My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 221

Chuck was chatting in Yolanda’s office. He heard Yolanda said that Zelda’s restaurant had already been renovated. Yesterday Zelda came in the afternoon. Chuck thought about kissing Zelda in the bar room last time. Guilt.
It’s not good how to face her. Chuck was afraid that he couldn’t stand it that day and was attracted by Zelda’s hot body. He really did what Zelda did. That’s too sorry Yvette.
I’m also sorry for Zelda, because Chuck can’t give her anything.
Chuck sighed. At this time, his mobile phone WeChat had information, but it was Yvette, this…
Chuck looked at it doubtfully, and Yvette sent smiley pictures.
What is this for?
Chuck ignored her suspiciously and put her mobile phone in her pocket. The “Ballers” should try not to appear. Anyway, the problem of Yvette is basically solved now.
Chuck thought, today I should go to Yvette to borrow a loan shark to go and have a look. Chuck can’t wait to collapse this position company. He stands up, “Yolanda, I’m going out.”
“Yes,” Yolanda nodded with a smile.
But how to say, chatting with a beautiful woman like Yolanda is still very good, anyway, familiar, Chuck can make jokes with her, seeing a beautiful woman laugh, in fact, is a kind of enjoyment, after all, Yolanda is a real beauty.
It was only when Chuck was about to leave that she suddenly saw the black stockings that Yolanda was wearing today. The back of her leg was a little bit broken. She probably didn’t see it. The black stockings were exposed, and the white skin inside was really eye-catching.
In fact, men like this looming feeling.
She is often a skirt, so legs are often seen, but today this is looming, there is still no temptation.
Chuck thought about not saying yes, after all, it was a bit embarrassing, but thinking about being too familiar, he said, “That, your black stockings seem to be broken.”
Yolanda looked down, it was true, she was a little embarrassed, her beautiful face was a little red, just like Apple, “Yeah.”
“It would be better to take it off.” Chuck made comments. Anyway, she is a professional attire and the skirt is not short.
Yolanda nodded awkwardly, “Yes.”
This atmosphere was embarrassing, and of course Chuck would not stay any longer. He glanced at it more and turned to go out.
Yolanda let out a sigh of relief and prepared to go to the toilet to take it off, so it was really bad to wear it.
But this time, Yvette walked in, “What about Chuck?”
“Just went out,” Yolanda said.
“Yes.” Yvette pouted, she just asked clearly, Wilbur Wendel admitted that the “Baller” is Chuck, Yvette’s hanging heart was loose, really he!
At the same time, Yvette was particularly moved because this “Baller” had helped him too much.
No wonder he paid back to him before. He had never accepted it. It turned out to be his husband.
But why did Wilbur Wendel pretend to be?
Yvette was a little lost, but no matter what, the “Baller” was Chuck, which was enough to surprise Yvette.
But Yvette was even more puzzled. At first, Chuck used WeChat to transfer her 200,000 to her.
At that time, Yvette confiscated, borrowed another 500,000, and bought two cars. Then Chuck Where did that money come from?
Yvette is confused, what is going on? Zelda gave it? Or the Rolls-Royce woman in Beijing?
Yvette and Yolanda greeted her. She went out and prepared to call Chuck. After all, she just sent WeChat and did not return. Yvette was a little lost. Are you ready to admit it?
She sent WeChat to Chuck again, but she didn’t return. Yvette stamped her foot, husband, when will you hide me?
When Yvette just came over, he thought about how to repay Chuck? Otherwise, otherwise…
Yvette felt shy.
Once again living together, men and women will definitely think about those things.
For several days, Chuck cuddled herself for several days, all sleeping at night, but occasionally his hands are not honest, of course Yvette will not refuse, after all, she was ready to give Chuck when she was 15 or 16 years old, just He didn’t even want to…
She couldn’t figure out what Chuck thought. She didn’t have much desire for that aspect.
Anyway, she put her arms around Chuck every day to sleep, and she would feel at ease and sleep well. Others, she didn’t care much, just she I’m worried about Chuck…
Yvette nervous husband, when do you want me? I’m almost ready for ten years…
Yvette felt that he had to take the initiative to do something tonight. His husband treated him so well, of course he had to take the initiative.
Chuck drove out of his own, thinking that it was better to go to his mother’s hotel and ask a few people to pass. After all, Cunto is a loan shark. There are still many people. Chuck doesn’t want to overturn the ship in the gutter.
Many people still scare their urine.
When he drove almost to his mother’s hotel, he suddenly received a call from his mother, saying that Aunt Logan had come to the sea market and asked him to pick it up. Chuck was surprised.
Why did Aunt Logan suddenly go to the sea market?
But Chuck must listen to my mother’s words, not to mention Chuck’s impression of Aunt Logan is particularly good. The mother also said that Aunt Logan came to play, let Chuck play with Aunt Logan, and Chuck thought about this It should be.
He turned around and went to the airport immediately. After waiting for a while, Chuck saw an Aunt Logan walking in delicate high-heeled shoes and wearing a knee-length skirt with temperament out of it.
I have to say, Aunt Logan is really beautiful.
The exposed calf was tight and white, exuding a charming luster. Her figure was concave and convex. A waist belt outlined the tight belly, and the upper body was round and the skirt was round. It was really beautiful.
Chuck was stunned and clearly remembered that the last time he was in the capital, when he first got into Aunt Logan’s car, the smell of Chuck was unforgettable so far.
This kind of exquisite woman really exudes a charming taste all over her body.
“Chuck…” Logan saw Chuck and waved with a smile.
Chuck was surprised. Why didn’t Aunt Logan bring her bodyguards? Isn’t she the same master as her mother?
Maybe, otherwise how could such a beautiful woman appear alone?
Logan pulled the luggage, of course Chuck came to help, “Aunt Logan…”
Seeing such an exquisite woman, Chuck was a little nervous and her voice was quiet.
“Well.” Logan took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of charming eyes, with water.
Chuck was stunned. Logan reached out his beautiful white hand and touched Chuck’s forehead.
He smiled and said, “What’s so stunned?”
Raising his hand like this, Chuck saw her armpit underarms, which was also fragrant, and white and traceless, which really amazed Chuck.
Chuck’s heart thumped. He certainly didn’t know that his mother had asked Logan to come over, just to match him and Logan.
How else would Chuck come over to pick up the plane alone?
Loganmei turned her eyes and looked at Chuck again. She was a little stunned. She didn’t see Karen Lee. How could she not understand what Karen Lee meant?
Logan is clever but no one can compare.
There was a bit of laughter in Logan’s heart. She looked gently at Sister Chuckqing. Your son is too young. How could it be suitable for me?
He is still a child.
“Aunt Logan, are you hungry? I’ll take you to dinner.” Of course Chuck took Logan to the mom hotel, a five-star restaurant, what’s delicious?
“Good.” Logan nodded.
Chuck took the suitcase from Logan’s hand and touched her hand. Softly, Chuck blushed and hurriedly took the suitcase to his parking place.
Logan smiled slightly and followed Chuck.
Chuck puts his luggage in, Logan has already done it, sitting next to Chuck, when Chuck’s hand shifts, he is close, he can feel the temperature of her beautiful legs, Chuck hurriedly shook his head, what was he thinking?
Chuck called her mother and said that Aunt Logan had received it, but the hotel did not have a room. Let Chuck arrange for Logan. Chuck was not surprised. The business of his mother’s hotel was so good, it was full every day. It is a basic operation.
Since my mother’s hotel has no room, then you can only wrong Aunt Logan to live in her own house.
Anyway, she should live in Yvette’s house and let Aunt Logan live in her own house, she should not mind.
“Aunt Logan, my mother said that the hotel has no room, she is not in the sea market, so let me take you to my house to live, how do you think?” Chuck asked her opinion.
“Yes, you can make up your mind.” Logan smiled.
Chuck can only take Aunt Logan to dinner at his mother’s hotel, and then take Aunt Logan to his home, but what Chuck did not expect is that he lives here today…

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