My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 218

Chuck is really surprised that Murong Qing will say such things. She has a very good figure, especially the parts that are frequently maintained. Chuck admits that this is a temptation for any man.
But Chuck hates her now, so let him let such a woman, Chuck certainly not willing.
Also, this woman, was she teasing her yesterday? Come back today, what does it mean?
Really want to repay yourself?
Chuck expressed doubts, did she just save her once? Does she have a complex of heroes saving the beauty?
“The house is still here.” Murong Qing asked again.
“Are you quite open? This is a parking lot. Have you tried it with others in the parking lot before?” Chuck laughed.
Murong Qing frowned, “No.”
Chuck shook his head and said unbelief.
“Don’t believe it,” Murong Qing said in a cold tone.
Chuck beckoned to Murong Qing, Murong Qing frowned deeper, and walked to Chuck’s car.
“Do you really want to sleep with me?” Chuck smiled.
“You said you want to sleep with me once.”
Murong Qing was angry. She thought about what she wanted to do last night. She struggled all night and was despised by someone younger than herself. She couldn’t stand it.
According to what she said, she did it.
It’s okay, isn’t it just being caught by a disgusting person? She was played by her assistant last time.
Murongqing thought for a night of struggle, came over, of course, she was also a little nervous, but not nervous other, she was not nervous Chuck meeting herself, but nervous She knew that Chuck hated herself, so in addition to being psychologically prepared by Chuck, she was nervous that Chuck would not mention the matter of sleeping herself, but other things.
She came a little bit of gambling.
“But you are so much older than me, are you ten years old?” Chuck looked at her.
“You mean to take back yesterday’s words?” Murong Qing felt uneasy.
Feel…disgusting? It was disgusting, but she dreamed of that spring dream again last night.
This time she can see the face of someone who is crazy with herself, it is Chuck who saved herself… This face is particularly clear.
Murong Qing asked himself, do you want to sleep with Chuck? So dreaming for a few days? Impossible, I hate people who are younger than myself to move myself.
It was because this man saved himself that he had such a dream.
Chuck nodded, he had no intention of going to Murong Qing. Yesterday it was just for her, so he said that, not to mention that he still has to chase them, where is the time to come?
“You…recovered?” Murongqing asked this subconsciously.
“Yes, I photographed your back yesterday, didn’t you say it was clear?” Chuck said, and then subconsciously looked at her back a few times. It was really more attractive than European and American women to some extent.
Mentioning this matter, and seeing Chuck’s eyes behind him, Murongqing’s eyes cooled down,
“You are really disgusting.”
These words stimulated Chuck, “You took the initiative to let me sleep, isn’t it more disgusting?”
Murong Qing was annoyed and turned to leave by himself. He was saved. Isn’t it enough that he has been molested by him?
Chuck reached out and grabbed her wrist, and Murong Qing’s face showed pain, “Let go, hurt!”
Indeed, Chuck grabbed her hand yesterday and made her green, and it hurt when sleeping at night.
“Why do you keep saying disgusting me? Don’t you hate me?” Chuck was curious.
“I hate people who are younger than me to touch me…” Murong Qing said, and Chuck laughed.
It’s no wonder that he couldn’t accept his sister’s love? Chuck didn’t plan to fall in love with your sister?
“But I’m not touching you now?” Chuck smiled.
“So disgusting! It’s really painful to let go.” Murong Qing was angry.
Chuck had no time to play with her, let go of her, “President Murong, OK, really clear, you can…”
Before Chuck’s words were finished, he suddenly saw someone coming over here, and all of them were wearing black clothes. Chuck was stunned. These people seemed to stare at Murong Qing. What is this for?
Murongqing also found out that she frowned, was it the person who was called by the assistant.
That’s right, it was indeed the assistant who called him. He was beaten hard by Murong Qing, but he was rich, so he asked someone to come over and grab Murong Qing, and must sleep with her.
“You play slowly, I’m gone.” Chuck started the car, and he was too lazy to take care of it.
Murong Qing was exasperated. How could a woman be an opponent of several big men? If I were caught again today, then I might have really played.
“Chuck, you can’t go!” Murong Qing subconsciously revealed a pleading, just like the last time, he almost begged you.
“Don’t you see that I’m doing something?” Chuck frowned, how far did he go with his little brother? It’s blocked this time, should we wait for the next time? Chuck can’t wait.
“I saw it, but you saved me last time, this time…” Murong Qing was anxious. She didn’t know how to ask Chuck anymore. She was even less sure that Chuck would help herself, but this underground parking lot was temporarily alone. No, where to go?
“Do you know how much I regretted saving you last time?” Chuckming said, really regretting that she should be played by that assistant, and beat her vigorously.
“I…” Murong Qing was silent and was speechless by Chuck.
She saw the faces of these people rushing facelessly, and she was entangled in her heart. Why have she been so unlucky these days?
“Anyway, thank you last time…” Murong Qing himself accidentally said this in this situation, maybe… really thank you.
Chuck was stunned. The woman’s serious look was a little pitiful. He saw these people coming.
If Murongqing was caught, she would not be dead today.
“You fucking owe Lao Tzu again, get in the car!” Chuck was annoyed.
“Are you really willing?” Murong Qing was surprised.
“Will your uncle, your mother be arrested in my square, I’m in trouble, also her mother does not get in the car?” Chuck shook his head and scolded, this is also where Chuck helpless, if in other places, Chuck may bite his teeth, Ruthlessly killed the mind of the saint, and drove away.
Murong Qing was silent for a second, opened the door and sat up, Chuck drove Murong Qing away.
“Grass mud horse!” This black man chased angrily, but Chuck’s driving was so fierce, how could they catch up?
Soon Chuck’s car came out of the parking lot, and Murong Qing regained his composure.
“What’s the matter with your square? Can anyone like him come in?”
“Are you sick? What the hell are you doing?” Chuck was impatient.
“You! Do not scold me!” Murong Qingmei stared at Chuck.
“I’m sorry her mother saved you again.” Chuck really wanted to slap himself, save her out, but also disgusted, disgusted with others, who?
Murong Qing was choked. After she was quiet, she said, “Yes, I owe you again, you are willing, now I can give you…”
If it is ashamed, Murongqing doubts whether he is evil or not. How can he say such disgusting words?
Chuck was too lazy to pay attention to this. He stared at the car in front for a while and found the inch-sized car. Chuck slammed on the accelerator and he immediately caught up. Murong Qing sat quietly in the car. She thought Chuck began to look for Hotel, passing several good hotels, where is he looking for? Are you looking for more than thirty?
Murongqing felt even more disgusting. Should he be in that place? This is simply an insult.
“You stop, I’ll pay the money to open the house!” Murong Qing was annoyed. She hadn’t had that for nearly ten years. If she wanted to give a man in that kind of place, she would really feel sick.
“Are you sick?” Chuck is welcome, who her mother had this thought at this time? Chuck was too lazy to take care of her, saw Chuckng’s car enter a club, Chuck immediately drove in.
Murong Qing frowned, “You come to this place? How disgusting do you usually?”
She knew that Chuck was the second generation of super rich, of course, it is normal to come here, but.
“Can you shut up? What am I gonna do here when I come here?” Chuck stared at it. This wasn’t going to be able to come out in a while, but it’s not a way to go in. How can Chuck be alone now, this There are too many security guards inside, the previous idea doesn’t work, what should I do?
Murong Qing was quiet, and she remembered it now. Chuck seemed to be chasing the car, and her eyes lit up. “Are you following people?”

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