My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 207

Yvette felt so surprised. When she went upstairs just now, she found that she hadn’t taken any careless bags, so she came down to take them, but she didn’t expect to see her husband Chuck in it.
Chuck also felt it was over. If Yvette knew that she was a “Baller” in this situation, she would definitely be angry, right?
Chuck sighed in his heart, ready to confess.
How can I use this “Baller” status to help Yvette, she will not be too angry when she is angry?
Chuck was ready to speak.
But Wilbur Wendel’s face became stern, “Chuck, what’s the matter with you? Explain that you can’t handle the little things well. You are blocked when I eat now. I will go to the bathroom later, will you also block me? what?”
Chuck was speechless, but he felt even more that Wilbur Wendel was a good friend.
At least clever.
Yvette felt distressed. Her husband came over to apologize to Wilbur Wendel for work? Forgive me?
“Sorry, my husband won’t be anymore.” Of course Yvette has to speak for Chuck. She doesn’t want to see her husband being wronged.
“All right, you interceded for your husband, then forget it this time, and pay attention next time.” Wilbur Wendel said as he walked out, as if angry.
Of course, he went out to see Ye Zimei. He was shooting here, but after a few days, he had to hurry up to catch Ye Zimei.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, and Yvette was the same, “Husband, it doesn’t matter, work is like this, how about a few days off?”
Chuck shook his head, “No need.”
Chuck thinks that Yvette must be under a lot of pressure now, but he is relaxed about himself. Chuck is helpless, these things Yvette should have said to himself.
“Well, the husband, are you going to sit in my office?” Yvette worried that Chuck would be targeted by those people.
Chuck wants to transfer money to Yvette now, so he must not go to her office, “My wife, I am going to learn boxing this afternoon.”
“Husband, be careful.” Yvette worried.
“I will.”
“Then I’m going up.” Yvette took the bag and went to his company. Chuck immediately called Yolanda and asked her to transfer 700,000 yuan. In less than a minute, the money arrived, and Chuck immediately used WeChat to transfer To Yvette, with a postscript that you should pay the loan shark first. The loan shark is not a joke. What if something goes wrong and let your husband know?
After sending this message, Chuck can feel relieved.
Chuck saw that Yvette hadn’t decided to collect the money. He should have started to be busy when he went up, and there was no time to confirm.
Chuck was going to the boxing gym, but when he came out, he met Queenie, who hadn’t seen each other for a few days. She was wearing the overalls of this restaurant. Is this at work?
Queenie was surprised. It’s summer vacation. Now she is doing three jobs at the same time to ensure that she can continue to school in the new semester. After all, she and her aunt fell out.
“How is it? Are you used to living?” Chuck smiled.
“Very well, thank you. How are you… and Teacher Jordan?” Queenie asked in a low voice. She must have been living together. She couldn’t help but think of helping Chuck that night.
I can’t forget it. In the last few nights, she dreamed of that night, and felt uncomfortable and a little collapsed that morning.
“Um, I live in her house.” Chuck didn’t hide it. It’s unnecessary. She already knows her relationship with Yvette, but Chuck is also embarrassed. He also thought of that when he saw Queenie’s hand. at night.
It’s… exciting and guilty, it’s very addictive anyway.
The two were embarrassed.
“You are busy with you,”
“Well, then I’m out.”
“it is good.”
When Chuck went out, Queenie’s eyes were sad.
She knew that it was a misunderstanding that night. Chuck was planning to touch Yvette, but she accidentally touched Yvette, so she inspired her bold impulse and took the initiative to help Chuck… and the two of them indulged once. .
She should have forgotten that night, but how did she forget? That was the first time she helped a boy…
I don’t know if there is any chance to help him…
Queenie calmed down and worked hard to make money.

In the office, Yvette didn’t have time to look at her mobile phone, because as soon as she came up, the loan sharks followed up, and these people stared at Yvette maliciously.
“How about it, you disappoint me a little bit. I took the initiative to give you a WeChat account, but you didn’t add me.” Cuntou smiled, and he was also annoyed. Yvette didn’t add him because he was ignorant?
“What do you want?” Yvette stared at them. Today, she felt bad.
“Forgot, what day is today? Pay back!” Cuntou sat down.
“One hundred thousand, I will transfer it to you right now.” Yvette’s voice cooled down.
“You pretend to be stupid? Seven hundred thousand! Didn’t your little husband drive a sports car? Let him pay it back for you!” Cuntou sneered, his younger brother called him and said that he saw Chuck driving a sports car. It starts in the millions, right?
Can he afford it? If you can afford it, you still need to borrow usury?
He didn’t believe it until his little brother came over to take pictures.
“I warn you, don’t hit my husband’s attention!” Yvette’s eyes shot coldly, this is her bottom line.
“If you don’t pay back the money, I will arrest him now. Believe it or not?” Cuntou proudly said, “I tell you, if you don’t pay 700,000 today, I will deduct your husband’s car. When will you pay back? Let’s talk about it!!!”
“I will call the police right away!” Yvette stared at him.
“Call the police? I immediately asked my men to hack him to death. Believe it or not?” Cuntou mocked, but he called two masters in gang fights to follow Chuck, and now a call passed, his two younger brothers immediately blocked Chuck and slashed casually. Run with a few strokes, who can hold it?
“No, don’t move him.” Yvette shook his head.
“Don’t let me move him, you just pay it back! Otherwise, in ten minutes, you will go to the hospital to see him.” Cuntou smiled, “Of course, if you stay with me for a day today, you will be comfortable in serving. I will give What if you postpone it for a few days? It depends on whether you are on the road.”
Yvette sat down paralyzed. Chuck is her only relative now. She absolutely can’t let Chuck have trouble.
She considered, enLoganled, and struggled very much. In the end, she was ashamed, “I don’t have so much money for you now. If you want, then my company will give it to you, you can take it…”
Cuntou frowned, “How much is your broken company worth?”
“It’s not worth much. I’ll give you another 500,000 yuan! You give me the contract and we clear it up.
From now on, you are not allowed to hit my husband’s idea, or I will die with you! I can tell, absolutely do it Get it!” Yvette just stared at him!
Killing intent, this is the killing intent of a woman desperately.
Yvette gave up everything and didn’t let Chuck get into trouble.
Cuntou frowned, Yvette’s eyes made his back hairy, what’s the matter? How could a woman feel this way to herself?
“Boss, don’t forget it, anyway, this company has about 300,000 yuan transferred out, and we are not at a loss.” The younger brother reminded them that they were also horrified by Yvette’s eyes.
Cuntou snorted, “Six hundred thousand, add your company, and your Mercedes-Benz! We’ll clear them up!”
“Impossible? I won’t give it to you Mercedes-Benz!” Yvette is determined. Chuck bought this to her. It is too late for her to cherish it. How could it be given to others?
“Six hundred thousand, add the company! Otherwise you won’t get anything!”
Cuntou looks ugly! “Okay! You transfer money now, and then sign the contract!”
In any case, he is still a little worried about this matter. Now he is going to return directly, and he has made a company. He thinks it is okay. You can stop.
Yvette immediately transferred 600,000 yuan to him. After receiving the money, he asked the younger brother to go outside and sign a contract. This transfer agreement only took ten minutes. Yvette felt empty in his heart, so he struggled for five. The company in 2011 is gone. Recently, she has invested too much. For this company, his house is gone, and he still owes money. Yvette is bitter, but it doesn’t matter, at least Chuck will not be in trouble because of his mistakes.
This is Yvette’s only comfort.
Cunzhu was proud and gave the IOU to Yvette, “Happy cooperation, you can find me next time… Don’t stare at me, at least I think this cooperation, I am very happy, now you are good, you can relax. You can go out and relax, so now you pack your things and leave here, because the company is mine!”

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