My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 21

After class, Yvette Jordan walked out of the class with a cold expression on her face.
The whole class breathed a sigh of relief. Yvette was inexplicably unfriendly and stern today during class, so it was really torturing for them. Maybe she was mad at something.
Finally, everyone could relax and their gaze fell unknowingly on Chuck Cannon’s brand new look once again. Even though Chuck was wearing imitation attire, that still didn’t make sense with the fact that he just stumbled upon twenty thousand dollars. That meager amount was not enough for his expensive clothes.
They were confused, but when they saw Chuck becoming the focus of the class, many male students were jealous.
“Wow! Lara, why are you taking such sexy selfies?” A female student was surprised. Lara Jean glared at her. She was preparing to send a photo to the baller, so the picture has to be sexy in order to capture his attention. But she didn’t expect it to be seen by her desk mate.
“What’s wrong with sending this to my boyfriend?” Lara was annoyed. She took her bag and walked out of the class while sending off the photo. Her desk mate could only scoff at her.
Meanwhile, Chuck who had already silenced his phone received a photo from someone. He took it out and checked, it was indeed a sexy photo of Lara. She even sent him a message saying that her class had ended, and she wanted to invite him for a steamboat or something like that.
He shook his head disapprovingly. Is Lara’s head just full of thoughts of hooking up with rich men and nothing else?
At the same time, he also received a text from Charlotte Yales, informing him that his car has been fixed and he could retrieve it once he was free. Chuck was slightly startled at the efficiency of her service.
He stood up with a smile widely on his face. Since his class had ended for the day, he could go get his car back now.
“Where are you going, Chuck?” Queenie Carson had a blush in her face for the whole class. For the first time, she found it a bit nerve-racking when she talked to him.
“I’m going home now.” Chuck could not possibly tell her that he was gong to get his car.
“Okay, be careful on the way. I’m going to my part-time job now,” Queenie said as she picked up her backpack.
“By the way, where is your part-time job? I’ll go visit you when I’m free.”
“What? No, you can’t.” Queenie shook her head furiously. The restaurant where she worked part-time at was a luxurious one. She wouldn’t want to see Chuck spending unnecessarily on this and besides, she also wanted to keep her workplace a secret from him.
“I can’t talk now, I’ll leave first!” She quickly tried to leave. However, a thought formed in her mind and she turned back abruptly, a solemn tone forming in her mind. “Chuck, the owner of the car hasn’t called me yet.”
Chuck didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her remark, Queenie was just too persistent. He could only say, “The car owner probably doesn’t want to trouble you, so don’t worry.”
“Yeah, but as long as he calls me, I’ll make sure to fulfill my responsibility,” Queenie said and waved at him, “See you tomorrow.”
“Well, see you tomorrow.” Chuck smiled.
Chuck exited the classroom, his phone ringing constantly with all the WeChat messages from Lara. She kept on bombarding him with silly questions, such as what he was doing, was he bored and more. She kept on asking him out but Chuck did not want to entertain her, so he just told her he was busy.
A few moments later, Lara replied with several pitiful face emojis.
Chuck was determined to end this conversation, but as soon as he put the phone in his pocket, the phone rang again. Slightly annoyed, Chuck looked at it and was shocked at the caller’s name. It was from Zelda Maine. They exchanged numbers yesterday. But why was she calling him?
Chuck hesitated for a moment and answered the phone, addressing her as Sister Zelda immediately the phone connected.
Zelda’s voice could be heard from the phone. “Well, are you at school?”
“Yes, I’m just about to go home,” Chuck said.
“I just happened to be around a university and I wanted to check if it’s the one you’re attending? What’s the name of your university?”
“Design college.”
“Such a coincidence. Wait for me for a while, I want to tell you something.”
“Okay.” Chuck was surprised at the turn of events after he ended the call. He shook his head and walked to the school gate. However, Yvette was busy picking things up from the floor in the parking lot. She had seemingly dropped the stuff because her hands were full.
Chuck hesitated for a moment and then went over to help. He lowered himself and started picking her things up.
“You don’t have to help me!”
Yvette threw Chuck a cold look. He had no choice but to pick up her things quickly, and turned around to leave. He didn’t want to make a fool out of himself.
Yvette’s anger boiled over when she saw him leaving. “Hey!”
“What’s wrong?” Chuck turned around in confusion.
“Why were you talking so much during the class just now?” Yvette couldn’t control her anger. She was referring to Chuck and Queenie’s constant chitchat in the class, but she held back her anger and didn’t say anything at that time.”
“I’m sorry.” Chuck was embarrassed. He thought he was being quiet enough.
“Remember, the exams aren’t far away. You have to attend every class. Do you think that the fact that you know Zelda grants you the right to skip class?” Yvette remarked coldly.
Chuck sighed. There were really several things he needed to tend to these days, which was why he didn’t attend class. He also hadn’t managed to clean out the house that he bought from Yvette. He planned to quickly clean it up and rent it out as soon as possible. But he didn’t have time.
Seeing as Chuck was silent and didn’t retort her, Yvette frowned and her eyebrows furrowed deeper, “There’s nothing wrong with knowing Zelda, but you have to be worthy of the friendship, only then she will see the worth in the relationship. If you’re not capable enough, nothing will change alright? If you don’t study hard, how will you expect to be a better person?”
“You’re right.” Chuck nodded. Yvette was right. If he was not worthy enough, even if somebody wanted to give him a hand, he wouldn’t be able to give back what he previously had. But things were different now, he did have the capability now!
Yvette’s expression softened.
“Wifey…. Yvette, how’s the situation with your company now?” Chuck tried to change the topic hurriedly.
Yvette glanced at Chuck but she did not say anything since she had no intention to talk about this. Recently, she had been going to the trading company to look for customers. This was overwhelming for her, so she decided to invest the money she made from the sales of her house and hire some good mentors to handle the promotion and public relations of the company.
“Do you need any help?” Chuck asked carefully.
“No.” Yvette shook her head and said, “Please mind your own business. I don’t think you can afford these expensive clothes, right? Did Zelda buy it for you?”
Chuck was speechless. Why would Zelda buy clothes for him? It wasn’t even two days since they knew each other. His attire cost a whooping ten thousand dollars.
“No, I bought it myself,” Chuck replied.
“Oh, not bad.” It was the first time Yvette had praised him. She had no doubt that these were imitation goods, but they did look authentic indeed.
“Do you want me to send you?” Yvette asked as she opened her car door and put her stuff in.
“It’s alright. I have….”
“You have money to take a taxi, right?” Yvette shook her head in disappointment. Did knowing Zelda make him arrogant? She couldn’t help but frown.
“Well, sort of.” Chuck said with a wry smile.
Yvette decided to stop talking. If Chuck had the money, he should save instead of spending carelessly, or else where would the means to repay others when they extend him a helping hand?
She went into the car and was about to leave when she saw a luxurious car about to enter the compound. She was astonished because she saw the person inside the car waving at Chuck, “Hey, here….”
Yvette said to herself with a stunned expression on her face, “So someone is coming to pick him up?”
“I have to go now,” Chuck said, but Yvette just stared at him not hearing a thing of what he said. Chuck couldn’t do anything but continue walking towards Zelda, whose eyes lit up when she saw his new look. Not bad, she never imagined that Chuck could be such a looker!
This was how a rich kid was supposed to look like! He was more charismatic than any other rich youngsters she had seen before. Zelda couldn’t help but stare longer at him, asking, “Why did you dress up today?”
“Didn’t Sister Zelda call me? I dressed up for you,” Chuck joked.
“Such sweet words!” Zelda laughed as she shook her head. She looked around and couldn’t find Chuck’s car. Surprised, she asked, “Where is your car?”
“It was sent to the workshop.”
“Get in the car then. I have something to tell you,” Zelda said. Chuck was puzzled but got in the car anyways. The moment he opened the car door and got in, he could smell the fragrant aroma from Zelda’s car, which was indeed pleasant and calming.
Zelda saw Yvette by chance and was curious. “So she is a teacher.”
“Well, she owns a company too.”
“That’s pretty good.” Zelda opened her car door and stepped outside, startling Chuck. “Sister Zelda, what are you doing?”
“I have something to talk to her about.” Zelda walked towards Yvette who was about to enter her car. She stopped at her sudden appearance and asked in a surprised tone, “Director Maine, what’s the matter?”
“It’s nothing. I just want to ask you something.” Zelda smiled politely.
Yvette nodded, “Okay, please go ahead.”
In the car, Chuck felt very uneasy. Zelda wouldn’t tell her about what she wanted to know since last night right? Precisely at this moment, his phone rang again in his pocket, and Chuck immediately picked up the call without checking who it was. He was taken aback upon hearing his mother’s voice from the receiver. “Chucky, you mother is coming back!”

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