My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 208

“I still have some things that I haven’t dealt with here, my salary hasn’t been settled, and the recent training order hasn’t been completed.” Yvette must not be able to leave like this. This is her painstaking effort, how can she let her own painstaking effort be broken?
Cuntou frowned, “How many days will it take?”
He is about to find someone to get rid of this company, and it is not a big problem to transfer a hundred thousand.
“Four days.” Yvette sighed. She didn’t know how to talk to Chuck about this. Her company was gone?
“Four days? Is it enough?”
Cuntou suddenly laughed. Yvette really has to deal with these things. At least the employee’s salary has to be settled by her, right? He doesn’t want to have other disputes.
“Do you want me to give you a few more days? You only need to accompany me once. How long do you think I will give you time?” Cuntou smiled.
Yvette’s beautiful eyes stared at him like this, frowned and snorted, “Only four days, if I come in four days, you will cooperate with me in the handover procedure. After the incident, you still don’t leave, so don’t leave when the time comes. Blame me for driving you out! Go!”
Cuntou took the little brother away.
Yvette sat down and watched her own company with empty eyes. Here, she has been sitting for a long time, but now she is not her own. She suddenly wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. The company is gone.
Just try to make money and start a business. , No big deal, no big deal…
However, Yvette’s tears still came out, very sad. Recently, the company has improved, but it is useless, because the company is not its own.
She wiped away her tears and wanted to call Chuck very much, but she couldn’t press it down. She was about to receive her mobile phone, but when she saw the “Baller” on WeChat, she transferred another
700,000 to herself.
Yvette sighed. She wanted to receive the employee’s salary, so she had to ask for this money. She hesitated and clicked on the payment, but she transferred another 600,000 yuan back. Now the company is gone, and she doesn’t use that much money.
She sent a message to the “Baller”, saying that it would be returned to him in a month.
One hundred thousand plus five hundred thousand, that is six hundred thousand. Yvette is bitter, and he owes so much money. In one month, Yvette has to plan carefully, otherwise she can’t pay the money.
Also, how should I tell Chuck about this matter?
Yvette sighed bitterly. She actually wanted Chuck to come over and ask Chuck to help her solve the matter. But last night Yvette said it herself and she would solve it by herself. If Chuck came over, she would be caught by her husband. Seeing this scene, he would definitely be disappointed in himself, Yvette didn’t dare.
She calmed down and called all the employees in.
Then she said the last thing she wanted to say, “Sorry, there was a problem with the company recently, so four days later, after you finish your work, I will pay you the salary.”
As soon as this was said, all employees were surprised! It’s hard to understand!
“What? President Jordan, isn’t the company improving recently? How could something go wrong?”
“Yes, President Jordan, what happened to the company?”
“Private issues,” Yvette said, feeling even more bitter. She vowed to build the company yesterday, and she will become someone else’s today. Yvette is particularly disappointed with this sense of gap.
“Oh! I didn’t expect to work here for three years, and it will be gone in a few days…” Some employees sighed.
“Yeah, it was too sudden, President Jordan, the company is gone, where are you going? Will you continue to open the company?”
“Keep driving, we will continue to follow you, President Jordan.”
“Yes, I will follow.”
Employees expressed their opinions one after another, Yvette was moved, but where does she have the money to start a company now? Once all the salaries are settled, she will only have ten to twenty thousand. What can these two thousand do?
“Sorry, I haven’t had this plan recently,” Yvette said, shaking his head.
“Oh!” The employees sighed. Although Yvette had a bad temper, he was not right about the matter, and there was nothing to say about the treatment. They were relieved to follow Yvette.
But Yvette didn’t have this idea, so he could only say that he went to find another job.
The staff went out dejectedly. Yvette sat down and froze for a long time. He calmed down his bitter mood. It was okay. It would be fine to start all over again, and everything would be fine.
She just started to calculate salaries for employees, and then planned for this month, she had to make money.

Chuck was very happy, because Yvette took the money, but he turned over 600,000 yuan. Chuck was helpless. What happened?
Yvette still doesn’t want to let herself help. Chuck understands her character too well and is very selfreliant.
Chuck didn’t reply to the message. Okay, since you think so, follow your wishes. Anyway, she should be able Said on WeChat.
At this time, he had already drove to the boxing gym. When Chuck came to the boxing gym for the first time, he felt very remote and mixed. No, it doesn’t count as Chuck saw an acquaintance as soon as he parked the car.
It was Chuck’s assistant who slapped him a few days ago, Murong qing’s assistant, he was sneaky in the alley, what was he seeing, and finally the two reached a deal, this assistant smiled wretchedly, and took it. A red bottle, what is this for?
Chuck was curious. He suddenly thought of it. Last time he saw this assistant and Murong qing coming out of the elevator. He kept staring at Murong qing’s buttocks. The look in his eyes was… horrible!
What kind of medicine is this little bottle? Chuck is not stunned. Of course he knows what it is. He laughed. Last time Murong qing had to kneel down and apologize. Now he is going to be overcast by an assistant, and he has to be put to sleep in this way by the assistant. Interesting?
Chuck feels comfortable. This is how a woman in menopause should be controlled.
Chuck saw it, and he certainly wouldn’t care about such nosy. He went to the boxing gym to learn boxing as if he hadn’t seen it. He just wanted to follow it, but he felt that his thinking was a little abnormal, so forget it.

“Boss, you asked me to find out about it. This Chuck is very blank, and I can’t find out the relationship with Li Karen Li.” The assistant stared at Murong qing’s thigh in the room.
“Can’t find it?” Murong Qing’s face became cold. After she knew Li Karen Li’s strength, she hesitated because Li Karen Li must be richer than her, so how could she buy Chuck’s square?
This was her headache, because firstly he couldn’t swallow this breath, and secondly, she really liked it.
“Yes, this Chuck information should be blocked by Li Karen Li,” the assistant said.
Murong Qing is angry, she must take this square!
“Prepare the acquisition plan for me immediately!” Murong Qing ordered.
“Yes. But there are other places that can be acquired. The boss doesn’t consider it?”
“No, think about it later, what I want to buy now is his square!”
“Yes, yes, boss, take your mouth water first, don’t be angry, I will prepare the plan immediately.” The assistant brought a bottle of water.
Murong Qing didn’t want to drink the opened water, but the assistant had prepared it a long time ago, put the things in in advance, and deliberately twisted the bottle cap, Murong Qing glanced at him, then took a sip.
She did it, “Go out and prepare! Within a week, I want to buy the square, if you can’t do it, you just get out!”
“Yes, yes…” The assistant nodded, he deliberately stayed in the room, and saw Murong Qing blushing, he suddenly sneered.
“It’s a long time, don’t you get out?” Murong Qing scolded!
“Boss, I’m out now. I’m afraid you will call me and ask me to come back later, so don’t worry about it.”
The assistant smiled, waited for you to fall asleep, took a picture of you, and saw you still dare to call. I? I stand up and become the master!
“You, what did you drink for me just now?” Murong Qing felt wrong, and she stared at him angrily.
“It’s nothing, boss, you like hitting people so much and you are so angry, I just want to go to the fire for you.” The assistant came over.
It’s so cool. I knew it was so easy. I should have done this earlier. If I can sleep, I’m willing to live less than ten years, let alone have money…
“You, get me out, go out!!” Murong Qing took out her mobile phone, she was about to call the police, but the assistant had already rushed over, Murong Qing screamed, “Get out, get out!!”
“Don’t,” the assistant put his arms around Murong Qing. He was really happy in his heart. He could finally take revenge today. He went to Murong Qing and kissed her!

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