My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 224

Yvette’s shy appearance, Chuck was excited. He has been sleeping together for so many years.
Before that, Yvette slept in bed, but now he is better. He will hug Chuck.
And Chuck couldn’t help touching her, she would not refuse, she would only blush, but today, Chuck actually heard Yvette want to take the initiative, which really didn’t happen to Chuck.
“Hubby, how is it? Having a meal, or… will it be more powerful to eat?” Yvette blushed into an apple, especially nervous.
She was shy, her voice was small, and she was seduced. That’s how it feels, and men like it.
Chuck felt it. He just struggled a moment ago. After all, how can he say that he has been working hard and abstinence recently, and wants to give Yvette the strongest self.
Now, time is obviously not enough. Chuck doesn’t know what he is doing now. For a few days, he quit his craft and didn’t ask Zelda to help him. , Just a few days?
But Yvette blushed shyly at this time, even men couldn’t help it!
Chuck decided not to suffocate, his wife has nature, how can she not cooperate as a husband?
“Wife, don’t eat anymore, let’s start.” Chuck picked Yvette and walked to the sofa.
Yvette was nervous and his heart was fast. He has been preparing for more than ten years.
Today, Chuck will be given.
“Hubby, I don’t quite understand it, but I checked some online, don’t mind my husband, I tried hard…” Yvette whispered, she really didn’t pay attention to this matter. Last time her own girlfriend Sun Shangxiang told her of……
She was surprised.
Chuck thought of other ways. Her character must have never seen that kind of movie.
Forget it, she said she checked.
“Wife, I’m looking for a good movie.” Chuck said, asking if she knew or not, I don’t know. When Yvette studied, in order to change his own destiny, it was quite desperate, studying every day, not at all She will let go of any time, she can’t touch those things.
“Movie? Will it be distracting?” Where did Yvette know what Chuck thought, she thought Chuck said to look at normal movies.
Chuck put Yvette on the sofa, and the two sat down. Chuck took her hand and smiled slightly.
His wife was too simple in this respect. Chuck decided in her heart that she should not fail Yvette.
“Hubby, … you lie down.” Yvette calmed down. Anyway, he has been sleeping together for so long, what’s so shy?
Of course Chuck did the same, but.
Ding, Ding…
Yvette’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and Yvette was still nervous. At first, she recovered from the tension. Yvette glanced at it and was not ready to take it. Today is a big day.
“Hubby, I don’t answer the phone,” Yvette shook his head.
Chuck smiled. Normally, Yvette would answer the phone in the middle of the night because of the company’s reasons, but today, she didn’t answer the explanation, she really wanted to give herself.
However, after the phone rang once, it immediately rang again, Chuck was surprised, would anyone be in a hurry to find Yvette? Anyway, it’s nothing to pick up the phone, and it won’t take much time.
“Wife, you answer the phone first.” Chuck said.
“Okay, husband, wait, I’ll finish the call soon,” Yvette walked to his bag and took out his mobile phone. She saw Sun Shangxue, who was actually her good friend in Beijing, and she answered in doubt.
Chuck is taking a deep breath and relaxing, your wife is nervous!
The more tense, Yvette will be more disappointed later. Chuck calms down. Actually, this is not to blame him. How to say that Zelda helped him for the first time, that speed really made Chuck feel embarrassed Fortunately, Zelda did not mind, but comforted himself.
But this is psychological trauma to Chuck, plus when Queenie was last time, it was very nervous at that time, because in the presence of Yvette, the speed is more moving…
Chuckwei, her mother, Yvette must not be disappointed today!
Relax, don’t be nervous!
Chuck comforted himself, and soon Yvette called back, but with an apologetic look, “Hubby, I’m sorry, my classmate Sun Shangxue had a problem and was chased for debts. She came to my side, at the station, I’m going to pick her up now…”
“What?” Chuck’s eyes widened!
Yvette couldn’t help it. She just received a call from Sun Shangxiang. She was crying, saying that she offended her. The company was gone, and she owed millions of debts. She couldn’t help it. .
Yvette was particularly grateful that Sun Shangxue treated her so much in Beijing last time, so Yvette couldn’t refuse.
She came over and kissed Chuck, “Hubby, I’m sorry, I can’t do anything. She’s scared, I have to pick her up, otherwise she might be in trouble, sorry, sorry…”
Chuck is really speechless. What happened to her mother?
Yvette apologizes so much, what else can Chuck do? I can only agree.
“Thank you husband, I’m gone,” Yvette sighed and took out the car key. Chuck was really on the line, he sighed.
Go take a bath!
Chuck took a cold shower, and fell asleep on the sofa, and was tired. After playing with Logan for a day today, Chuck had a dream, dreaming that he had returned home, and heard the sound of a bath in his room. He pushed the door in, feeling fragrant, covered with moisture, and there was a concave and convex figure inside, Chuck immediately frightened.
Chuck slaps herself, what is her mother thinking? Chuck sighed, is it too long to play with Aunt Logan today, so? I am fucking. This can’t be confused!
Chuck shook his head, and a cold man was so scared, he looked at the time, it was three or four in the morning, he was going to the toilet, he stood up and walked to the door of the toilet, she heard something inside, Chuck smiled, Yvette Jordan is inside?
Chuck whispered and opened the door, and then regardless of the three, seventy-one and twentyone, he used it against the manpower inside, but Chuck soon discovered the problem, why was Yvette small in front?
Chuck shuddered, letting go of his shocked back!
Nima, Sun Shangxue! Why did she live in? ? Shouldn’t Yvette open her room?
“Yes, I’m sorry…” Chuck’s face was red, and he was at a loss. He just didn’t know that Sun Shangxue was inside. Otherwise, why would he open the door?
Sun Shangxue glanced at Chuck and went out without saying a word, as if nothing had happened just now…
Chuck was sweating coldly. Last time, he touched Queenie wrong, but this time he touched Sun Shangxue…
Moreover, the key is that last time Chuck didn’t pay much attention to her, but just with his hands… only to find that Sun Shangxue’s body is particularly expected…
Chuck shook his head, he calmed down, went to the toilet, walked through the door of Yvette, the door was closed, Sun Shangxue should be sleeping with Yvette, Chuck shook his head, it was a misunderstanding, you don’t tell Yvette.
Yvette knew that it would really happen.
Chuck was sitting on the sofa, it was tossing and turning, it was too exciting today, Yvette, Sun Shangxue just now, this is no wonder Chuck, Chuck took out his mobile phone and read the photo of Lara in WeChat… …
Chuck had a perverted idea, and now he took the initiative to call Lara, and Lara would come out, but…
After a while, Chuck put down his phone and closed his eyes to sleep, abstinence!
“Hubby, have breakfast.” Yvette whispered to Chuck.
Chuck opened her eyes confused, and found that it was already seven or eight. I was fucking.
What happened? Last night I went to bed too late, so I couldn’t wake up at all. Chuck nodded and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Yvette whispered that Sun Shangxue lived for a few days and Chuck couldn’t help but glance at Sun Shangxue. She was eating breakfast.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that she pretended not to remember the matter of the toilet last night. That would be best.
Sun Shangxue turned to look at Chuck.
Chuck was guilty and quickly went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. After three people had breakfast, Yvette asked Chuck if he wanted to go to the company? Chuck shook his head. He still needs to accompany Aunt Logan today, so he can’t go. Chuck said something was wrong.
“Well, then I went to the company, Xiaoxue, you rest at ease, it’s okay.” Yvette comforted.
Sun Shangxue nodded.
After Yvette went out, of course Chuck was about to go out. How inappropriate is this lonely man? How embarrassing? Chuck walked to the door.
“I didn’t expect you to be such a person.” Sun Shangxue said suddenly.

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