvette was even less emboldened.
“It’s okay, let’s talk about it when we go back.” Chuck took Yvette to the outside. At this time, Yang Jiaming saw what happened just now. He picked up the microphone, “Hello everyone, I am the most expensive person in the audience today. I am honored. I would like to invite a friend to come up. He just said he knows Ye Zimei… Ye Zimei, would you agree?”
Yang Jiaming asked Ye Zimei with a sneer. She was astonished. Who knew herself?
“Yes,” Ye Zimei nodded without hesitation. She also wanted to know who this person was.
“Chuck, don’t leave. Didn’t you say that you know Ye Zimei? Now there is a chance.” Yang Jiaming laughed. Yvette will borrow a usury to buy your car. Why do you know the popular star Ye Zimei?
Chuck stopped.
“Come on, come on, aren’t you shy anymore?” Yang Jiaming smiled.
The audience looked around, who is Chuck?
“Ye Zimei, wait a minute, my friend is shy, I will call him again…” Yang Jiaming said, come up soon, let me slap you in the face in public, and said why you can sing with Ye Zimei without the highest consumption. What are you acting like?
Ye Zimei will know you this rubbish?
“Wait, Chuck? Are you talking about Mr. Zhang, right?” Ye Zimei suddenly said, her eyes scanned, she really saw Chuck in the crowd, but who is the beautiful beauty beside him?
“Mr. Zhang?” Yang Jiaming frowned.
“Yes, I do know this Mr. Zhang.” Ye Zimei smiled. She stepped down from the stage, and through the astonished crowd, she walked up to Chuck, “Mr. Zhang, you are here too. It’s such a coincidence. Sing together. Song!” what! !
The people in the bar were surprised. Ye Zimei actually invited a man to sing. He didn’t spend the whole process, right? ?
Yvette’s classmates are dumbfounded, Chuck really knows Ye Zimei?
A popular star, such a beautiful beauty, took the initiative to invite a hanging silk to sing?
Yang Jiaming’s face became gloomy. He felt that his face was hit with a fist. He was the highest consumer in the game, and he didn’t let Ye Zimei come down and invite him, but this Chuck actually received such treatment? ?
He couldn’t help it anymore. He walked down and said gloomily, “Ye Zimei, did you make a mistake? I tell you, everything about this man was given by her wife, and his wife raised him. He Wife borrows high…”
“Mr. Zhang, is this your wife?” Ye Zimei was surprised and ignored Yang Jiaming at all.
She thought Chuck was still single. After all, Chuck was so young, and she didn’t expect to have a wife, and she was still so beautiful, Ye Zimei had an inexplicable little loss in her heart.
“Well, let’s play, I’ll take her back.” Chuck said.
Yvette knew that Ye Zimei knew Chuck, but she didn’t expect Ye Zimei would come down and invite him.
Yvette suddenly felt that she was poor at this moment. Chuck was getting better and better. She was happy for Chuck, but she was getting worse and worse. The gap between the two is so big, will Chuck one day stop himself?
Yvette was worried and perturbed, she looked at Chuck blankly, and she felt even more emboldened in her heart.
“Well, Mr. Zhang, be careful on the road,” Ye Zimei smiled.
Chuck nodded, looked at Yang Jiaming, and walked outside with Yvette.
The bars were all quiet, Yang Jiaming’s face was hot, he was slapped in the face by Chuck, “Ye Zimei, how do you know him?”
Ye Zimei was inexplicably bad.
“I’m telling you, you should stay away from this person. He is glamorous on the surface, and there is rubbish in his bones, you know? Everything he has now is bought by his wife with loan sharks. He is a soft man , Don’t believe him!”
Yang Jiaming felt that it must be the last time Ye Zimei went to make money somewhere, and Chuck pretended to take the highest consumption of the whole audience, and thus met Ye Zimei.
You know, all Chuck’s money is from Yvette’s loan shark!
Ye Zimei glanced at him, “Mr. Yang, I don’t know where you got this kind of gossip, but I tell you, this Mr.
Zhang is not what you said, his background is so deep that you can’t imagine… …”

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