My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 219

Murong Qing was ashamed and angry. When did he say this to men?
“What on earth do you want to do? Want to follow others and then beat others?” Murong Qing asked.
“What’s your business?” Chucksi wanted to go, but decided to go in and see, how to do so is not a way.
He opened the car door and came down, but turned back, “Go alone, don’t rely on my car.”
Murong Ching Mei Mu cooled down and took out a card, “I can’t afford a few million cars? I bought your car.”
Chuck was too lazy to care about her, and went straight in.
Murong Qing received a call in the car from her new assistant.
“Well, I’m fine, you… don’t have to follow me or pick me up. I’m in the car.” Murong Qing hung up.
Sitting in this car, I feel okay, at least have a sense of security.
Murong Queenie was stunned, is it because he saved himself twice?
Murong Qing shook her head, she was bored to play with her mobile phone and waited, but she didn’t sleep well last night, and she closed her eyes and fell asleep.
When she was confused, she had another dream She bit her lip and went crazy with the one who saved herself… call!
Murong Qing opened her eyes and felt the pants were uncomfortable. She was shy. What happened to herself?
She stared at the outside of the car window stunned, twice. This disgusting person actually saved herself twice. Murongqing didn’t know what was wrong with her. According to her character, she shouldn’t just open the car door angrily just now. ?
What are you doing here?
She was bored and waited like this.
At this time, she saw Chuck coming out from inside, she was relieved subconsciously in her heart, wait, she was worried about him just now?
Chuck opened the door and sat in, and Murong Qing suddenly felt as if he was not so bored.
“How is it?” Murong Qing asked subconsciously.
“What’s your business?” Chuck started the car with a corner of his mouth. When he just entered, he knew that this position was an old customer here. Chuck spent a little money to figure out where his loan shark company is.
So Chuck changed his mind, not only to let him spit out all his money, but also that he could never start such a company again.
Break him down!
Let him dare to yawn his wife?
Chuck drives, and this requires a plan.
Chuck Rong said impatiently, Murong Qing frowned, but didn’t speak. He sat quietly in Chuck’s car and passed a hotel. Murong Qing said, “I’m here.”
Chuck didn’t speak, and stopped by the roadside. Murong Qing opened the car door, but Chuck looked back and saw a wet seat on the seat. What’s wrong? too hot?
“Hello!” Chuck called Murong Qing, pointing at a wet place on the seat.
Murong Qing turned back, and when she saw it, her face turned red. She had just left a dream in the car.
“Sorry, I was not careful when I drank the water…I’ll pay you.” Murong Qingzhizhiwu took out a card and never felt so embarrassed.
Shouldn’t he find it? Murong Qing was upset, if he knew this, he would really collapse.
Chuck was too lazy to care about her, so careless about drinking water? Who wants you to pay?
He opened the car door, took out a tissue and wiped it on the seat a few times, and dropped it in the trash on the roadside. Seeing Chuck’s move, Murong Qing was embarrassed to die, and his face was even redder. He actually…
Chuck didn’t say a word, and drove away.
Murong Qing looked at Chuck, who was away, and his blushing face came down. He must never let him know about it, otherwise he would laugh to death. Murong Qing calmed down, but her eyes kept looking at the direction where Chuck left. , She wondered, what happened to herself?
“Huh, you don’t seem so disgusting…” Murong Qing said, turning to the hotel, she had to take a bath…
Chuck returned to the square and knew the place of Cuntou, so he can go to see it tonight, but at this time, it was still early, so he took the landing shop to which you transferred to Wen You.
The location is indeed good, otherwise the transfer fee is close to one million, Chuck and Yolanda feel good, so Chuck paid the money on the spot, took the shop down, took the contract, Chuck wanted to give Yvette Jordan was a surprise.
And there is also her company, Chuck will also give her back.
Chuck called Yvette and asked where she was? She said that she was talking to people in the company, which meant that she was still looking for a job, and Chuck smiled and told her to go home, he was hungry.
“Okay, wait a minute, my husband, I found a new job. Others brought me familiar with it, and I will go back soon.” Yvette said.
Chuck said yes and hung up the phone. I don’t know Yvette knew that she helped her get the company back and gave her a shop. What expression would she have?
Chuck sent Yolanda back to the square and happened to see Queenie. She was ready to go back.
Of course Chuck was ready to send her. Anyway, there was a car and it didn’t take much time.
Queenie bit his lip and got into Chuck’s car.
Chuck sent her home. After arriving at home, Chuck wanted to see what she was missing, so she followed up. Queenie opened the door, Chuck walked in, and found that her sister was not at home, and saw Queenie hanging on the balcony. In the clothes inside, Chuck coughed.
Feeling a little embarrassed, why do you follow up?
“Then I will go back.” Chuck said embarrassedly. Under the tense atmosphere, Chuck thought of that night unconsciously.
“En.” Queenie lowered his head, and Chuck walked to the door. Suddenly, Queenie embraced Chuck from behind. “Stay for a while, will it be good for a while?”
When Queenie was working today, she was aggrieved, and she would normally suffer in silence, but it happened that Chuck sent her back. Of course, in this atmosphere, she was like Chuck, thinking of that night…
She was as impulsive as that night.
Chuck was silent. He was ashamed of Queenie and asked her a woman without a boyfriend to help herself, but she had never expressed anything to her except this house.
Chuck asked softly, “What’s wrong?”
Queenie must have been aggrieved, otherwise he would not be so bold at this time, and would not do what he usually dare not do.
“Stay for a while.” Queenie hugged Chuck.
Chuck sighed in his heart, he didn’t refuse, but Queenie hugged himself so, Chuck has been exercising recently, and did not let Zelda help solve it, so he soon felt.
Queenie felt the same courage as that night, “Did Teacher Yvette not help you?”
Chuck was embarrassed, not because Yvette was unwilling, but because Chuck wanted Yvette to see a strongest self, so he has been abstinent recently.
“Do you want me to be the same as last time, then help you?” Queenie blushed and said shyly.
Chuck shook his head awkwardly. He didn’t have this idea. Queenie just hugged himself just now. How to say Queenie’s figure is still very good, but he is less than 20 years old. The youthful vitality is really beyond description.
But Chuck didn’t say it, and suddenly the door was knocked. Chuck was taken aback. Queenie hurriedly released it, thinking that her sister was back, she whispered, “Chuck, you are looked at by my sister like this It’s not good, you go to the toilet first…”
Chuck was embarrassed, of course not good. He hurried to the toilet, but he heard Queenie opening the door, and then heard Queenie blurting out, “Yvette, Yvette?”
Chuck in the toilet was scared. Wasn’t Yvette just saying that he had found a new job? Are you familiar? Why is it here?
But I bought her house!
That’s right, Yvette was outside. She found a job as a second-hand housing agent today, so her colleague brought her over to see if it’s a good house that mainly sells a house, which happens to be the neighborhood of her previous house. She came with her colleague, but when she was about to leave, she actually saw Chuck’s car. She wondered why Chuck came back here?
She thought about tentatively coming to her previous house and knocking on the door. She was also a subconscious act. If there was no one, then she went back, but the door opened, and it was Queenie who opened the door…
Yvette froze, she thought that Queenie was looking for a place to live, but what was it looking for here? what happened? Was his previous house bought by Chuck?

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