My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 223

The inch-sized younger brother was shocked. They saw that their boss was stunned by a woman like this, and he vomited blood in his mouth. Who is this?
“Grass mud horse, you dare to beat my boss?”
“Let’s go together! Her mother actually beat our boss! Go!”
A few young brothers in Intou rushed over angrily, but before Chuck responded, just a few screams rang, Chuck saw that these people had no chance of approaching Logan, and was easily beaten by Logan with one hand By the way, her arm is so perfect and beautiful, so much strength?
Solved five people, less than three seconds!
Chuck felt like a dream. Logan came over with a smile and a soft voice, “Cer, what are they doing? Loan usury?”
“Yes, they are loan sharks.” Chuck looked at the inch, although he passed out, but there was unbelievable and fear in his face.
He shouldn’t have thought that a beautiful and tall woman like Logan would stun him with a single stroke.
He must have been shocked and frightened before he passed out.
“Ultra loan? This is not good.”
Logan shook her head, she took out her phone, took pictures of the inch, and then sent it to someone, and then said, “Solve the loan shark company of this person! … Yes, all solved!
Including all his property, I don’t want him to own it again. A penny! Forever!”
Logan hung up the phone and saw Chuck shocked. She smiled and asked softly, “Cee, are you scared?”
Chuck shook his head.
He couldn’t help it. He planned to ask his mother for a few people yesterday, who blocked the position and broke his company. But he didn’t expect Cunto to tease Aunt Logan without his long eyes today.
Aunt Logan personally shot, this is really his day.
Logan received another call and heard a message.
She was a little stunned. She received her phone and smiled, “Cer, do you have a holiday with them? Wait, I will share all the property of his company with those who need it, and then divide the money between him and you. Call you.”
Chuck is not surprised. A woman like Logan only needs one phone call to describe it with only four words.
“Thank you Aunt Logan.” Chuck was embarrassed.
“Thank me for what? Take me to breakfast, I’m hungry.” Logan smiled, reached out to touch Chuck’s hair, Chuck’s heartbeat accelerated, he saw Logan’s white arm again, and there was a black on the shoulder Straps. this is……
Chuck quickly stopped looking and lowered his head, “Aunt Logan, let’s go down,”
“Good.” Logan withdrew his hand, really a good boy.
The two went downstairs by elevator.
Half an hour later, Cunto woke up confused, and he found his body hurt, what happened to him? Was she beaten by a woman just now?
“Useless things, can’t get up yet!” Cuntou kicked a few younger brothers, but they were so dizzy that they couldn’t wake up. To this extent, they couldn’t wake up in a day.
“Grass and mud horse, you little white face actually asked the shabi woman to beat me? Fuck!”
Cunto yelled angrily, but at this time, five people came out of the elevator, wearing suits and sunglasses.
Suspicious, “Something?”
The five men approached, feeling uncomfortable, “What are you doing? What do you want to do? I’m Gao Liqiang, what’s the matter?”
“From today, you are not!!”
One of the men in black, clutching his head with his big hands, he was frightened and screamed in panic, “grass and mud horse, do you dare to deal with me?”
This man in black, with his fists punched out, his head and teeth fell off, he was shocked, “You, who the hell are you? Do you know who I am? I am…”
“Who you are doesn’t matter at all, the key is not to have long eyes, offend Mr. Tang, you admit your fate!” The man in black shook his head, his voice was cold, his fists smashed out, where can Cunto withstand such a fight? He begs for mercy, “Don’t fight,… what do you want?”
“Let you always have food!!” boom!
The man in black came out with a punch, screamed, and soon passed away with severe injuries.
Before he fainted, he was curious. Who is Tang who offended him?

Chuck drove Logan to the scenic spot, and his mood was much better. Just now he received the transfer information, which was transferred by Logan, a total of 1.2 million. This is Logan’s lesson.
Chuck was relieved that Chuck would certainly give Yvette the money.
He took Logan to play in the scenic area until the afternoon. He had to say that Logan seldom came to this kind of place. She was taken by Chuck. She smiled like a young girl, making Chuck stupefied most of the time.
Logan is so beautiful, Chuck laments, who can be such a woman’s boyfriend?
Of course, Chuck didn’t know. After spending an afternoon with Logan, Logan treated Chuck the same way as his children. The body’s intentional and unintentional contact, touching the head’s pro motion, made Chuck’s heart buried in his impulse. Seed……
At night, Chuck sent Aunt Logan back, he must go back today, otherwise Yvette would think more.
“Aunt Logan, you have a good rest. I’ll take you to another place tomorrow.” Chuck was ready, and he must definitely let Logan go happily back to another scenic spot tomorrow.
“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Logan smiled softly.
Chuck went downstairs, Logan sat on the sofa, smiled and took out the book
“Ceeer is really a big boy, Qingyou, your son is too young to suit me. I’m better to be his Aunt Logan, you have worked hard…Cer, where will I take me tomorrow?”

Chuck drove back. He called Yvette just now. She was already at home. Chuck said with a smile and went back immediately. The car drove into the community. Chuck took the elevator. He knocked on the door and the door opened. It was Yvette. Jordan.
Yvette was lost in her heart, and she was especially lost yesterday. She didn’t call Chuck today.
She was afraid to disturb him. When she received Chuck’s call, she was pleasantly surprised.
Now that she sees Chuck, it’s nothing to lose in her heart. .
“Hubby, come in!” Yvette pulled Chuck in.
After Chuck came in, he felt something was wrong. Yvette looked at his eyes wrong and was grateful. What’s going on?
When Chuck was puzzled, the cell phone in his pocket rang. Chuck took it out and looked at it, it was Wilbur Wendel. He was puzzled and said to Yvette to answer the phone. Yvette certainly said yes.
He went to the balcony and answered.
Wilbur Wendel was embarrassed and embarrassed. He had always thought of calling Chuck at the time and said bluntly. He was embarrassed and anxious for a day before he called.
Chuck was shocked when he said, “What did you say? Did you tell Yvette?”
Oh my god!
Chuck is speechless, what’s going on? Don’t come out as a “Baller”, why would Yvette ask this out!
“I’m sorry, I invite you to take care of your health tomorrow. You see…” Wilbur Wendel was even more embarrassed. He said he was patting his chest and said that there was no problem, but there was still a problem.
Chuck sighed, “No, I will call you tomorrow.”
“OK, I’m sorry!” Wilbur Wendel felt guilty.
Chuck said it was okay. He hung up the phone and put the phone in his pocket. He walked in anxiously. Yvette knew that, but he didn’t respond at all? He coughed.
“Hubby, come and eat.” Yvette was gentle.
“Wifey, I…” Chuck was really nervous. Yvette shook his head and walked over to kiss Chuck, then hugged Chuck, “Hubby, Baller, do you like the one I call you?”
Chuck is embarrassed, she really knows!
“It turns out to be you. You have helped me for so long, why don’t you tell me?” Yvette asked gently.
Chuck was hard to say. At that time, Yvette was saved. He added Yvette on WeChat to simply ask her how she was doing and wanted to give her money, but she didn’t expect that Yvette would like to thank herself for seeing herself. Of course, Chuck knows that it has gone too far, and certainly can’t go on like that, so it’s hard to say.
“Hubby, you are so kind to me, I am really touched. You have done so much for me, and I only know now, I… Today, you just lie down, and I will serve you.” Yvette Jordan said blushing, and Chuck certainly knew what Yvette meant, and he was excited.
Yvette’s character actually took the initiative. This is really what Chuck never expected. Is she so grateful to herself?
“Hubby, let’s eat first…or don’t eat? Husband, you say, I can do it.” Yvette whispered shamefully.

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