My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 222

“Aunt Logan, this is my home. It’s a mess. You don’t mind.” Chuck opened the door embarrassedly and walked in with Logan’s suitcase.
Logan followed, and the eyes were turning, smiling, “It’s fine.”
It’s a little messy.
Logan stretched out his hand to tie up his hair, and then arranged for Chuck’s house.
Chuck was embarrassed and said that I would take care of it myself. It would definitely not work to ask Aunt Logan to come and clean up the house for myself.
“It’s okay.” Logan shook her head, her own house, all packed by herself.
Of course, Chuck had to clean up with Logan. At eight o’clock in the evening, it was clean and tidy. Chucklei was panting, and Logan was not breathing.
Chuck was surprised. Sure enough, she was right. Logan, a super tyrant, was able to come to the market alone. She was also a master of fighting, but more than a dozen people were not her opponents.
But Aunt Logan is so gentle, if anyone is her boyfriend, it is so satisfying that men have all fantasies about women. They have a good figure, exquisite and beautiful, and they have money.
The key is to be gentle. Who doesn’t want to find such girlfriend what?
Chuck looked at the time, he was ready to go back, “Aunt Logan, you live in this room.”
“Good.” Aunt Logan smiled.
“Aunt Logan, then I will go back. Come tomorrow morning and take you out to play.” Chuck said.
“Well, I’ll wait for you.”
Chuck went to the bathroom and washed her face, then came out and saw the delicate woman Logan, Chuck asked curiously, “Aunt Logan, can I ask a question?”
“Okay, you ask.” Logan was sitting on the sofa at this time. She didn’t play with her mobile phone. Instead, she took out a paper book and looked at it. When she heard Chuck’s question, she smiled and looked up, and closed the book. .
She crossed her legs and the skirt covered her knees just right, but there was a tempting intersection.
“Aunt Logan, are you able to fight?” Chuck came over.
Logan slightly stunned, and immediately chuckled, “Alright.”
Chuck understood that these words, I am afraid that Logan can fight more than 20 people, which is amazing!
How safe is this with her?
Chuck gave her a thumbs up and Logan smiled.
“Then Aunt Logan I went back.”
“Okay, be careful on the road.”
Chuck opened the door and came out and called Yvette and asked if she was still in the square.
Yvette said that she had returned home. She was actually very busy today. Besides the company, she went to the new shop in the afternoon Over there, she took photos and planned to go back to work overtime at night to design.
However, she suddenly thought that she had to take the initiative to do something for Chuck, so she cooked, and then silently waited for Chuck to come back.
“Well, wife, then I will go back soon.”
“Okay, my husband is waiting for you.”
Chuck hung up the phone, but when he reached the elevator, the light above him suddenly went out, and Chuck was speechless. Is it because of the power outage? This is enough to collapse, how to say this is more than 20 floors!
Chuck hesitated and knocked on the door again to see if there was a power outage at home. Sure enough, when Aunt Logan opened the door, it was dark inside. Chuck was embarrassed. The first time he took Aunt Logan home, he met To such a situation.
“Logan, sorry, there seems to be a power outage here.” Chuck apologized.
At this time, Aunt Logan was at the door, and the door was facing the balcony. She was wearing a skirt, so the outside light came in, making Aunt Logan’s skirt a little light transparent, and she could dimly see her round beautiful legs covered by the skirt. This is really a beautiful scene, Chuck heart throbbing.
“It’s okay. If you don’t have electricity, you’d better go to bed early. The elevator is out of power.
Do you want to sleep in your room?” Logan smiled.
She didn’t want Chuck to go downstairs so high, in case her legs were numb and trembling, and the throttle could not be controlled while driving, it was dangerous. He was young and had a great future, so he could not have these accidents.
Chuck originally wanted to shake his head and said he would go back, but Logan continued,
“Come in, your legs will be numb and trembling. It’s not good for driving. You haven’t exercised enough.”
Chuck is embarrassed. Logan means that she can go up and down easily. Chuck’s physical strength is really not very good now.
Chuckgui sent the gods in.
In the dark night, Logan’s eyes were particularly beautiful. Chuck came in. Suddenly his leg hit the foot of the cupboard. He yawned stumbled and fell down. Logan reached over and helped, which was a fragrant wind.
Chuck felt that his hands seemed to be soft. He blushed and red ears. Fortunately, Logan couldn’t see it. After all, he didn’t do it on purpose.
“Ceer, be careful.” Logan said softly.
Chuck was covering her leg and was about to be hit by her home? He was speechless to himself, and Logan helped Chuck, and she let go, “sleeping early, and keeping it early is good for the body.”
“Okay, Aunt Logan, you go to bed earlier.”
In the dark night, Aunt Logan laughed softly. She entered a room and closed the door. There was no anti-lock.
Of course Chuck didn’t know that this was Logan’s trust in Chuck. In Logan’s heart, Chuck was still small and shy, and she was a good boy, so she was particularly relieved to come back with Chuck and worried that Chuck would be in danger if she went downstairs.
What to guard against a boy?
When Chuck returned to his room and lay in bed, he suddenly thought of something bad and forgot to tell Yvette that he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Yvette.
Yvette was nervously waiting for Chuck to come back. Anyway, she would take the initiative today. She decided after the ideological struggle. She thought about how to start, such as…
However, when the phone rang suddenly, Yvette smiled and went home?
“Wife, I won’t go back today. I’m on my own side.” Chuck’s voice was on the phone.
Yvette was suddenly lost, in his own home? Is that with Zelda?
She also planned to wait for Chuck to come back, and “confront” with Chuck.
“Well, husband, go to bed early.” Yvette was sad.
“Okay, you go to bed earlier.”
The phone hung up.
Yvette looked at the prepared dishes. She ate in the past sadly, but she had no appetite. She was obviously hungry, but she couldn’t eat any more. She sighed and sat on the sofa. She curled up and lost herself. “Hubby, am I too involuntary, you go to Zelda?”
She sighed, closed her eyes, and fell asleep for a long time.
Early in the morning, Chuck got up. He just collected it online and prepared to take Aunt Logan to the scenic area of Haishi. He also chose a place. The popularity was very good. He got out and found Aunt Logan. I have been sitting on the sofa and reading a book.
She really kept going to bed early and getting up early, so her skin was particularly good. Chuck saw her hair was wet and she was a little bit red. It should be that she did morning exercises in the room, maybe practicing boxing, or yoga, keep her Perfect body.
What a self-disciplined woman!
Chuck admired in his heart, he came over and said that he could go out and turn around, Aunt Logan smiled, “Okay.”
In fact, Chuck hasn’t been to the scenic area very much. He prepared two people to have breakfast downstairs, and then drove to the place to see it again. The scenic area he chose was particularly good and should be liked by Aunt Logan.
However, when they came out of the house, they heard the sound of swearing. Chuck was surprised. He and Logan walked aside curiously, and saw several people smashing the door of others, and the wall was sprayed with money. The word kind.
Chuck didn’t want to do much fuss, but after seeing these people, he found out that he was actually borrowing a loan shark from Yvette. It should be that the owner of the house borrowed a loan shark and was overcast. Collection.
This is really a narrow road!
It’s just that Logan is beside, of course, she can’t disturb her mood, so Chuck didn’t intend to call them and whispered Aunt Logan, we’re gone.
Logan was stunned, she smiled and nodded, “Yes.”
“Boss, look, that little white face, he is here!” However, some men turned around and saw Chuck, and immediately scolded.
Turning his head around, he couldn’t receive the money today, and he was already on fire.
Unexpectedly, Chuck actually hit his gun.
The key is that there is such a beautiful woman standing beside Chuck, really like a fairy.
Entou envy, he spit out and came over, “Fuck, your boy peach blossom is so good? All around are beautiful women, hi, beautiful women, I invite you to have breakfast, fresh soy milk,…”
Chuck was annoyed and actually teased Aunt Logan. He couldn’t help it. He clenched his fists and was about to hit him. But Aunt Logan smiled slightly and walked to the front of the inch, Chuck didn’t see what she did, and the inch was awful. With a scream, he passed out more than three meters.
Chuck was shocked! Cuntou is also dumbfounded!
Aunt Logan can fight so much? ?

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